I threw open the door from my Paris office, which scared the shit out of Cherie. “Oh mes dieux, comment êtes-vous arrivé ici.

“How did I get here? I’m a Titan, not a god, Cherie, I can go anywhere I want,” I said in a sharper tone than she deserved. 

She looked at me like she was going to cry. 

“I’m sorry, Cherie, it’s been a long day,” I apologized. I wasn’t angry at her. She didn’t deserve my wrath.

She stood from her desk and walked up to me, touching a patch of dirt on my face. She looked me up and down and linked her arm in mine. 

“No, Lady Selene, I apologize. Let’s go take care of you.” She walked me back into my office through to my personal quarters. She pulled out a washcloth from the cupboard and turned on the water at the sink. Her hand trailed from the faucet to the lever to begin filling the sink with water. She dipped the cloth in the water and wrung it out. I leaned against the counter, mulling over the events of the last few days while she gently cleaned the dirt off of my face and arms. She untucked my tank top and pulled it off over my head. Rinsing the cloth out turned the water a reddish-brown color, and she continued the careful cleaning of my flesh wounds as I stared off into space.

Snapping back to the present, I took her hand from my shoulder where she was wiping at a bruise. “Cherie, I think I just need a shower,” I sighed deeply.

“As you wish, my Lady. I know you never do, but if you want to talk, I am here.” She bowed her head and I kissed the top of it. 

“Thank you, sweet girl, but no. There are some things mortals shouldn’t know.” 

With that, she laid the washcloth on the sink, pulled the plug, and walked out of the bathroom. I finished stripping and got in the shower. The hot water pelted my bruised body, but I didn’t really feel it, my mind was elsewhere. 

“Helios, can you still hear me? I can still feel you. I have to get you out. I can’t do this without you.” 

My pleas were met with silence. If he was gone, how could I still teleport? How did I still feel so…so strong and connected? I had more questions than answers, and I refused to live this way. 

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I dressed in silence, but my thoughts were screams in my head. 

It wasn’t enough time. I have so much I still want to say to you. Maybe Zeus will let us send letters or have visitations. He turned himself in. That’s good, right? He helped me fight Atlas, he could have taken Atlas’ side. I needed more time! 

Screw this form, I needed to see more and figure out what was going on! I went to the window, opened and jumped.

My chariot was there and I landed with both feet and took the reins in one smooth, practiced motion. The horses took off at my mental command, and we flew off into the thermosphere. I spent a few hours just flying around, trying to sense where everyone was and who was free. My sister, Eos, and I have been estranged since the last war when she took the Titans’ side. She wasn’t imprisoned like our brother was, and I felt it better that we stayed apart…until now. 

I wonder what she knows. Helios didn’t mention her, but we didn’t exactly have much time to talk or catch up. I closed my eyes and tried to find her. I turned to the west and slapped my reins as we took off in the direction of the sunrise. “Eos, dear sister. I need your counsel. Where are you?” 

“Here, dearest Selene. Keep coming to the west and I will meet you there. I have been waiting for you to call.”

“Yes, sister, I feel you.”

I slapped the reins again, and my steeds quickened their pace. Minutes later, we landed smoothly less than 200km from Paris. The wind whipped as Eos came out from hiding. Her red hair whipped behind her as she approached me. We were both cautious as we approached each other. 

How, how long have you been here?” 

She dropped her head.

“Long enough. I am – proud of you, Sel. All you have accomplished, and to be welcomed back into the Pantheon.” 

“Thanks. I think,” I spoke out loud. “Look, let’s cut to the chase.” 

My emotions were still raw from the flash visit of Helios, and now seeing Eos, with our rocky relationship, wasn’t helping matters. Maybe talking aloud will keep my emotions from showing as bad. 

“Do you know anything more about the Titans’ uprising than I do?”

Eos nodded. “Some. I have been approached, but haven’t acted upon anything yet. Honestly, I wanted to see where it went, and whose side you took.”

“Me? You never cared what I thought before. Why would it matter this time?” 

The anger was rising, but I tried to keep myself in check. She wasn’t as powerful as Helios, but our connection still played off each other and our moods likewise. I could feel her anxiety and she, my anger. We stepped back from each other. This was one of the many reasons we stayed apart. We were too volatile to each other. 

I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. 

“So, have you seen Helios? Who approached you?” I paused to give her time to answer. 

“Who doesn’t matter, and no, I haven’t seen Helios. Now, thanks to you, I won’t be able to,” she spat, pure hatred and disdain dripping from her words.

“Eos, you got it all wrong! I swear! He turned himself in! I want nothing more than for us to be together again! The trifecta reunited.” 

The reality of Atlas’ words rang in my head. 

Eos just looked at me. She was waiting for me to finish my statement, but I was lost in thought. I shook my head, trying to get the Titan’s words out of my head. I looked at Eos and all I could do was step up and give her a deep, hard hug. She stiffened under my embrace. She slowly drew her arms up and absently patted my back in return. 

“Oh, Eos. My dear sister. How could I judge you any harsher than Helios?”

At that, she relaxed into me and we just stood there for a while in each other’s embrace. 

After some time, Eos pulled back and said, “So, who are we joining, Sel?” 

“Depends on the answers I get from the king.” 

We stepped back into my chariot and took off back to my Paris office. With the Titans on the loose, finding Zeus wasn’t going to just be as simple as an office visit. We needed to regroup.

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