Know Your Muse

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 140-ish

Hair Color: Dark brown with caramel highlights and a few pink strands. It is usually medium length and wavy. Usually worn in a fuss-free style or pulled up in a pony or bun. Urania has many balls to juggle and can’t spend too much time or energy worrying about her hair.

Facial Hair: None hopefully.

Eyes: Violet in color. Large eyes with long dark lashes that bump against sunglasses when she wears them.

Distinguishing Features: A small colorless tattoo of the solar system on the back of her left shoulder. It is invisible to most.


Parents: Zeus and Mnemosyne. Raised mainly by Nymph Eufime and Apollo.

Siblings: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpischore, Erato, Polymnia, and Calliope

Spouse: Urania was said to have a child with Apollo and/or Hermes, but was not married to either.

Children: N/A


Urania currently owns A Starry Night Gallery and Vital Touch Healing Parlor. Both of those entities operate out of the Olympus Administration building.

The gallery is an exquisite display of artists from around the world. The focus is mainly celestial or mythological work, but if the right artist catches her eye, Urania has been known to display things completely out of her realm. There is a small gift shop associated with the gallery to provide guests with just the right mementos of their visit.

The healing parlor places a focus on a positive journey of wellness. Reiki and other energy healing are performed here. Spells, salves and tinctures are available for home use.

Urania also dabbles in Tarot and Astrology and will provide readings in her home.

As the original astronomer, her main focus is her work with NASA and other, more secret partners, providing input as a consultant. In the OA building, she has an office and a couple of labs where she tests magnificent new theories.


Occupies Floor 33 in the Olympus Administration building. Urania convinced her father to provide her with an additional residence. Since she needs access to the stars as much as possible, he granted her a penthouse apartment not far from the OA building. There is a partial rooftop garden/lounge area where she can explore the heavens. In the master bedroom, there is a full skylight which is retractable during the nice weather months.

Personal Information

General Overview: Generally a happy-go-lucky optimist, Urania loves to get as much out of life as she can. She seeks new ideas and experiences, and gains energy from the process. She wants to achieve her personal goals and spend a lot of her time enmeshed in creative endeavours. She has always felt a little like an outsider with the gods/goddesses and is slightly intimidated by them. She interacts with them about the same as she does with mortals. She tries to treat everyone with decency until she can’t for one reason or another. When talking with Urania, people are likely to notice her energy, empathy and kindness. She’s a tad on the sheltered/naive side. She’s generally fun-loving and quick-witted. She picks up speech patterns and mannerisms and will end up reflecting others on occasion. She will get angry, but it takes awhile and once that switch is flipped, she needs to rant and rage until it dissipates. 

Likes: Dancing, listening to music, raspberries, reading, kindness/compassion, fizzy drinks, baking, poetry, glitter and sequins, art, photography, connections, gorgeous flower bouquets, animals, the ocean, star-filled nights, daydreaming, a cozy fire, and delicious bedding.

Dislikes: Injustice, getting dirty, physical labor, most vegetables, crowds, confined spaces, cruelty, ignorance, greed, intolerance, lack of logic, uncomfortable clothes/shoes, and cleaning the litter box.


Flakiness is one of her flaws. When she gets overwhelmed, she can also shut down and withdraw. Being an ambivert is a challenge for her. She gets energy from being around certain people and sharing an exchange of ideas with them, but people also drain her and she needs her alone time. Most people don’t recognize this. She tires easily and needs to take naps regularly.


Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Mortal Possession – Urania takes possession of mortal bodies when on the mortal plane. She chooses to possess people who are living singular lives in remote locations. She is particularly interested in those who have no family members who may miss them.

Constellation Physiology – Urania can summon celestial powers and transform into constellations, absorbing the powers associated with each of them.

Dimensional Travel – Urania can travel to other dimensions/realities by changing her personal energy/vibrations through meditation or lucid dreaming. The problem is that she is a novice and can’t always control it. Sometimes it happens accidentally.

Psionic Healing – Urania can heal by psychic and/or energy healing.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: Urania is all about comfort (#neverheels). She will try her best to look stylish and professional, but if it costs her in comfortability, forget about it. She wears a lot of black as homage to the night sky and universe. She mixes in pops of bright color such as turquoise, magenta, hot pinks/oranges. If she can find something sparkly, she will wear it as long as it isn’t tacky or vulgar. She’s often self-conscious, so typically avoids clothes that are revealing or attention-seeking. Since she works a lot with the science community, she tries to limit her femininity to a few florals and frills, but will glam it up on special occasions or when she’s in the gallery.

Alternate Dress Wear: When not in the public view, Urania will wear yoga pants, shorts or pajamas that are all about being comfortable.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Compass & Moon Ring – She’s been known to carry a compass. That tool, in conjunction with her moon ring, can be used to tell her where she is in any dimension/reality. The ring opens to allow a laser projection of coordinates to be displayed. With the compass, she’s able to determine her time/space/location.

Pencil – Urania has a pencil that has many magical abilities, including use as a weapon.

Globe – This is a small ball that fits on a key chain and can open to emit a flash of celestial light that will render enemies unconscious for a short period of time.

Introduction written by Kimberlee Gerstmann

Bruh. Zeus in his almighty (cough cough) wisdom (cough cough) has decided that we all have to get real jobs, like mortals. I mean, I know I’ve never been the favorite child… let’s just face the facts that me and my eight sisters weren’t exactly conceived in love… but I didn’t expect that we’d be thrust into a nearly impossible situation where we are expected to instantly get jobs and make something of ourselves. Have you seen the economy lately?

The struggle is real for us Muses. Yes, I am a Muse. I’m still a goddess… don’t get it twisted. But as a Muse we’re put upon to be inspiring as well as godly. They don’t just value us for our looks. We’re serious. We are well versed in arts and science. We are thick with knowledge and bearers of inspiration.

I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with my dad. Zeus got it on with my mom for nine consecutive nights and she ended up her nine Muse children. Since she is the goddess of memory (Mnemosyne), she’s never let us forget what she went through. Especially since he basically ignored her and went back to dipping his nib in any other inkpot he could find. She suddenly had nine of us demanding all of her time and attention. Try dealing with that guilt forever. Apollo and Nymph Eufime stepped in to help mom out, so we grew up pretty solid even though she did always keep track of every little bad thing we said or did. I have a lot of fun with my sisters and think that we’ve got an amazing family. I have always kept a pretty low profile in the Greek world, but now I’m beginning to think that this new scenario is going to give me a chance to shine.

My claim to fame is that I am an astronomist. As in, I invented astronomy. Unfortunately everyone always confuses that with astrology, so no one ever takes me seriously. It is frustrating, but I’ve finally decided to embrace it. I’ve always been one to stargaze and dream, so I’m taking on some new challenges and working on a secret project for NASA. I am also doing a little side research with some interesting partners and developing some badass theories. As cover, I’m using my intuitive side and dabbling with astrology, energy healing, theTarot, and other magical things that are dismissed by most. Zeus gave me a sick penthouse with a rooftop patio, amazing skylight, and plenty of space to work out of. But I can’t let daddy know that I’m smarter than he is… old school misogyny and all.

We’ll see how this all works out. I’ve got pretty high aspirations, but I’ve been that way all along. I feel like the heavens and universe have got my back, so I might as well take the opportunity to see how far I can go. If dad doesn’t watch out, I might just be the one to knock him off his throne.

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