Wedding Plans

Artemis and I were finally getting into a new normal and had a plan. Wedding magazines littered the kitchen table. My fat planner was laid out before me, pen poised at the ready, as I scanned through one of them. I tapped my lip with the tip as I turned another page.

Artemis and I were finally getting into a new normal and had a plan. Wedding magazines littered the kitchen table. My fat planner was laid out before me, pen poised at the ready, as I scanned through one of them. I tapped my lip with the tip as I turned another page. But where should we have it? Not everyone we wanted there was back at Olympus, so we needed it to be somewhere neutral enough that Hyperon and Leto, to name a few, would not feel reluctant to come. 

Just as I switched magazines, my phone buzzed with a text. 

Amphitrite: I heard you were working on wedding plans. Need help?

“AMPH! Why did I not think of that sooner!?” I quickly responded.

Selene: Yes, actually! Can we hold the wedding at Nymphaeum?

My phone buzzed back with a quick answer. 

Amphitrite: YES! Absolutely! Let’s meet to discuss the details!

I beamed, slightly glowing as I bound down the hall and into Artemis’s office. “Hey, beautiful. What do you think of holding the wedding at Nymphaeum?”

She glanced up from her computer and smiled. “That’s perfect! When can we meet with Amphitrite?”

“That is what I was coming to ask you. We need to coordinate a time we are all free.” She nodded and called Iphigenia to set the date. 

A few days later, I arrived at Nymphaeum, planner in hand, and made my way to the conference room where Amph told us to meet. I pulled out a chair and had a seat, opening my planner. Amph soon entered, head held high with practiced regality as she approached. Amph and I are dear friends, and I was beyond happy when she came home to Olympus. This was the perfect event to really welcome her home. I only hoped it went smoother than her grand opening had. 

“Hello, Sel.” She smiled warmly as I stood and hugged her. Just as I was returning to my seat, Artemis came in. Waving at Amphitrite, she sat beside me, placing a hand on my thigh as she smiled. 

Amphitrite sat across the table from us, hands folded in front of her. “Hello, Artemis. What did you have in mind, and how can I help?”

“Thanks for taking the time, Amph. Sel here is the master planner. I am here to support her decisions.”

Amphitrite chuckled. “She is indeed. A whirlwind, to be sure.”

Laughing, I got right to the point. I knew the time Artemis, Amphitrite, and I had in one room was limited. “Well, Akti’s favourite flowers are peonies. So I think a soft pink would work. What do you think, Akti, love? Should we add another colour or flower?”

“Peonies are beautiful, and they come in multiple colours.” Amphitrite beamed, making notes in a notebook of her own.

Artemis grinned, gazing at me lovingly. “True, I love peonies. But, I’d like to add a mix of peonies and gardenias.” 

My glow grew a little brighter as she mentioned adding my favourite flower to the arrangements. “You remembered.”

“Those would be beautiful,” Amphitrite added as she made notes.

“And for the theme, I’d like it if everything were like moonlight. So for colours, how about silver and midnight blue?” I loved watching Artemis take charge. As she mentioned, I was normally the one doing the planning, but I did not mind. I would not change Akti and her wild spirit for anything. Thus, seeing her envisioning her wedding and planning it with me was a true pleasure.

“That sounds gorgeous and very romantic.” A bright smile lit up Amphitrite’s face as she watched Artemis and me.

“That would work with the gardenias. Amph, what do you think? Should we have white peonies as well, or perhaps the pale pink Akti loves so much?” I turned back to my friend to gauge her expression. This was a momentous occasion for both Arty and me, and I wanted it perfect…well, as perfect as it could be, knowing our family’s tendency to erupt at such gatherings.

Amphitrite pondered a moment, then smiled. “Pale pink will look lovely against the silver and midnight blue.”

“Then it’s settled.” I made notes in my planner with a smile. I had not smiled that much in quite some time. It was a great feeling. My eyes lit up as I realized I would need a maid of honour. I knew of the perfect person to ask. 

Artemis squealed in excitement beside me. “I am excited! Can you tell?” I laughed, kissing her on the cheek.

“Oh yes! It sounds like a perfect event.” Amphitrite smiled back as Artemis took her hand.

“Amph, I can’t thank you enough for providing us with the grand hall and also for helping us with this.” She smiled, practically bouncing in her seat.

Amphitrite squeezed her hand back. “You are more than welcome. I feel honoured you want to hold it there.”

Clearing my throat, I interrupted their conversation. I addressed my dearest and oldest friend, “I have another question for you, Amph. One a bit closer to heart.”

Amphitrite turned her gaze to me, tilting her head a little as Artemis lowered hers with a knowing grin. “What’s up, Sel?”

I smiled brightly as I met her gaze. “Would you be my maid of honour?” Amphitrite’s jaw dropped in surprise as she stared at me.

Artemis looked between us excitedly as I giggled. Amphitrite leapt up from her seat, nearly knocking it backwards as she rounded the table and hugged me tightly. “Yes, of course, I will. It would be my honour!”

Artemis clasped her hands as she watched us, my glow returning as I hugged her back. “I am glad. I am so glad you are here. I missed you so.”

“I have missed you too.” Releasing me, she went back to her seat. I could feel her ebb and flow as she tried to remain focused on the task at hand, so I continued the wedding discussion.

“So, we would assume some of the family may stay. Can you set aside some rooms for them as well?”

“Of course I can. How many rooms will you be needing?”

Artemis furrowed her brow in thought. “Obviously, Miteras and Jacques. I will also need rooms for my Nymphs and Satyrs. Helios and your staff as well, right, Sel? Do you think Hyperion will make it?”

“He’d better make it,” Amphitrite muttered, knowing my father and I had not yet seen each other since his release from Tartarus. I understood why he had not returned yet, but I did wish he would at least meet Helios and me somewhere outside of Olympus. We could choose anywhere in the world. No matter, I was determined to make the day a happy one, so I ignored her remark and continued.

“I do not know. I have yet to see him since his return, as you know, but I will be sure to invite him.” I turned to Artemis and addressed her question of staff count. “Umm…I best only invite the head of departments. Shelly as well.”

“I hope you see him soon. I’d set aside the whole of the resort if you needed me to,” Amphitrite chimed in, returning to the planning with a soft grin. Artemis squeezed my hand in encouragement as I leaned into her.

“As do I. I hear you have seen your father recently. Is that correct?” I smiled at Amphitrite, having heard she had recently reconnected with Nereus.

“Yes, we ran into each other at Dark Sparks a few days ago.” Her smile was soft as she thought back to their reunion.

“That’s wonderful, dear.” I returned the smile, encouraging her to continue.

“It was. Although I was nervous to see him again.”

Artemis muttered under her breath, clearly worried about her own father’s presence at the wedding. “My father and I haven’t met since the Titans from Tartarus showed up.” I squeezed her hand reassuringly. Then she looked up at Amphitrite. “Why were you nervous?”

“Sorry, Arty.” Amphitrite looked down as she replied, “I haven’t seen Nereus since I left for Atlantis, and we hadn’t really left things on a peaceful note. He wasn’t exactly the best father when it came to me. My sisters and brothers, sure.” She paused, looking back up at us, setting her shoulders in her usual regal style, and continued, “But, I think my trip to the Trench, and facing my fears, has helped me move on and forgive him.”

“I am sorry to hear that. I understand how it can be in families like ours.” Artemis smiled softly, and Amphitrite nodded in agreement. “I am glad you can forgive him. It is best to forgive and move on.”

“I agree. I feel much better for it,” Amphitrite agreed.

“I hope things go well with mine. It feels like it has been eons since we spoke last. Helios and I do not wish to pressure him, so we have not reached out.”

Amphitrite nodded. “It may be better, for an organic exchange, to wait until he approaches you.”

“I agree. So we have not done so.” I completely understood why Father was distant. So Helios and I were waiting for him to make the first move.

“Let him approach when he is ready,” Artemis added. I nodded with a soft smile.

“Although, I may be able to pressure Pater to see if Hyperion is available for a coffee.” Amphitrite grinned mischievously, and a glimmer lit her eyes.

Artemis cocked an eyebrow at Amph and nodded. “Now that wouldn’t be pressuring…sooo…”

Amphitrite smirked. “No, no… just a coffee between Light and Sea.”

Artemis returned the smirk as I rolled my eyes. “Exactly.”

Amphitrite smiled. “I am completely innocent here.” 

I chuckled as my cell phone buzzed. I pulled it out to read a text from Hekate. I nearly giggled as I read it. “Akti!” I elbowed her to have her read the message.


Artemis beamed. “That’s wonderful! Now that we’ve got that sorted, what should we have for the reception meal?”

We finished planning the wedding with Amphitrite’s help. Nike stopped by, as well as Ares, to see to their duties as bridesmaid and Arty’s best man. We left feeling happy and confident that every contingency, even the lack of long-pig, would be taken care of.

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