cavernous heart, rooted inside my chest
wreathed a daisy chain of driftwood and sea salt
into my lap;

I remember the twilight
that rippled through your eyes
when the stars cascaded into your lap
from the tips of my fingers,
your mouth posed to kiss my atmosphere...

sheltered prayers, we sang
the pantheon does not worship each other
the way we should,
but you laid the offering of yourself
at my feet, time after time;

they call you mother; but
they do not see the young woman
with the pounding heart of a star
an ineffable amount of energy
ready to consume all, you have but to ask

they say the night is full of dangers, but
I do not think they would ever suspect
the mother of life to turn rogue;
to court the Night, her own kin -

did you forget, just for a moment,
that we are all

~ Nyx
Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)
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