About the Project

Welcome to the seat of the immortals.

Come, sit.

The fact that you are here is no accident – the gods have called for you to turn your eyes to their actions once more. Zeus, the King of Olympus, has decreed that the Pantheon must return to Earth, for they are losing their way. Who is ‘they’? Perhaps it is you, dear mortal, lost within the eras of modern-day technology. Or perhaps it is the Gods, unsure of how to reinvent their own wheel, or whether they should even try. 

It has been far too long since you looked to us for guidance, since you have asked for the heavens to come down and help you. We will wait no longer – we are here, mortals. Right now.

History tells tales of the old Gods of Greece, where they took pity on mortals, made them champions to their causes, played games with their minds. There are, as you may know, many unsavory stories as well.

We are more than an old scribe’s tales. History was written by the victors and those with deep opinions, and in this new age, we strive to become more than old Homer’s flowery and potent words, or Ovid’s ballads of conquest and pillage. 

But who writes for the gods, you may ask?

Mortal Scribes found worthy by the gods seek to immortalize their exploits and legends in the modern-day world. 

If you are here, your curiosity has been piqued. Good. We suggest doing the following:

Read the chaos and intrigue, and ask questions of the immortals at The God Blogs.

If you wish to find your favorite immortal’s Scribe, visit the Staff page.

Be sure to support them on their social media platforms – scribing for a god is not easy work. Or perhaps buy them a coffee or their favorite beverage to reward them for their words? Look for their other labors of love and experience the different worlds our Scribes live in!

If you have a suggestion for the immortals of the Pantheon, drop a note into Pandora’s Box.

Or perhaps you wish to drink from the ambrosia with us, and live forever? Complete an Application for Immortality, and perhaps a god will favor you …

Their Story Continues…

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