1001 Nights

It has been a bloody and unexpected war, but the Titans have be returned to Tartarus, and the traitor, Atë, has been sentenced and jailed.

Not since the Titanomachy has Olympus been so tested. And it has been less than a year since we have come home, only to come so close to losing each other yet again.

The theme for the evening is 1001 Nights. Hekate has asked the gods and goddesses to come dressed for an exotic night under the stars. For games and frivolity, to enjoy each other’s company and not take it for granted.


Greeks had words for different types of love. The first was Eros, or sexual passion, the fiery, dangerous, irrational side of love, the kind that could take hold of you, could consume you. The second was Philia, or friendship, a form of deep comradery, often shared between brothers in arms, emphasizing loyalty and sacrifice. The third was Ludus, or playful love, taking place between playing children or casual lovers. The fourth was Agape, or selfless love, a love that extended from family to strangers. The fifth was Pragma, or long-standing love, the elderly couple kissing in the park, or holding hands on the beach. The final was Philautia, self love, as the old saying goes, you must love yourself before you are capable of loving another…

Immortal hearts languish for loves lost and found, reminisce on times long past and hopes for a brighter future… 

Silver Bow Foundation

It was a sight to behold, decorated in the evening’s theme of blues, black, silver, and gold. The main ballroom was large, about five hundred feet long by three hundred feet wide, with the ceiling stretching up a few hundred feet above my head. The walls were decorated in glittering gold and silver with a tinge of shiny blue and black wallpaper to ease the glare of glitter. Dozens of crystal chandeliers spiraled from the ceiling, sending lovely diffused golden light across the length of the ballroom.

Artemis’ Silver Bow Foundation fundraiser is already on the verge of being a gala, and every single member of the family is dressed to the nines.

The Night’s Homecoming

“Everything looks complete. All that is left now is for my family to arrive and tear it all apart in their revelry.” Nyx shook her head, already imagining the potential carnage. “Thank you, my friends. You are as diligent and stalwart as always. We have nothing left to do but wait for everyone to arrive, so please, do as you will. I will be inside until then – call me when they start to come.” 

Titan Rising

“You’re late,” bellowed the voice inside. 

Atё smirked. “Yeah, you are pretty serious about that whole time thing, aren’t you, Chronos?” 

He turned towards her, his gaze narrowing at her jab. He seemed less than amused, but she didn’t care. 

“Tease him not, Goddess. We have much to do,” spoke a deeper voice behind her.

Atё turned slowly, her smile still in place. “Oh, I know. Cataclysmic events, if I’m not mistaken.” Her smile dropped before she went on. “At least that’s what you promised, Kronos.”

Long brawny arms slipped through the bars as he leaned closer, golden eyes met hers as he responded, “Yes, yes I did. Now release us so we can give our family a proper reunion.”


For this year’s winter solstice, Nyx is hosting a soiree in the far north. As in, the North Pole. It is as neutral a place as she could possibly find, and she reached out to a dear friend of hers to help set up a venue, who was all too ready to accommodate. Noel Klaas is one of the sweetest beings she had the pleasure of dealing with in all her  years. When she came to him looking for a space for the solstice soiree, he immediately offered up his Snowflake Estate and all his staff that came with it.


A Little Chaos

How nice of you to come visit with me, no one ever really does…you’ll have to forgive me, my sweet, if I seem a bit off, I’m not quite myself, you see…though to be fair, I get the feeling I was never quite right…I got lost along the way, a long, LONG time ago and darn the luck if I’m not still looking for where I got to. Any spare change you may have would really be super! Just need to get myself going and I’m sure I’ll find me again, that old scamp. What? Oh yes, I’m sure you’d like to know more before you make an investment in my self-discovery… My name?

Eris, yes, that’s it…Eris. I’m a planet now, don’t you know? Yeah, I don’t see any revenue from that sadly.

Call of the Wild

The drummers pound out a new beat to get me started and for the first time in too long, I need them to save me. I begin to play again and by my mother’s blessed breasts, it didn’t seem like they noticed that my mind was elsewhere. It was well after dawn, and approaching midday when I had a chance to think about it again, that spark that I had felt just after dawn.

To think that I would have to become Pan of Olympus again, instead of just the mad piper everyone referred to as Pan.

Death is Coming

Hi there! So glad you came to see me! Come in, come in. Sit down there. How do you take your coffee? It’s Mr. Hades’ blend, Dark Sparks. Me, I take it with heavy sweet creams and ten scoops of sugar, and ohhhh, ohh, ohh, it’s so good.

I’m the reaper, the god of gentle death, I’m Thanatos, call me Than.

  • Aftermath

    Thanatos is sent out west to deal with the ramifications of Hypnos actions during the events of Titans Rise…

  • Death & The Dragonfly

    After the events of Titans Rise the God of Death ask the Goddess of Inspiration out for a cup of coffee with one minor hitch in the road known as his sister the Goddess of Revenge.

  • House at the End of the World

    While exploring alternate worlds after learning the Pantheon, Thanatos finds a barren world except for a lone structure, an aging and dilapidated Victorian Mansion. Inside the dead souls of the word call to him for aid and release. He soon discovers they are being held hostage by a child demon.


Mach-c. Mock See. Moxie. Get it? No? Mach-c is sound that travels faster than light.

That sound is me whispering in your ear dropping some brilliance into your brainpan. Mock See is that image that flashed into your mind’s eye. I put it there. You thought it was you, but it was Me. And I did it all without begging for kudos, adulation, and sacrifices, unlike some other Gods, Goddesses & Muses who shall remain nameless. They really won’t remain nameless, of course. They don’t have it in them because they are all attention whores. I give it less than a decade before they are over here claiming credit for My handiwork.

  • Public Relations

    Moxie, the forgotten Goddess, is summoned back to Olympus to help orchestrate the big comeback. She has no desire to be there and has no intention of helping. Zeus sees it differently. Who will win in this battle of wills?

  • Reliving the Nightmare

    Moxie, the forgotten goddess, defies her mothers to pursue her heart’s desire. Her single-minded stubbornness leads innocent lovers into danger when nightgoyles break free from Tartarus at the apex of Samhain. These vicious creatures, with an appetite for human flesh, are on the hunt and they are hungry.

  • Death & The Dragonfly

    After the events of Titans Rise the God of Death ask the Goddess of Inspiration out for a cup of coffee with one minor hitch in the road known as his sister the Goddess of Revenge.

Dream King

I am Morpheus, the god of dreams.

The caves were so dark, no ray of sun or moonlight found a crack to slip through. Silence reigned. Surrounded by poppies, you can imagine it a wonderful place to drowse and dream. My brothers and I make up the Oneiroi.

  • A Fool’s Errand

    Morpheus must defeat the escaped Titan, Epimetheus, who has sent him back in time and hypnotized his brother.

  • Bargain and Betrayal

    Morpheus travels back to the elflands to keep the promise he made to Gray Leaf during “A Fool’s Errand.” He finds chaos on his arrival and must locate the missing elf princess.

Fire & Forge

With the rise of modern civilization, Hephaestus roused himself from an extended period of inactivity and paid close attention to the growing body of scientific knowledge.

Finally, in the twentieth century, he founded a company that contributed to the aerospace industry. Now the company, Transpheri Technologies, is a space startup as well as a consulting firm for the solving of great problems through innovative technology. Hephaestus himself contributes a few of the ideas, but he prefers to cultivate such creative thinking among his employees. He closely guards the secret of his divinity from mortals, preferring instead to be regarded “merely” as the billionaire owner/CEO of the extensive Transpheri facilities in southern Fl. 

God of War

The constant fighting gets old after a while. Even the God of War needs a break occasionally. Honestly, I’m on vacation right now. But Hermes popped in with a letter from dear old Dad, Zeus, who is demanding that I do some public relations work. I’m pretty sure he means damage control in my case. He thinks I like to wreak havoc wherever I go. Well, obviously I don’t, if I’m sitting on the white sands of a beach right now, drinking Mai Tai’s and enjoying the view of beautiful women playing beach volleyball. 

Just call me Ares.

Hard Poetry

Well hi. I’m Erato.

Or… that’s what the Greeks called me. It’s.. more complex than that. It always is. I’m not a god, you see. I’m a muse. An .. inspiration. I’m not exactly embodied, or rather…. Let me start again. See, there’s a place – where the creative and the … reproductive… urges coincide. Where inspiration bends minds and bodies towards the erotic, the intimate.. and the perverted. Where words weave through minds, caress bodies. Slim syllables running down your chest, wet words falling on your breast, lips and breath shaped around each part of you.. Am I going too fast? Ok fine. I’m the god of talking about fucking.

Hate & Jealousy

So Zeus has called us back and I have answered. As my story has been written I have lost much of my hate, I no longer wish to be the face of persistent anger. Through words and deeds, I have worked and struggled to once again become a guardian. This time I will not falter, I will not fail. The time has come for me to step out from the shadow of my own misdeeds, once and for all free of my past.

I am Dinlas, god of hate and jealousy.

  • Alternate Olympus

    Chronos, Primordial of Time, casts Dinlas into a mirror dimension where he switches places with his twin brother Eros. As the now God of Love, he must acquire the Staff of Time with the help of Nyx and Eros.

  • Cursed Mask

    A malevolent spirit, born of ancient magic, possesses Eleni and turns her into a reincarnation of the rampaging Minotaur. Dinlas searches for clues to find her and with the help of Hekate rescues her from the evil spirit.

Iron Queen

You have heard my story retold countless times over the eons, new names, places and centuries but it is still my story. You might have dug deeper into the stories and myths and read more, or you might just know it in passing. But that only scratches the surface of who I am. Who I really am is very complicated. I don’t fit into either niche they want to place me in. On one side I am the daughter of Demeter, that is always included when they tell my story, I am loved and doted on by momma, but protected and sheltered too. But not many stories tell you about my father, Zeus. Mighty king of the gods. things can be pretty awkward when he sends down his missives from the high chair on Olympus. I am one part the goddess of spring and one part Iron Queen. 

I’m Persephone

King of the Gods

The rest of Olympus wants what I have. Let them come. I’m here. I’ve been here, I will always BE here. I fought when they sat idle. I won when they said it should be them. I have made manifest the POWER of Olympus. They covet because they cannot DO. That’s why you’re here. You want what I am. You want the power I embody. You want to be a King. Sure, the Olympus Administration has made some policy changes. You’ll see we aren’t what we were, but better. New, modern, adaptable.

One thing remains: ZEUS. And Zeus is King. When you come at the King, you’d best not miss.

Lady Luck

So here, take a pair of dice on the house. Let me kiss them for you for luck. But remember, any luck you gain or lose is wholly yours. After all, we’re all subject to the whims of the Fates, am I right? After all, Lady Luck is on your side…

With a roll of the dice, pray to Tyche or die….

Lord of the Seas

Restless as the tides and temperamental as the weather, I am the storm to Zeus’ lightning and you’d best take care, mortal. Should you venture out on into my domain, know this: I command all waters. ALL WATERS answer to me and I can bring the hail to drive your brain to throbbing pain if I so wish. The seas rise at my command, as do all the waters in my keep. I will have you know that I do not despise mortals, though sometimes I forget to notice them as you may step upon an ant without care. If you wish me to see you, make a sacrifice at my temple. I accept calamari (with sauce). Any sea creature may do, but leave my merfolk alone. Those maids serve only me and have orders to drown all who tempt them otherwise. 

King of the Seas, Ruler of the Deep, the name is Poseidon

Lord of the Underworld

I am Hades. Lord of the Underworld and all that comes with it:

the Styx, Cerberus, the illiterate Charon, the giant iron door to the Titans, everything. I cannot begin to tell you about my recent history because honestly, the last few hundred years have been a bit of a gray area, even for me. I have been on autopilot, swimming from one task to another. I have lost the joy in creating, in gardening, in existing. Quaint for the Lord of the Dead, no?

  • Hekades

    Hekate and Hades. The Witch Queen and the King of the Underworld. The myth everyone knows — of Hades and Persephone — is but part of their story. The rest… unwritten. Until now.

  • Hades’ Journals

    Hades’ Journals are the highly secretive and direct, “real time” insight to the King of the Dead’s thoughts and ideas on events and people around him.

  • California Hotel

    A low thrum has been itching in the back of Hades’ senses. When it becomes too much, he ventures to Los Angeles to find the source of it, and is met with a foe that would go toe to toe with a god.

Love & Sex

I’m supposed to be one of the few gods who has a happy ending, right? Psyche and I end up living happily ever after? Wrong. As a result of my mother’s vanity, I felt compelled to step in when a mortal was being worshipped as being more beautiful than my mother, Aphrodite. Then I met her, fell in love with her, married her, and kept her safe in the darkness of our home. So long as she didn’t look upon my face, know that she had in fact been married to the god of love, my mother would be satisfied, believing her to be married to some hideous beast. It was the only way I could be with the woman I loved. Why couldn’t she listen to me? We could’ve been happy.

My name is Eros, the god of love and sex, here to bring love and chaos where ever my arrow lands..

  • Heart & Soul

    The Story of Eros and Clio, a love that spanned multiple lives and thousands of years…

Mischief & Ruin

My name is Atë, the one who leads men astray, the Goddess of mischief and ruin.

I am a fallen Goddess, at least that is what I tell myself. It helps lessen the sting of what happened. They say family is everything. Yeah, I would believe that if it wasn’t for the hard lesson I learned so quickly. A simple task she asked and I happily obliged. Hera is the mother of all Gods; who am I to deny her? I wanted to be in her favor, so how could I not? It was simple really to trick Zeus into swearing an oath. He, regardless of his stature, was still a man and men alike bent to me. All I did was help secure that Eurystheus would be born first and it worked like a charm. But boy, does Zeus have a temper. When he found out, he tossed from Mount Olympus and told to never return.

  • Heart of Darkness

    There are few more dangerous and deadly than the goddess of ruin, and something is pulling the Primordial of Darkness towards her, with…explosive results.

Queen of the Gods

I really don’t want to do this anymore, so let’s make this quick, shall we? I’m the Goddess of Marriage and the Queen of the Heavens. I am vengeful and unjust and quick to anger. I am also compassionate and hopeful and just a woman who wants to be seen for who she really is and not who she’s been made to be. And I am NOT their fucking babysitter.

Now, bow before your queen, I am Hera.

Rage With Me

You’d expect me to be easy to spot, what with the rage and madness right there on the surface. Like most first impressions, you’d be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I can rail with the best of them. I’m not the daughter of Nyx for nothing, but bursting blood vessels isn’t my style. Madness, after all, takes many forms. My form is almost nonchalance; easy on the eyes and ears, reasonable and calm on the surface.

I’m Lyssa, primordial of rage and madness, and this is my story…

Revenge & Retribution

I have encountered most of you at least a time or two. Oh…the confusion I see in your eyes! How delicious! You have no idea how you know me or why on Earth I would know of you and that is exactly how I prefer it. I am what you fear in the shadows. You think it is the monsters that exist there that are the biggest threat, but I am here to educate you. It is yourself that you fear the most in the darkness and I was born into that darkness. It is I that will force you to face the truth of who you are.

They call me Karma, but my name is Nemesis

          Duck, the fox companion of the Goddess Clio, has a history of his own, one that is still                being unraveled…

Shadows & Darkness

So here we are, bowing down to Zeus, doing his stupid “Outreach to the Mortals bit”; like we are apart of some bad reality show. I mean, why should I have to listen to him, why should any of us? It’s not like he was one of the primeval deities or anything.

Who was — oh, right me. Erebus. Born from the deep void of Chaos, the primordial of shadows and darkness…

  • Heart of Darkness

    There are few more dangerous and deadly than the goddess of ruin, and something is pulling the Primordial of Darkness towards her, with…explosive results.

Silver Moon

Ah, dear, beautiful mortals: I am the Titan Selene.

I feel the energy of the night and the joy in you mortals. It feeds me and makes me glow. As much as I love spending time with you, it infuriates me when you are arrogant and wasteful creatures.


I am the catalyst for change and have no tolerance for wimps, egomaniacs or any other fear-based behavior. I am self-made. If I can go from longing to being, so can mortals. They may not have the powers we Gods and Goddesses do; yet, they do have a mind. I intend on helping them use it. If you irritate me, I am the enzymatic Sorceress that will destabilize your existence.

I am Circe.

Soul of History

After years of exploring the world and recording history, I have decided to return home and run my own museum. After all, I believe that learning from the past mistakes of others will help one make better choices. What better way to show this than providing the information in a museum? One thing you should know about me is… that I am obsessed with History. Although, I seem to be missing some of my own. I hope returning home can help me remember the memories I’ve lost. I assume you already can figure out who I am.

I am Clio, Muse of History, and I hope you enjoy my story…

  • Heart & Soul

    The Story of Eros and Clio, a love that spanned multiple lives and thousands of years…

  • His Nightmares

    Eros and Clio must face a new enemy, the one that lurks inside Eros’s dreams…

Starry Eyed

My claim to fame is that I am an astronomist. As in, I invented astronomy. Unfortunately everyone always confuses that with astrology, so no one ever takes me seriously. It is frustrating, but I’ve finally decided to embrace it. I’ve always been one to stargaze and dream, so I’m taking on some new challenges and working on a secret project for NASA. I am also doing a little side research with some interesting partners and developing some badass theories. As cover, I’m using my intuitive side and dabbling with astrology, energy healing, theTarot, and other magical things that are dismissed by most.

I’m Urania, the muse of astronomy.

The Creator

Those chains. That eagle. The unrelenting pain. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just look at you now, with your fancy devices and luxury lifestyles. You are like gods. Imagine what life could have been like if it wasn’t for the cruel tricks of my family. I may have been away for a while, but I have been watching. Always watching. And I have seen what they have done. It’s about time someone had a little fun with them…

I am the Creator, I am Prometheus.

The Huntress

χαίρετε my dear mortals! It is I – your friendly shape-shifting Goddess of Hunt. You know me as the Pure, Pristine, Virgin (that wasn’t easy!) Goddess of Hunt. What you may not know is that I’m much more than that! All things Nature and Wild belong to me and that makes me the Mother of Creatures – Yes, Dragons included! 

I am Artemis, follow my hunt…

  • Quest for the Heartfire

    Sayeh, Artemis’ beloved Dragon, is on the cusp of life and death after losing her heartfire in the battle against the Titan Ourea. Now, Artemis is on a Quest to find and bring Sayeh’s heartfire back to her.

The Mortal Gorgon

Shock had me pulling back and I swore at myself for breaking contact. The world had changed. More than I could have ever imagined. I couldn’t leave him here, now was not the time to be careless. I put my hand back on the stone and pushed just a little power into it, watching with sadness as it crumbled and fell to the sandy ground. I could feel the turmoil left by the Titans’ escape. I could feel Zeus’ pain. I needed to make the gods pay for what they had done to me. I wanted to find my family, I needed to. I had my second chance. Whether Zeus intended it, or not, I didn’t plan on wasting it.

I am Medusa, the most powerful Gorgon, and I am back.

The Sacred Flame

When the gods need a place to rest, they come to me. Always Hestia to the rescue, to be the voice of reason to Hera, the one who can scold Zeus, the one who offers comfort to the world-weary and takes no shit from anyone.

I am home, I am the hearth, I am Hestia.

Void Queen

Show me your darkness, show me what made you who you are. Tell me the stories of your past, what demons haunted you. And when you have emptied yourself to me, I will tell you that the dark has cared for you all along. And when you finally believe my word, when you trust that I will not abandon you, I will come for all the monsters that touched you. I will come for all the ones who twisted your stars into shadows, and made you feel like a walking nightmare. I will become their nightmare, and they will never wake up.

Nyx’s tales, as told by the Primordial herself.

  • A Primordial’s Tradition

    Nyx begins a new tradition for herself: appreciating the entirety of the Pantheon family. Starting Christmas of 2019, Nyx hosts a winter festival in the North Pole for the family to celebrate, drink, eat, and pass out gifts.

  • Eventide

    The Isle of Skye harbours one of the first true sanctuaries of Nyx: Eventide. Surrounded by the sea and filled with wildlife and stretching forests, Eventide is Nyx’s home away from home, and the origin point for the Order of the Aurora and, unknown to others, the Viridian Birth.

  • The Dark Web

    After tangling with a tulpa from the web, Nyx is adjusting to having new, albeit accidental, powers that tie her to technology.

War & Wisdom

​Greetings everyone. I am the Goddess Athena.

The Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, and justice, strategic warfare, the arts, crafts, skill, and war. I am happy to announce that I am returning to the mortal world to help keep justice and order. Zeus knows you desperately need it. Your world has run amuck with chaos and terrible evils. I am returning from Olympus to render aid to you and your world.

Winged Victory

I turned back to my laptop my other brother Hephaestus gave me. “Okay, you guys, I gotta go. Let me know what you think about my job choice. I don’t know why I can’t just work at the office (trust fund kid and all). I mean, I’ve been Dad’s driver and his personal bodyguard for like ever. So, I don’t know why I need a job with the mortals. I am the daughter of Zeus, well, foster daughter. I better go, wish me luck today…heading to boil some coffee beans and water. Chat soon!

Your friend, Nike the Winged Goddess

Witch Queen

Call me by any of my hundred names — I will answer. Call me with the silent utterance of need — I will come. And when you arrive at the crossroads, summon the Shade of your courage and choose your path. Do not look back, for all you leave behind you is mine — forever. Shall we begin? 

Pray to me at the crossroads, I am Hekate.

  • Hekades

    Hekate and Hades. The Witch Queen and the King of the Underworld. The myth everyone knows — of Hades and Persephone — is but part of their story. The rest… unwritten. Until now.


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