For this year’s winter solstice, Nyx is hosting a soiree in the far north. As in, the North Pole. It is as neutral a place as she could possibly find, and she reached out to a dear friend of hers to help set up a venue, who was all too ready to accommodate. Noel Klaas is one of the sweetest beings she had the pleasure of dealing with in all her years. When she came to him looking for a space for the solstice soiree, he immediately offered up his Snowflake Estate and all his staff that came with it.

Hermes and the Fat Man, Part III

The car stopped, the doors opened, and there stood Clive. “You’re late,” he snapped. “We’ve got a schedule to keep. You’re not all that and a bag of chips, you know.”

Hermes and the Fat Man, Part II

I decided right then I was going to smite the smart mouth little snot on the spot, then call Zeus to strike the place with a few lightning bolts and destroy it all.

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