Immortal Fears

In the Pantheon has launched it’s official pre-order campaign for its first anthology, Immortal Fears. The launch of this anthology will spur our publishing company, Rewritten Realms, LLC on to the center stage for independent writers. There are several more projects coming soon from Rewritten Realms, so be sure to keep up to date with all the news.


Halloween is a time for facing fears we thought long dead, and for seeing ourselves for who we truly are:

  • This fall, Rewritten Realms will be releasing the first anthology of the antics of the gods all set around the most mysterious time that is Samhain. 
  • Contributors to the indiegogo campaign will get a special edition copy of the anthology which will come with a signed thank you card from the gods! 
  • If we don’t reach our goal, all of the funds received will go towards the publication of the anthology, to pay our amazing editors, isbn, marketing and graphic teams. 

In the Crescent

Down in the Crescent City…

Things are never what they appear. All the mythical creatures and legends you brushed off as fanciful notions of overactive imaginations, they’re real. They hid in the shadows of the French Quarter, in the shade of the trees in the Garden Districts, hunted in the alleys of the Ninth ward. They existent in the in-between, the edge of the realm of mortals, lingering on the cusp of the veils….

Finally, a light has found them, They’ve stepped from the darkness, open to the world for the first time in their very long existence, Their stories will spin and wind their way through the crescent city, seeping into the pavement, wrapping around the streetcars as they make their way down. The Crescent City is host to them all, a safe haven for all those creatures from myth, in exchange for one thing…

Their stories…begin.

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