Clio (Alice Pluto)

Clio is portrayed by A.L Pluto. A.L Pluto is a pen-name she goes by to share her fiction writing with the world. Pluto is also a streamer who loves to play games like Skyrim to Call of Duty. She is a big fan of ancient history and enjoys learning new things. Pluto has been writing since the age of sixteen on various different platforms, but only started taking it seriously recently. She is currently working on a project for #NaNoWriMo which involves dragons. Follow her on Twitch and Twitter to make her day.

The Apology

“What is a girl like you doing out at this late hour?” the man smirks, stepping closer to me. He picks me up by my arm and I smell his breath.

The Second Letter

I hadn’t received any other letters from this mysterious L since that day, and I was starting to think that maybe there wouldn’t be any more.

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