The Closet

Breathing heavily, I take a look at the damages done to the closet. There are two holes where Eros’s wings punctured the wall, as well as the one from earlier when I shoved him into the closet. I giggle softly, relaxing back against him.

Content Warning: Sexual and BDSM CONTENT

It has been a couple of centuries since I have last partied with Atë, Eros, and Eris. The last one I remember was a month before Atë fell. The mischief crew was surrounded by the fire, dancing and drinking like we always did. Though, something felt different that time. I don’t think any of us knew that would be the last time we would see each other for three thousand years.

Tonight is the grand opening of the Nymphaeum, and I decided to do a bit of pre-drinking with Atë and Eris. And by a bit, I mean a lot. Every time I mentioned Eros, I had to take a shot. Anytime I mentioned the twins, I had to take a shot. Luckily, I am immortal, and we don’t get alcohol poisoning. 

Arriving at the grand hotel, both my arms are wrapped around my friends’ shoulders. I continue to giggle and snort as I tell stories about the twins. Though, I don’t know if the two of them are listening to me ramble on about them. We enter the building, and I smile brightly at everyone.

“Hellooooo.” I giggle and hiccup.

“Rhea preserve me,” I hear Eros say before he walks over. He looks down at me, sighing. “Aren?”

“Lykos!” I squeal, letting go of Atë and Eris and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

“Hello, my little lush.” He smirks, catching me against his chest.

“Are we late?” Atë asks, drinking out of her not so secret flask.

“We were playing a game where we take shots every time…I forget.” Eris laughs.

“No, you’re not late,” Amphitrite shouts over at us.

My attention turns back to Eros, and I can’t tell if my cheeks are red from the alcohol or how good he looks. Why doesn’t he wear a suit more often? I fiddle with his cufflinks, my heart beating hard in my chest.

“Did you get trashed?” my husband asks me.

I kiss his chin, giggling again. “Pft no!”

“I let you out of my sight for one second,” Eros says, looking down at me.

“We were watching her, Eros!” Eris calls out.

“Well done,” Eros says, gesturing to me. I stick my tongue out at him in protest, and he bites it.

“You’re welcome.” Eris laughs before turning away.

I take a look around the Nymphaeum in awe. The decorations appear to glow in my drunken state, and is it snowing? No, that would be silly. It doesn’t snow indoors. I scoff to myself before walking over to the bar.

“Oh, more drinks!” I yell before frowning. “Inside voice, Clio. Inside voice.” 

I giggle to myself before trotting over to the bar, Eros right behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me away from the oh so sweet drinks.

“How about a dance, Aren?” he asks.

I pout at him. “But more drinks, Lykos.”

“Later,” he says, pulling me to the dance floor. He spins me around before pulling me against his body. His cologne tickles my nose, and I kiss his chest sloppily before pulling back from him. We continue to dance together until a wave of nausea overcomes me. I stumble into Eros, and we continue on with the rest of the night. We separate for a bit as he goes to speak with his sister. I sneak over to Eris, and the two of us order more drinks. Atë is off talking to Erebus, and I wiggle my brows at them, though I don’t think anyone notices. 

The night is already off to a wonderful start when Amphitrite calls us to attention. She gives a quick speech before the rest of us go back to mingling and dancing. Looking up at Eros, I bite my bottom lip as a wave of lust overcomes me, which tends to happen as often as one would think. 

“What?” he asks me, raising a brow.

I grab his groin, wiggling my brows. “You. Me. Closet.”

Eros chokes on his drink, putting it down on the bar. “Done.”

I take my husband’s hand, stumbling away from the party and down one of the hallways. It takes me a moment before I open one of the closet doors, yanking Eros inside. I am stronger than I look, and Eros loses his footing, his back slamming into the drywall. It leaves a little indent in the wall, and I giggle.

“Oh, nooooo…” I snort. 

“Come here, Princissika.” Eros smirks at me, holding his hand out. I take it, falling into his chest and slamming my lips against his. Eros shrugs off his jacket, his hands moving to my hips. He growls against my lips, and I continue to kiss him bruisingly. “I missed you.”

“I was only gone for a few hours.” I giggle, undoing his buttons. His touch is sobering me up, and my body vibrates with lust for him.

“And I can’t miss you?” he asks, grabbing the edges of my sparkly silver dress. I raise my hands as Eros lifts it off. 

“Yes, you can,” I whisper.

Eros pulls away from me, his sky-blue eyes glowing in the darkness as they roam my naked body. “Fuck, you look sexy.”

“Do I?” I giggle, walking over to him slowly. I wrap my arms around his neck as his hands slowly trace every curve of my body before stopping on my hips, gripping them tightly.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall,” he commands.

My eyes light up, and I bite my bottom lip. “Make me.”

Eros smirks down at me before spinning me to face the wall. He presses his hand on my stomach, so my back is against his chest. 

“So disobedient,” he whispers.

“You like it…” I say, looking over my shoulder up at him. Eros growls in response before trailing hot, open-mouthed kisses down my neck and back. My bottom grinds against his member, which I can feel hardening in his pants. He pulls away from me, pushing me forward until my cheek rests on the cool wall of the closet.

“You’ll behave for me,” he growls into my ear before ripping my underwear away.

I nod, wiggling in anticipation. “I promise.”

Eros kicks my feet apart, and I have to lift my heels. I feel his warm tongue lick up from the bottom of my spine to midway before he smacks my arse. “Good girl.”

“I’m yours, Eros,” I gasp.

“All mine,” he replies, his hand massaging my curves. I hear a zipper being undone behind me, and I impatiently start grinding against him once more. He scolds with another smack, and I gasp again. “Behave.”

Looking back at him, I whimper, begging for more with my eyes. He only continues to tease me, rubbing himself against my bottom.

“Please, Eros,” I beg. He slams his member inside my womanhood, and I practically scream out in pleasure as I lose all my breath.

“Fuck,” he growls before covering my mouth with his hand. His free hand presses on my lower abdomen so I can feel him deeper within me. My eyes cross from the pleasure as he rotates his hips against me. His wings emerge from his back, the soft feathers tickling my delicate skin. I leave red claw marks along his forearm as he continues. It takes a few minutes before I feel the pressure buildup inside me, and I continue to moan into his hand. Sweat is misting both of our bodies as we reach closer to our climax. Eros leans forward, biting my shoulder and laying his mark on me.

“Come for me,” he growls. I release the pressure, and waves of pleasure overcome me. Eros shouts behind me, and I collapse back onto him. “Shit.”

Breathing heavily, I take a look at the damages done to the closet. There are two holes where Eros’s wings punctured the wall, as well as the one from earlier when I shoved him into the closet. I giggle softly, relaxing back against him.

“You’re going to have to pay for that,” I whisper.

He laughs, kissing along my neck and finishing at my ears. “It’s your fault.”

“My fault?!” I scoff.

“You do remember how this all started, right?” Eros pulls away, zipping his pants up. 

“You looked sexy as fuck, and I dragged you to the closet.” I giggle as he helps me back into my dress. I struggle with putting my arms through the sleeves, but Eros is patient with me.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he whispers.

“Thank you,” I whisper, kissing him softly. He snickers, smoothing out my dress, and I look at my imaginary watch. “You know what time it isssss?”

Eros puts his shirt back on, fixing the cuffs. “What time is it?”

“Drink o’clock.” I giggle, poking his nose.

“You are incorrigible.” He laughs.

I shrug, stumbling as I try to put on my shoes. “I blame Eris and Atë. Did you know how many shots they both took? I tried to keep up.”

Eros goes down onto one knee, helping me with my second shoe. “Uh-huh, and who’s idea was it to take shots?”

“Oh, uhhhhh.” I think for a moment, tapping my finger on my lip. Eros snickers, kissing the inside of my knee, and I giggle. “We should hurry.”

“We should.” Eros nods. He picks up his jacket from the ground and pulls it on. I snort to myself, looking him up and down. Does he really think that jacket is going to stay on for much longer?

“Hellooooo, handsome.” I giggle, taking Eros’s hand. He smiles down at me, opening the closet door, and we head back to the party and to whatever chaos awaits us.

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