Forgotten Gods: In Another World

I look around me and snort. How can I feel alone when I have two naked men and three naked women in bed with me? Each night I have been inviting a couple of people home with me to see if it can calm this strange dream I am having. It hasn’t been working.

Eros and I arrive on time for the party, despite his resistance. My husband always enjoys being fashionably late while I prefer to arrive earlier, though when I get drunk, that is a different story. The two of us agreed to arrive right on time, though he continued to complain the entire way. It only makes me giggle, remembering that Eros can very much be a child. It makes me love him more, though.

We arrive at the warehouse, and I wonder about this event. There was nothing written on the invitation on what this party is about, nor who is hosting it. I find it odd that we know nothing, but it isn’t like my family hasn’t done this before. There are many times that Atë would drag me to a party in ancient times, and I would have no idea where I was and who was hosting. Though back then, someone would have at least known what was going on. My brows knit together, but I push away my worries. I have Eros with me, and we are strong enough to fight against anything that could happen.

It takes a few minutes before Atë and Hekate show up. I run over to her, kissing Atë’s cheek, then Hekate’s before continuing the conversation. I start to chew my bottom lip as soon as it becomes clear that no one knows what is going on. I find myself back beside Eros as my mind spins.

Eros leans over, whispering softly to me, “I love you.” My anxiety slowly slips from me, and I turn up to look at him, smiling softly and going on my tiptoes to kiss him.

“I love you, too,” I whisper. I’m about to drag him to the closet at the look of pure love and admiration filling his eyes. My heart leaps in my chest. Some days, it is hard to believe that we found each other. That we lost each other twice in the past, but in the end, we beat the odds and found each other once more. We would always find each other, no matter what. 

I open my mouth to say something else, but the lights dim. Eros’s grip on me tightens, and I press my chest against his side. Something isn’t right, and my instincts are telling me to run. Gods don’t run. My eyes widen, and I observe our surroundings. On the walls, large golden mirrors hang. Magic hums from the large golden mirrors hanging on the walls, and it makes my gut twist. On each mirror, little designs twist around the frame, meeting at the top where a name is. HEKATE. Next to it, the mirror reads, ATE. It continues around the room, ERIS, ZEUS, THANATOS, ADRESTIA…EROS. My heart sinks, and I feel Eros’s hand tighten on mine as chanting comes through the speakers. I feel the pull of my mirror, attempting to rip me from Eros. Even as we fight against it, we lose our grip on each other, and I am being pulled into darkness.


Sweat drips down my back as I sit up on my bed, my breathing shallow. I rub my temples to try to calm the pounding headache that throbs behind my eyes. My dreams have been strange lately. A gorgeous man, clinging tightly to my hand as something tries to rip us apart. When our hands part, I am pulled into darkness. An overwhelming sensation of loneliness overcomes me, and it is so strong that it makes me want to throw up.

I look around me and snort. How can I feel alone when I have two naked men and three naked women in bed with me? Each night I have been inviting a couple of people home with me to see if it can calm this strange dream I am having. It hasn’t been working. 

I groan and slip out of bed, making my way to my actual room. My house is more like a base for my operations. I have multiple rooms for different uses. The one I just left is for…pleasures. Usually, I don’t sleep in that room, but with the dreams, it helps a bit. Entering my own room, I first hop in the shower. My mind continues to trail back to the dream, coiling my body tight with tension. I am going to have to take care of that again later.

Once I feel clean, I slip on black cargo pants and a black crop top. I ensure my make-up is as dark as my soul before tying my hair back into a high ponytail. The job today requires me to be…flexible. I can’t afford to have anything on my body be in the way as we do the job.

I take one last look at myself in the mirror and another woman’s image flashes through my thoughts. Her long dark hair tumbles over her shoulders in waves. Bright red lips match the red heels that click on the floor as she makes her way toward me. She is beautiful and familiar, but I can’t seem to put my finger on how I know her. Beside her, another figure forms, a male with short black hair and a gold apple. He offers it to me. Take a bite. The image fades, and I shake my head.

I really need more sleep.

I spin away from the mirror and make my way down to my office. Two of my top men are there, preparing the guns and our other equipment. I sit in my chair and pop open my laptop.

Today, we will commit the biggest heist in history.

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