Hate & Jealousy

So Zeus has called us back and I have answered. As my story has been written I have lost much of my hate, I no longer wish to be the face of persistent anger. Through words and deeds, I have worked and struggled to once again become a guardian. This time I will not falter, I will not fail. The time has come for me to step out from the shadow of my own misdeeds, once and for all free of my past. I am Dinlas, god of hate and jealousy.

My First Collar, Part I

That’s when it struck me like a ton of arch-stones. A plan for exactly how to make the money I need. The idea started in the back of my brain and raced forward, like a cool breeze on the neck that makes you shiver. It was sudden and startling.

On the Hunt

Bill told me earlier that this forge and roller had been shut down. My guess is it got caught in the rollers and ripped off as the killer was stuffing Charlie through the machine.”

Hear From Our Scribes

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