Dinlas (Wayne Davids)

Dinlas is penned by the mortal Wayne Davids. Wayne just published a collection of poems, Poetry Doodles. It is available exclusively on Kindle. He is also writing his debut fantasy novel The Quest for the Codex. If he’s not wasting time on social media. then he can be found outdoors enjoying quiet time. Wayne accepts all forms of donations, but especially likes coffee, jalapeno margaritas, and Old Bay potato chips. | Original God (OG) - Charter member of In the Pantheon |

Gift of the Immortals

“Eleni, I like you a lot as well. I have brought you here to offer you a gift.” I lifted the last wolf’s head vial out of the charred box and held it up to her to see.


Almost Ruined

I peered into it and lying there on the floor, was a bloodied body with the remnant of sheet or a blanket haphazardly thrown across it.

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Nyx’s Kids

“We already know why you’re here, Dinlas. We already know you befriended, then tried to heal him. We also already know it’s lousy that he died anyway.”

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The Walk

They looked up at me from downcast eyes, wanting to ask, but either too afraid or ashamed to do so.

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