​Greetings everyone. I am the Goddess Athena. The Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, and justice, strategic warfare, the arts, crafts, skill, and war. I am happy to announce that I am returning to the mortal world to help keep justice and order. Zeus knows you desperately need it. Your world has run amuck with chaos and terrible evils. I am returning from Olympus to render aid to you and your world.

The Hunt

I took off in a full sprint, doing my best to ignore the pain, yelling “STOP” like a mad woman at the officer. I moved as fast as possible to reach him, pushing my body to get to him in time.

The Hunt, Part II

The air smelled of fire, burnt things, and something else. An earthy sandalwood aroma drifted
in the air. Gods damn, was that the Captain? Surely he could not smell as delicious as he looked.

Zombie Pirates?

Quietly, I walked through the graveyard and looked at the old and crumbling headstones. Leave it to the pirates to have the most interesting names. Honestly, I was surprised that there weren’t any Seymore-Butts…oh, wait, nevermind. There it is.

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