Without warning, I swing the door open. I should probably start using the peep-hole to avoid having a shotgun blast to my chest. Normally I would have been more tactical and smart about how I answer the door, but I was just so exhausted. However, I wasn’t usually careless. I was distracted at times, yes, careless no.

Sitting in my office chair watching the clock tick by, I can’t help but wonder if she is doing the same. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. I have had numerous cases, gruesome murders, a standoff with the cartel…okay, multiple standoffs. I have gone undercover on a dating show and ended up going on dates with Erebus. Yes, that’s right, Atë’s steamy hunk of a god Erebus. I am not going to lie. That man has sex appeal for days, but then again, so does Atë. If they can ever work out their differences and stop fighting the fact that they belong together, they will have some gorgeous babies. I realized very quickly that Erebus and I could only ever be friends. He is amazing to behold, but I could never do that to Atë. It would be fun, but there is a potential for a strong friendship, and sometimes you need friends more than just a romp in the sheets. I think that I have found that friendship with Erebus and even with Atë. 

In pursuing that friendship, I have covered up multiple murders. But the body count is nothing compared to the destruction that would have unfolded had I turned Atë into the mortal authorities. I may be the Goddess of War, but my wisdom has to come first, and that would have been anything but wise. Besides, I am sure my family is aware of the incident…incidents, and Atë is getting therapy for her issues. I think with some compassion, understanding, and people who refuse to give up on her, she will get through this. It’s amazing what having people who give a damn about you can do for your psychological health.

I stopped doing the whole virgin goddess, no sex thing. I have become close with the alluring and desirable police captain, the very same captain who has decided that he wants to pursue a goddess. Brave man. I am not complaining. In fact, I am enjoying the attention that he is providing while attempting to court me.

Then the one thing that I would never have dreamed could happen, did. My old flame was brought back. I was on a case when a specialist came in to help. That’s when the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on walked back into my life. Medusa came back. I expected her to hate me. After all, I was the one who cursed her, and that curse led to her being hunted down and killed. I was jealous and fucked up. The gods and goddesses are not always known for our level heads and calm nature. We are closer to land mines on most occasions. I was overjoyed to see her and all but humped her leg in my excitement. Then another amazing thing happened…she hugged me back. She doesn’t hate me. In fact, she still has feelings for me, which is wonderful because I never stopped caring for her. All of those feelings came flooding back like a tsunami.

To make matters more awkward, she didn’t know that her head was mounted on a shield and presented to me as a gift after she was killed. Much to my surprise, she didn’t hate me for keeping it. Now that is not a problem because something else amazing happened. The head on my shield changed. It turned into a gorgon head that doesn’t completely resemble Medusa. It’s still a gorgon, just not her gorgon.

Then I went on a cruise to reconnect with Medusa, fought pirates, helped my friends and family on some interesting quests, and helped get hearthfire for a dragon. I also realized that even though I enjoy time with the captain, I am still in love with Medusa. Medusa and I are taking it slow and are not exclusive. I wouldn’t expect her to be monogamous so early on in our relationship. However, I know that I can never fall in love with the captain because my heart still belongs to another. That will be a conversation that he and I will need to have in the future. When things become more serious with Medusa or if he starts acting as if he is falling in love with me.

 It has been a crazy few months, and on top of everything else, my FBI handler switched on me because Atë had him kidnapped. So now I have a completely new contact who doesn’t know a thing about me and is about as green as fresh spring grass. He has been warned by his superiors that I can be…difficult. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about what they think about me. If they want my help, they will have to put on their big boy panties and deal with it. I am not even sure if he knows that I am not just some mortal wanna-be, but a freaking goddess. I told you it has been insane. I didn’t even have time to process it all before yet another case would fall into my lap.

I need to take a vacation. A real one, and hopefully, I will get to take Medusa along. I would love to get to know her and have her get to know me. I am not the same vengeful goddess that I once was… Okay, that’s a lie. I am still vengeful and will smite anyone who pisses me off, but I am still not the same goddess I once was. Anyone who thinks otherwise will be…smited? Smote? Smoten? Who the hells knows. Either way, my point stands.

After this case, I am going to ask Medusa out on a date. A real date where all the bells and whistles are included. I know she loves the water, so perhaps an evening on the beach or a yacht. If I take her sailing, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the evening exciting. I wonder if she prefers calm, quiet dates or something more adventurous? I suppose I am just going to have to ask her out and find out what she likes first hand. That is, after all, all the fun is in the discovery.

First, I have to solve this case, and I should close a couple of open ones that I haven’t had a chance to yet. Me, big bad Goddess of Wisdom and War, and half a dozen other titles, procrastinating and having anxiety over asking her first love out on a date…no, not me.

The phone doorbell ringing interrupts my train of thought. Who the hells would just show up uninvited, and why didn’t I hear them approach? Maybe I should buy a house that has a long driveway so I can hear them coming. Privacy doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

The chimes ring again, signaling that my uninvited guest is not only intruding but impatient. It better be a naked candygram, or I am going to be pissed. Getting up from my seat, I abandon my now cold mug of coffee and walk to the door. Without warning, I swing the door open. I should probably start using the peep-hole to avoid having a shotgun blast to my chest. Normally I would have been more tactical and smart about how I answer the door, but I was just so exhausted. However, I wasn’t usually careless. I was distracted at times, yes, careless no.

“What do you want?” I answer, not trying to hide my irritation at the intrusion.

“Athena?” The tall and lean woman at the door asked. She wasn’t thin like so many mortal women starve themselves to become. She was muscular and thick, no thigh-gaps here, ladies and gentlemen. She wasn’t overweight and wasn’t a toothpick. I would describe her as a perfect mixture of the two. Her ebony shoulder-length hair hung in waves around her face. She wore black jeans, a red tank top, a leather jacket, and boots. Her necklace had a small owl charm hanging from it. She had an affinity for owls. Maybe I shouldn’t smite her just yet.

“Yes. Can I help you with something?” I reply, trying to dial down the sarcasm and irritation as best I can.

“Good, I was worried that I had the wrong house. All these damn condos look the same. I am Dianna, your new FBI handler. I hate the term, though. You’re not a fucking puppy, so Dianna is fine. Can I come in?” She was sassy. We may get along after all. Moving out of the doorway, I let her in. She grabs the handle to a large rollaway that I can only assume holds files and information on a case. I suppose this is the case that has fallen into my lap. Oh joy. I sigh and shut the door behind her. 

“I am going to make a pot, or ten, of coffee. The dining room is that way. I’ll be right in.” I gesture towards the table before going to make the coffee and leaving her to set up. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long night. I can feel that vacation getting farther and farther away.

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