The Huntress

χαίρετε my dear mortals! It is I – your friendly shape-shifting Goddess of Hunt. You know me as the Pure, Pristine, Virgin (that wasn’t easy!) Goddess of Hunt. What you may not know is that I’m much more than that! All things Nature and Wild belong to me and that makes me the Mother of Creatures – Yes, Dragons included!

The Hunt Begins

Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her.

Let it Burn

He sat with his head bowed between his legs, rolled up into a ball. Shivering from head to toe, he looked up when he heard my stride. Terror ran deep in his eyes while thick tears ran down his fat cheeks.

The Silver Bow

“For now, I will tell you this much, that my charity will have two main causes that it supports: Wildlife Preservation and Women’s Shelter. I have decided to name it Silver Bow Foundation.”

It’s a Miracle!

The chanting continued for a few minutes, after which I looked at Anna and felt her essence. It was starting to heal and inhabit her body again. She stirred and slowly started to open her eyes.

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