Of all things! I no sooner begin moving forward with my plans to develop and open my little healing sanctuary and life as we know it stops due to this new virus called, COVID-19. Now people are being ordered to avoid large gatherings, social distance themselves, and even shelter-in-place. For the most part, the streets are empty. Wearing masks that cover the nose and mouth has become the norm for anyone going into public, but there is very little interaction between anyone. It seems, now more than ever, cell phones are tools for avoiding an exchange of public glances and words. Talk about a strange experience and, at the same time, quite possibly a perfect one!

Without question, every breakdown is a doorway for something better, and this is mine! Because the local mortals know I work with herbs and oils, it’s time for me to seize the day. Ok, so, I’m a double-edged sword; I have my nice side and then there’s my getting down to business side. I may be a goddess, but hey, there’s money to be made! Think about it. This is the perfect marketing opportunity. I want people to come to my sanctuary. What better way than to help them through this crisis, whether they’re sick or not? I get to know them, and they get to know me.

Let’s face it. The world is scrambling to control and cure this virus. However, who knows how long this thing is going to be infecting people around the world, or for that matter, if it’s going to become increasingly aggressive as time goes by. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what they mean by aggressive. It’s actually a word I overheard and believe it means to become more difficult to remedy. 

Now, there’s no denying it, I’m very good at persuading people, and with so many humans panicking, or at least looking as if they are, this is my time to pounce. Mortals are unquestionably motivated by their emotions. Capitalizing on these details is brilliant!

I realize it seems like only yesterday I was saying to Beth that “people value money more than their intuition”, but then again, she’s right, “money is a necessity”. In this case, I am totally aligned with my desires, I just never imagined this particular step. On the other hand, I couldn’t have planned this any better, even if I had tried!

People alone with their concerns, searching for ideas, wondering what to do if. Many of them are confused about an effective prevention plan or remedy! These are my people and I am the result of their invocations! 

Maybe I’ll take in this spring weather and walk from door to door. Hopefully, I’m not the only one walking around. It’s too nice to stay indoors, and if I have a mask on, I look like a socially responsible neighbor. I know I can’t catch this, but they don’t. Besides, the more of them that are out, the fewer houses I have to visit. No matter, I have what I need, tinctures, oils, and advice.   

Did I mention, it’s beautiful outside? Well, it is. All of nature is celebrating the return of warmth and sunshine.

“Hey, Circe! What a nice surprise, but you really shouldn’t be here.”

“That’s what I hear, but we’re safe. I’m wearing a mask.”

“This is true. What brings you out?”

“This virus, of course. There is no way I can sit at home with all of my remedies when there are people in my community that can use them too! So, I’m sharing, and these are for you guys.”

“Wow! This is very kind of you! Thank you! So, I have a question. Being who you are, and now that you’re here, what are your thoughts on this pandemic virus?”

“Who I am? My thoughts? Hmmm.”

“I wasn’t trying to be rude with that comment. I just know everyone has an opinion, and since you’re fairly new to the area as well as a healer, I’d like to know yours!” 

“That makes sense,” I have to laugh! “I’m a bit wordy. Do you have a couple of minutes?”

“Ha! Yeah. I don’t think we’re going anywhere. Consider us, your captive audience.”

And there you have it, this is how the entire day goes. I don’t know if it’s because they are isolated, or actually appreciative of my view. Although these mortals may be distancing themselves, they’re not alone. They have their computers and phones to stay in touch with one another and gather information. So, I think it’s fair to say, my point of view means a little something to them.

However, I do not indulge in political conspiracy theories, international affairs gone sour, economic sabotage, or any other idea of human collusion. In this goddess’s opinion, there is something far more profound happening here, and our job regardless if we are deity, divine spirit, muse, or mortal is to extract the benefit and message in order to move forward. This is no easy task for contemporary humans. Many believe and focus on the worst, whether they know it or not, and I have a lot of homes to visit. Therefore, I do what I can, share my two cents, and move on.

“What if this is a Divine message for restoring wellness as it determines the quality of a person’s health. This virus is damaging on so many levels. I believe source energy conspires for our highest good, and COVID-19 is providing a platform for beneficial change.”

“We thought wellness was achieved through good health.”

“No. It’s the exact opposite. What’s more, the foundation for wellness is love.”

“Circe, this isn’t easy to understand. Love doesn’t smile at being shit on.”

“I’m not suggesting anyone sit here and find pleasure in the discomfort. On the contrary, I’m encouraging everyone to accept life as it is presented and empower it. See your life being handed to you on a silver platter. Let me ask you, have you ever heard of coffee being harvested from elephant dung or argan oil coming from the yield of a goat? It’s true. So, are you willing to see this through the eyes of love and harvest the gold, so to speak, or live as a victim and turn your nose up at what’s being offered?”

“Excuse me?”

“Let’s try this again. Are you familiar with the heart chakra?”


“Sweet. So, this chakra is mainly responsible for the energies of limitless compassion, empathy, and love. 

It actually governs the lungs, heart, and circulation. 

Are you detecting any kind of parallel here?

It controls the essential life forces that are vital to human life and is associated with the thymus gland which plays a role in producing T-cells, necessary for a functional immune system.

Are we willing to digest and assimilate this message?

This is why I say, this situation is out of the hands of man. This breakdown is truly an opportunity to rethink and reinvent the way we do life.”

“Well, what’s wrong with the remedies you brought over? Are they any good?”

“Nothing’s wrong with them. They are exactly what you need. They are both preventive as well as restorative should an infection settle in.”

“So, what’s with all this talk about wellness and love then?”

“It’s information to think about and think about some more because these concepts will make a significant difference with your health in the future. However, it all depends on your commitment. Is your goal to be healthy, battle an illness, or die trying?”

“That’s a really strange question.”

“Strange or not, it’s a legitimate one. If your desire is to die with a disease, then my work here is done. On the other hand, if your dream is to live a long and healthy life, then we need to talk further once all of this has passed. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, body, mind, and spirit.”

“Of course, I have.”

“Ok, then. This is the focus of my work. I’ve heard stories that many people around here believe I’m a witch. I’m not. I am a sorceress. Said another way, a modern-day priestess. I facilitate healing which requires every person that I assist to align with their individual light. This is the mission of my new sanctuary.”

“Wow, Circe, when you put it that way, I’m committed to being well and healthy! Is your place open to everyone?”

“Congratulations on your commitment! And, no, everyone must go through an assessment with me. I need to know those coming are as committed to aligning with their light as you are. So please, spread the word! I’m not that active on social media, yet. That’s the next thing I need to do, once I finish visiting everyone around town. In the meantime, I’d be so grateful if you’d let other people know.”

“Absolutely! Is there anything else you need?”

“A couple of horses and a website.”

Talk about a prosperous venture! Besides the wino I turned into a donkey, my neighbors delivered horses to my land, donated their services for a website, and even gave me food and money in return for my generosity! 

I’m telling you. Following our light, no matter how dark life seems to be, works. So, do yourself a favor and leave your light on. That way, I’ll know somebody’s home.

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