Moonlight Sonata

Her head bent forward, and our eyes met. I stared deep into them as we both reached our climax. She had taken me from this world and brought me somewhere I didn’t even know existed. For the first time in my life, I felt a little less dark as she brought me into the moonlight.

Content Warning: Sexual Content

I walked one foot ahead of her, neither of us saying a word. Her hand lay gently in mine as I led us through the dark hallways of our home. The large windows were ajar, filling the house with an unusually warm salty breeze, the air heavy and thick. The only sound was the soft pads of Atë’s bare feet against the floor. We had not spoken a single word to one another since we left the airplane hangar. For once, there was no anger or resentment between us. Just desire.

The moonlight broke through the clouds, shedding silver light into the house. I looked back, feeling Atë’s stare focused on me. Her tongue swooped out, licking her plump red lips. She raised a brow, an unspoken question hanging in the air between us. I gave her a quick smirk, followed by a wink before pulling her closer to me. We walked the last few steps to my bedroom, my arm wrapped around her midsection, our feet side by side. This time everything was different. We had finally had it out, and she had heard me. Revenge was not going to rule her life anymore. She chose me and I her. 

I sucked in a much needed breath as we crossed the threshold. The drapes were spread wide, revealing the expanse of ocean, moonlight dancing across the large black pool of water below.

Atë spun away from my body in a twirl and leaned against my bed, biting down on her bottom lip. She was breathtaking, an angel in my darkness. Without a word, she lowered a strap on her red dress so that it hung loosely off her shoulder. Her brown eyes were trained on me, making sure I didn’t miss a moment of her striptease. I watched as she lowered the other strap. The thin red material of her dress fell, catching momentarily on her hard nipples before brushing past the flare of her hips to fan out on the floor around her. My jeans tightened at the sight of her naked body, jealous of the silvery moonlight as it caressed her curves. I removed my shirt as Atë sat on the foot of the bed. She lifted her left leg high, giving me a teasing glimpse before crossing it over her right. She leaned back on her hands, smiling evilly. 

My heart hammered in my chest, and my mouth went dry. I fumbled over my belt buckle, not daring to take my eyes off of her. I watched Atë as she cupped her hands gently over her voluptuous breasts. She moved them in circular motions, hypnotizing me. She plucked at her nipples, a gasp of pleasure parting her lips, the sound making an answering growl rumble in my chest. I dropped my pants to the floor with a thud and took a step forward, wanting to close the gap between us. She raised a finger at me, silently willing me to stop. And gods help me, I did. Her hands continued to slide over her tanned body, lowering slowly across her midriff. She edged herself backward onto the bed, the black silk sheets bunching slightly underneath her. Her brown eyes stared back at me, filled with wanton lust and desire. I wanted nothing more than to cross the room and show her how much I craved her. But my feet remained planted as she requested.

Slowly, Atë brought her knees up, placing her feet on the bed in front of her as she resumed her salacious display. Her hands pushed her knees wide, sliding slowly down her inner thighs, caressing lower and lower until they found her folds. She let out a soft moan, her fingers brushing flushed, sensitive skin. At the sound of her pleasure, my fingers wrapped around my own member, holding it firmly in my grip. We had been in this place before. We’d had angry sex, and we’d had drunk sex, but this time, this was something more carnal. 

Atë traced her fingers around and around, teasing herself and me. I could feel my blood pumping through my veins. Everything inside of me was throbbing. I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to hold myself back. As she spread herself wider, I could see just how turned on she was. The moon’s radiant light filtered in, gleaming against her wet folds, and I ached to touch. Stroking myself harder, I watched Atë lift her hand, her red lips closing around her finger as she slipped it into her mouth, pushing it deep inside. I craved the taste of her and stepped toward the bed. Atë’s eyes flashed in amusement as she pulled her long finger out of her mouth, her lips curled in a devious smile.

“Like what you see?”

Nodding, I closed the gap between us. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her to the edge of the bed. My shaft pressed against the slick heat of her, twitching with excitement. Leaning forward, I felt the need radiating from her body, and her perfect mouth was poised for a kiss. Everything to this point had moved slowly—an intense prelude to what was coming. 

Our whole relationship had been one big question mark and something humans didn’t know how to put into words. Even most immortals were confused by our stormy love affair. We were shifting into the second movement, just like Beethoven’s sonata. While we made a powerful first impression, we needed to glide through this transition to get into the more unbridled emotion. This was our bridge over the chasm. 

Letting go of her hips, I wrapped one arm behind her so she could not pull away, while my free hand delved into her long black hair, fisting her silky locks. Towering over her, I tugged gently, lifting her jaw. Our gazes clashed, filled with heat, need, and unspoken emotion. I was hungry and ready to devour the sweetest treasure. My lips covered her mouth, soft at first, but as I felt her warm center push against my cock, my tongue flicked aggressively into her mouth, deepening the kiss. The two sensations made my body shudder, and I let out a low moan. 

Atë’s hands ran rampant over my abs, rounding my hips, and grabbing my ass, driving my body against hers. The need to fill her screamed at me. But this wasn’t the crescendo, not yet. I tore myself away from the kiss and pushed her back onto the bed. Leaning on her elbows, she inched away from me, backing herself against the headboard where she could no longer skirt my advances. I crawled up onto the bed and settled between her thighs. Starting at her ankle, I worked my way up her leg with light kisses. She wiggled underneath my touch. Firmly, I held her legs open as I lay down on my stomach, my head in between and at her most sensitive spot. I looked up and into her eyes. They danced with delight and anticipation. I wasted no more time and nuzzled in, my nose touching her folds as I licked up and down. She tasted divine. She arched, pushing against my mouth as she gasped for breath, and a slow smile spread across my face. I pulled back, not wanting her to finish before anything had begun. I slid over her, our bodies pressing close. I gave her hard nipples a flick of my tongue, and pushing her breasts together, buried myself in them. I wanted to lose myself in her. I needed to make us one.

My member jerked as she wrapped her hand around it. With a few hearty strokes, Atë had me panting and wanting more. I rushed to grab control, flipping her over onto her tummy so I could look at her glorious ass. I leaned down and took a bite. She let out an unsuspecting yowl, and I laughed in pleasure. She looked over her shoulder at me. At first, I thought she was angry at me for my sudden hunger, but then she winked. I ran a hand up the small of her back to her neck, where I pulled her up gently so that she leaned back and into my chest. My hands ran around the front of her, across her midriff, and up to cup her breasts. I tucked my face into the nape of her neck, inhaling her scent. I kissed along her collarbone, only stopping for a second when I reached her jaw. Turning her chin to face me, I saw her eyes were hooded and filled with lust. I took her mouth, sucking on her plump lower lip, before deepening the kiss, our tongues wrestling with one another. My fingers gripped her hip, steadying her while my other hand slid between her legs. She was dripping and hot. Before I could do any exploring, Atë performed some combat wrestling move on me, taking me by surprise. I ended up lying on my back as she looked down at me, smiling.

“Did you really think I was going to let you have all the fun?” she said, her voice breathless and filled with need.

I said nothing as she straddled me and slowly slid herself down onto my engorged member. My eyes squeezed shut as fireworks exploded inside of me. I felt her hands on my chest as she rocked back and forth, and I gripped her hips, fighting the urge to take over. The pleasure ran deep, so much so, that I found it difficult to open my eyes. The rhythmic sensation put me into a trance. My breathing deepened and became labored, our bodies becoming one. When I opened my eyes, I saw that her head was tilted back, enjoying the deep thrusts, her face scrunched and on the verge of orgasm.

In all my lifetime, I had never felt anything like this. The passion between us was unparalleled. What we had shared before this was earth-shattering, but this, this was something out of this universe. True to her name, Atë had effectively ruined me. I would never belong to another. She had captured me whole, and I was spellbound. 

Her head bent forward, and our eyes met. I stared deep into them as we both reached our climax. She had taken me from this world and brought me somewhere I didn’t even know existed. For the first time in my life, I felt a little less dark as she brought me into the moonlight.


We lay in each other’s arms, tangled in the silk sheets, both on the brink of annihilation. My fingers brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear as I kissed her softly on the lips. She looked a bit frightened. Clearly, this was new ground for her.

“What’s wrong?” I said, looking at her.

“Back in Paris, you mentioned Tartarus. You wouldn’t…I mean, you weren’t serious about returning me.” Her lip trembled.

I blinked in confusion. My mind raced back through the last twenty-four hours to when I found Atë in the middle of her Kronos revenge scheme, about to make the worst decision she could possibly make. 

I rubbed my thumb across her furrowed brow, trying to erase her worry. “You will never go back there again.” I squeezed her tightly in my arms, kissing her on the forehead. “It will have to be over my dead body…and you know how hard it is to kill me.” 

She smiled and nestled into my embrace.

“No, Atë. That part of your life is over.” 

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