Saluting the Sun

I feel a hint of joy tickling the corners of my mouth and spin wildly through the sunflowers. Honoring the light that connects us all, I salute the sun with a simple series of twelve yoga postures and their mantras.

My personal manifesto:

I act with clarity in pursuit of my goals.

I am bold in my mission to teach.

I strive to make the most of my talents, to be of service, to create value, and to give back to the world.

I persevere until I reach my goals, despite any obstacles or setbacks.

I see a problem, I offer a solution, shifting mindsets around the world, one mortal at a time.

The dilemma: Fear

Let’s face it, even a goddess is vulnerable.

Mmmmm…between experiencing her soft breath on my face and the coolness of this floor, I ask, “Panacea, what is happening to this mortal realm? An entire world shut down due to a viral phenom. What am I supposed to do with this?”

Her eyes say it all as she stands over me: Divine your own reality. This experience is no different than being banished on Aeaea.

But why is this happening? Why is everything feeling impossible? Why me?

Giving me a little kick, Panacea reminds me that I’m not the only one going through this. A lot has changed while the gods were away. We were summoned back to participate with humankind, not to victimize ourselves.

So let’s try. “What is this happening for?”

Who can say?

How about.What’s the advantage of being shut down?”

Absolutely nothing.

Why me?

She kicks me again, and her glare alludes to the inquiry: Why not you?

I got it. “How does this benefit me?”

Panacea wags her tail and walks off.

How does this benefit me? It distances me from the painfully irritating mortal beliefs. Oh, no, no, no. I didn’t just say that! Clearly, I need to stop thinking about all of this! You know, wine would do this goddess a bit of good, but I don’t think now is the right time for that. No, a little sunshine now and a sip of wine later!

“Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about you guys out here! I hope you can forgive me! I’ve been in such a funk. I guess some mortals call it a moment. No matter, I’m amazed at how fast things are coming together! I can’t thank you enough!”

They thank me with a smile, and the gardening continues.

“I think I’m going to take a few minutes to collect some vitamin D. This shelter-in-place lifestyle is so draining! Time in the sun with a few sunflowers seems to be the remedy. Hey! Why don’t you guys join me out there? I believe a break is in order. We could even practice some yoga if you’re up to it! Just give me a few minutes to commune with the flowers.”

I turn my face to you,

Source of lightness,

Source of strength. 

Small though I feel,

I open my heart to hear you.

All that I know, I am still learning.

 Your strength reminds me,

In weakness, I find mine,

I am your humble student.

May my mood be brightened by your gaze. 

Guide my growth,

Infuse my body with your golden light.

Vibrant and vulnerable,

We are one,

With light, love, and life —

Admiring the face of each sunflower, I hear their message, During these dark times, the discomfort you feel is yours to experience.

“Wait. What? I just finished summoning your strength and radiance, and the only thing you have to offer is, deal with the darkness? Oh, no, no, no, no, no; that’s just wrong! You can’t expect anybody to exist in such regions of obscurity, whether mortal or god.”

Life begins in the darkness. This, as you know, is chaos. In the space of nothingness, all else appears. When you have nothing, there is nothing to force.

“I’m confused. I’m a goddess. You are flowers.”

Circe, we are not separate from you. You know this. Your task is to take root in the murkiness. Stop trying to make sense of all that disturbs you. Simply be with it. You were born from nothing. All that you create begins with nothing but clarity. Don’t allow yourself to be dissuaded. Don’t allow their story to become yours. Take root and reclaim your power.

Breathing deeply, I whisper, “Thank you.”

I feel a hint of joy tickling the corners of my mouth and spin wildly through the sunflowers. Honoring the light that connects us all, I salute the sun with a simple series of twelve yoga postures and their mantras.

1) prayer pose: om mitraya namah which means ‘who is friendly to all’

2) tall mountain pose: om ravaye namah, meaning ‘the shining one, the radiant one’

3) forward bend: om suryaya namah; ‘who is the dispeller of darkness and responsible for bringing activity’

4) crescent moon right leg: om bhaanave namaha; ‘one who illumines, the bright one’

5) plank pose: om khagaya namah; ‘who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky’

6) low plank: om pooshne namaha;’ giver of nourishment and fulfillment’

7) cobra pose: om hiranyagarbhaya namah; ‘who has golden color brilliance’

8) downward dog: om mareechaye namaha; ‘the giver of light with an infinite number of rays’

9) crescent moon left leg: om adityaya namah; ‘the son of Aditi (Theia) – the cosmic divine mother’

10) forward fold: om savitre namaha; ‘one who is responsible for life’

11) tall mountain pose: om arkaya namaha; ‘worthy of praise and glory’

12) mountain pose: om bhaskaraya namah; ‘giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination’

Ahh, peace, what a feeling. Sunflowers on a sunny afternoon, equal smiles and stillness. If only I could bottle this feeling. You know, I bet I can!

“What a nice surprise! I didn’t think you guys were going to make it! This makes me smile even more. If you’ve never practiced yoga before, I think you will love this. It’s super simple. We’ll repeat these several times, so no worries if you feel lost. I’m here if you need any help at all.”

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

“Oh! Hello, officer! Would you like to join us? We decided to soak up some afternoon sun with a little yoga.”

“Um, no thank you, ma’am. Please state your name.”

“Circe. Why so serious?”

“Is this your family?”

“No. These are my employees.”

“Employees? In what line of work? Yoga?”

“Now that’s funny. No. I invited them to take a break. They’re actually doing some landscaping and building a courtyard for me, complete with a pool.”

“That’s great, but naked?”

“Excuse me?”

“Ma’am. Not one of you has a stitch of clothing on.”

“Oh my gosh! I completely forgot!”

“You forgot your clothes? They forgot theirs?”

“No. I forgot we were naked.”

“How does a person forget to put clothes on? It’s not only standard, but it’s also required.”

“We didn’t forget to get dressed. We’re just comfortable being without clothes. When you walked up, it didn’t occur to any of us to be self-conscious.”

“Miss Circe. I may regret asking you this question, but why naked? Why are you practicing yoga without clothing on?”

“To get the most benefit from being in the sun. In some cultures, this is called heliotherapy. The sun is very powerful, and sometimes when we lose track of our light, it’s wise to step outside and receive as much as possible from the sun.”

“Well. Your day in the sun is done. Every one of you is going for a ride.”

“A ride? Where are we going, officer? What happened to sheltering in place? Has that rule been lifted?”

“No, Miss Circe, it hasn’t. You guys are being charged with indecent exposure.”

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