Why had I let Luke talk me into this? Flipping through my clothes, I finally decided on a shiny jade-colored dress. Since it was backless, I slipped off my bra and stepped into the barely there cloth. It wasn’t often I got dressed up and went out. Lately, I had been spending all of my time working at Erections. I took a moment to admire the way the fabric caught the light and shimmered with every move, then quickly pulled my hair up and into a twist, securing it with a snake hairpin. After giving my makeup a final once over, I went out to meet Luke. 

“It’s about ti—” He turned at the sound of my heels, and his words cut off the second he caught sight of me. 

I smiled and did a little spin. “What do you think?” I queried with a smirk.

I could feel the heat of his gaze as he watched me move, and he swallowed hard before speaking. “You look amazing! I think we still have some time before we have to leave,” he said with a quick glance at his watch before reaching out to grab my waist. 

I danced backward and out of his reach. “Oh, no, you don’t. You talked me into a night off and out. You don’t think it’s too much?” I glanced down at the dress. It had a slit up the side and was well above my knees. 

“What I think is that we need to do this more often,” Luke replied. He reached for me again, and when I tried to dodge him, he cut me off, wrapping his arms around my chest, then slowly moved them down to grasp my waist, pulling me tightly against him. His short beard tickled my neck as he whispered, “And I can’t wait until the night is over, and I can bring you home and show you exactly what I think of you in this dress.”

To emphasize his words, he moved one hand slowly over my stomach and the other he slid up and over my bare back to my neck. I let out a small moan and felt as the proof of his arousal pressed into my back. His fingers tightened on my neck, and he pushed me down over the back of the couch, then released my neck to push my dress up as I ground myself into him. Keeping one hand on my side, he leaned over me, kissing his way down my back. I grabbed the couch to brace myself and turned to look at Luke with a sly smile. “Shouldn’t we be leaving? They’ll be waiting for us?” 

Instead of answering, he dropped down to his knees and traced the edge of my thin lace thong with his tongue. Moaning, I forgot all about our plans as he worked his magic. 

Luke stood and pulled my dress back down, then adjusted himself. “We are going, but we’ll finish where we left off when we get back.”

I glared at him. He knew I hated being teased. But two could play that game. Without breaking eye contact, I slowly slid my underwear off and let them drop to the floor, carefully stepping out of them. Luke stared at them, then back at me with his mouth hanging open in shock. I turned, carefully bending over, and picked them up. I took Luke’s hand and dropped them on his palm. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go.”

Without saying a word, he pulled me into a kiss. I pulled away, smiling. “I think tonight might be fun after all.”

Luke laughed and had to adjust himself again. 

When we finally made it to the club, the music was pounding, and the dance floor was packed with sweaty bodies grinding against each other. Luke gestured to the bar, and I shook my head and pointed to the dance floor. I wanted to dance. He smiled and nodded and headed off to get our drinks. 

I wasn’t sure how long I had been dancing, but Luke had joined me with a few of his friends at some point. I pointed in the direction of the bathrooms and separated from our group. 

Several hands tried to grab at me and get me to dance on the way through the club, but I ignored them. The music was too loud to even try for conversation, so I didn’t waste time trying to decline nicely. 

I found the bathroom, used it quickly, and washed up, taking a moment to splash some cool water on my face. The music wasn’t as loud in this part of the club, and there were several groups gathered around trying to talk and flirt. Ignoring them, I went to move past them when someone grabbed my arm, spinning me back around. 

“What the hell?” I tried to yank my arm back, but the man held tight. 

“Not so fast. Stay. Let me buy you a drink,” the man said with a slimy smile.

I looked him over. He had blonde hair that was cut short and a long goatee. He was wearing a button-up shirt and…jean shorts. Jorts? I suppressed a laugh. Even if I was interested, he was absolutely not my type. I looked down at his hand, still gripping my arm, then back to him. “I would appreciate you letting go of my arm.” I could feel my snakes moving, sensing my agitation, but I willed them to stay calm. I’d give him the chance to back off. After all, it could just be the alcohol making him act like an ass. 

Instead of releasing me, he pulled me closer. I jerked my head back. “Whoa, maybe brush your teeth once in a while.” I coughed to make it clear that he stunk and tried again to yank my arm back.

“I like a woman with a mouth.” He smiled again, but there was something dark lurking in his eyes now. He nodded to his friends, then said, “Let’s get to know each other better.”

I bit my lip, trying to decide how to handle him. He must have taken my silence as acceptance because he headed past the bathrooms, pulling me behind him. I planted my feet, and he stumbled, clearly not expecting me to stop. “I said let go. Now, let me go.” I ground the words out, still trying to contain my anger. 

He leaned close, so close that I could feel his hot, nasty breath on my cheek, and whispered, “Come on, let’s get to know each other.”

I did my best to ignore the smell and gave him a sexy smile, putting my hands on his chest. He let go of my arm and groaned, making my skin crawl. “I don’t want to waste any more time on you. I’d like to get back to my friends, so I’m going to give you one last chance. Leave. Go home and sleep this off. I won’t give you another warning,” I  said, whispering the words into his ear. 

He laughed, grabbing onto me again. “You’re warning me?”

I moved my hands from his chest to his shoulders and let my snakes free. They rose and spread out around my face, hissing. “I gave you a chance to leave, but you didn’t take it. This is really on you.”

He flinched, releasing me, and slammed his head into the wall behind him.

“Oh, what’s wrong, baby? You wanted to get to know me.” I kept my eyes on his and changed into the Gorgon, relishing the feeling as the change washed over me. “Tsk, tsk. Well, this is me.” I smiled, then patted the top of his stone head. 

After changing back into my human form, I smoothed down my dress and glanced around. No one had even noticed. With a smile, I headed back to the dance floor. 

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