I do apologize for seeming to be “out of action”! A lot has gone on in my world since our little holiday parade. Then again, why am I apologizing to you? You’re a journal and we’ve only just met. Well, it’s not like you can talk back to me. You’re expressionless, unlike those animals! Talking to them, although fun, started to feel kind of weird! I swear they’re making faces at me! I can handle the “talking back”, but those looks!!! 

Anyway, the season of light was an interesting time, to say the least. We went through the winter solstice, a holiday mortals call Christmas, and another one known as Hanukkah. I’m not quite sure why there are two holidays in honor of the same person named Jesus…excuse me, that’s Yeshua in Hebrew. They both include lights; well, Hanukkah uses candles. BUT, it’s all light. During this time, we also had a new moon in Capricorn equipped with a solar eclipse. What does it all mean? 

Reconnecting with the light, inside and out. One of the messages from Hanukkah is “you are the light”. I’m still contemplating that one. At the same time, I’m hearing a lot of humans talking about massive energy shifts, about being unapologetically, shamelessly real about what they truly want. I guess this is where the light comes in. I mean, how could you know what you want, if you weren’t shining a bit of light on it for clarity? 

I almost forgot to tell you; we started a new year!! I wasn’t really ready for it; let’s face it, I only arrived a couple of months ago, which means in my mind, the new year wouldn’t have started for another eleven months. I’m thinking today’s mortals track time a little bit differently than the ancient Greeks. We were more of an experimental culture, many cities had their own calendar or had one specific to festivals or politics! http://www.ancientgreecefacts.com/greek-calendar/ 

There is no way 21st-century mortals are as untried.

Do you know the reason I have so many animals? It’s because nearly every person that hired me for “coaching” was convinced they were struggling because their viewpoint didn’t match the collective mindset. They did nothing but balk and debate. I had to do something, and listening to them go on was no longer an option. Honestly, between you and me, having that power is addictive!! I had to stop myself somehow; well, at least put a pause on the practice. Luckily, not many people, if any, were looking for Sacred Coaching over the holidays, sooooooo… 

Now, I understand everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe, BUT why hire someone to argue? I had no choice but to put an end to it. That is NOT why I am here in Madrid, NM, OR this era!! Yet, I had to protect myself; things were getting out of hand! The whining and piggish behavior! What else could I do but alter them to match the animals they were representing? 

OMG, the puppies?! What’s going to happen to those puppies?? I know they’re with loving families; yet, how will they be restored to their human selves? How can I do that, if I don’t even know where they actually live?! 

Is this a shift in me? Am I being affected by these astronomical alignments that so many mortals speak of? Is this my inner light revealing a new me? 

Is this because I’m…ah, no! Nothing about me is human! I’m a Starseed! Wait. What? This is something someone said to me when I first arrived? 

What is a Starseed?

It seems mortals believe these are individuals that come from distant stars (not their sun), solar systems, planets, and galaxies. They see them as highly evolved beings, here to carry out a plethora of missions in addition to sharing their universal wisdom. You know what’s weird? They actually embody these qualities deep within the cores of their very own natures. What is it with these people? 

Am I a Starseed? Well, let’s see. Helios is definitely my father, and it’s not a secret that the Earth’s sun is a star. Not to mention, I clearly possess an abundance of special abilities that these mortals do not recognize within themselves. Am I wise? Hmmm, I was able to hone my skills, if you will! 

PLUS, I built my own island! A culture of beings that respected me and themselves. I know the world revolved around me, and why not? Left to their own devices, these mortals are scary! 

See?! This is why I’ve turned to you; to be an open book. You open your pages to me and in turn, I open myself up to you! 

Forgive me for being all over the place with my thoughts, and did I mention, most humans are talking about resolutions for the new year? I don’t know what to do with this. What is a new year’s resolution and why now? I’m thinking if you want to change, then change, no matter what day or month it is! 

Some people say it’s a traditional way of setting goals for making positive, usually health-conscious changes, over the next twelve months. They all seem so hopeful, yet somehow, I have a hard time believing most of these people will make it. I’m sorry. I’m not a fan of being callous, but let’s face it, my experience of humans today hasn’t shown me much else. 

Enough about that. Are you keeping up with me? 

Resolutions. I’ve heard them from people living, what mortals would call, an average life. These people want to lose weight, make more money, quit smoking, and possibly travel. And then, I overheard several people called celebrities talking about a bucket list, and also wanting to do healthier things; are they average, too? What is this thing called average? 

I had an idea due to the apparent context I was hearing…hahaaaaa! A coaching term! But, I wanted to understand that word better, so I did a radio show around the word “average”. Since this is my first time writing “to” you, I will tell you, I like words. I came to understand the power of words on Aeaea. I mean, I was banished with nothing but my own thoughts and words. It didn’t take long before I began linking situations to the way I was thinking or speaking. If I thought poorly, I wound up having a shitty experience. And when I had positive ideas, there were happy times. In either case, my focus was clear and the outcome matched it perfectly. THIS is the magic and the path that led me to harnessing my own power! 

So, what is it with this word, average? It seems people came up with it in the late 15th century in order to describe a small charge over freight cost, which eventually turned into a mathematical calculation for estimation. However, somebody along the way decided it could be used to label a proportionate distribution of inequality among all. (https://www.etymonline.com). With all of these average people making resolutions, it made sense to talk about it on my radio show. Do you know what I discovered? Nobody is better than anybody else, regardless of their wealth. 

These mortals believe that money makes a person powerful?! Well, maybe it does. No, I don’t think so. If anything, it’s temporary and an illusion for those feeling disempowered. They use their riches to get what they want. Look at me!? I wasn’t sent to Aeaea with a pocket full of drachmas! Not at all. All I had was my mind and a plethora of nature. The realm I devised, only came into existence once I discovered the power within. Yet in this era, humans seek to make more money, somehow believing that money removes the stigma of being average because now they have the power to do things. Interesting. I wonder what they would say if I told them there are always generators? 

I think I feel another radio show coming on!! 

Quick question. What do you know about mortal health issues? You don’t. You’re my silent partner… 

I made a new friend a few weeks ago. We met during a solstice celebration. Anyway, she was telling me about this thing called breast cancer. She had just gone through surgery. She looked fine. She had all of her limbs and didn’t appear pale from the bloodletting, but then she told me that her physician removed her breast. 

Side note: I don’t see breasts as limbs..soooooo…I was wrong. 

Anyway, she said this type of procedure is called a mastectomy, and they do it when there is aggressive cancer in the tissue. I, believe it or not, was at a loss for words! I had never heard of anything like this in Greece or on Aeaea. What is this cancer? I don’t think it’s anything special or good; otherwise, why would they remove it? I could be wrong…again… 

Guess what? I was right! My friend went on to explain that it’s a bunch of cells that don’t ever die; yet, sometimes cause a body to die. So, the doctor removed it; and has told her that in order to protect herself, she must go through these treatments called radiation and chemo. Do you suppose my elixirs could help her? I don’t want her to die; maybe that’s why we met! 

I like her! She is an average mortal, and our time together is special. This word “average” is interesting. The humans have adopted a meaning that disempowers and lessens their self-worth. Many see the inequality and feel underserved. The way I see it, average reveals a connection, and if we take money out of the equation, the mortal connection is they’re all mortal; yet, each one has their own unique gift. Until they whine or act like animals. 

This is where I issue an energy change. 

You see, I’m learning a lot about the abilities of these humans and am now anxious to help them discover the gifts they embody. AND, equally afraid that I cannot stop myself from altering them! Look, if I can regenerate myself, these people can too. They have this saying that they are made of stardust. Their sun is a star. My father is the God of that star! 

It seems we all have the power of the light! But what about this habit of mine? Can I give these people a chance? Maybe that’s my resolution?! To soften up and breathe easier with them…!? 

Love, Circe 

the first of many journal entries!

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