A block away from the precinct, I throw the car in park. I clasp my hands in front of me as I turn to Chuck. 

“Ok, game plan. I’m going to take you in. You sit in a cell for like five minutes. I get the dagger, and we leave. Any questions?”

“Yeah,” he scoffs. “one. Why me?” he all but whines, trying to put on his best sad puppy face.

I sigh, rubbing the bridge of my nose. “I didn’t knock out a cop, take his identity, buy you new clothes, and give you a terrible makeover for you to chicken out now. Plus, you literally don’t have to do anything but hang tight.” 

He rolls his eyes again but doesn’t say anything as he lays his head against the divider that separates us in the police car. I turn back toward the rearview mirror, checking my reflection one more time. My powers are still on the fritz, and I am happy I have maintained Roger’s appearance. He is a six-foot-four, African-American man with a clean-shaven face and a close fade. He was top of his class and soon to be sheriff. Everyone respects him, so he is the perfect face to sneak someone in and avoid being questioned. An evil smile crosses my face as I realize how close I am to getting even with Kronos. Heading to the precinct, I press the button, sending the red and blue lights flashing, the siren soon following. 

I push the double doors open, hauling Chuck inside. His hands are behind his back, fitted with handcuffs. I remember the layout from my little brain trip through Roger’s head. 

“Got one, sir?” Gladys asks, standing up from her station. Yes, Gladys is her name. She has been working there for six years. He is fond of her, like a sister.

I smile, shoving Chuck onto a nearby bench secured to the wall. I unlock his handcuffs, leaving a ring on his wrist, attaching it to the chain near his seat. 

“Yup. Attempted robbery.” I inwardly giggle as Chuck sighs from behind me. It is funny to me since that’s exactly what I plan to do.

She and a few others come around the corner, heading over to Chuck. They unlock him from the chain, lift him to his feet, and lead him to the holding cells deeper in the building. The others greet me, making some mortal jokes about a tv show I have never heard of. I do the normal human thing, nodding in agreement and laughing when necessary. After a few minutes, I excuse myself, saying I need to drain the old lizard. 

I make my way back toward the bathroom. I can still hear them talking as I pass the restrooms. I turn, making sure no one is following, before taking a sharp left and heading toward the security office. I open the door, shuffling inside as two men see and attempt to greet me. I don’t give them a chance. My eyes light up amber-gold, silencing them. 

“I need you to block off camera 4b,” I purr, my voice filled with its usual feminine tones. The men stare blankly and nod in agreement. 

The cops oblige, and the screen on the monitor goes black as they watch. I let my disguise melt away. I am back to my slender, curvy form before turning into a black inky mist, disappearing beneath the door. I flow through the ventilation system, finding the area where they keep the confiscated items. Two officers pace the inside, but all it takes is me whispering into their ears to have them hitting the ground. I form back into myself, adjusting my blouse before stepping over their sleeping forms and inspecting the shelves. 

Confiscated firearm. Nope

Marijuana. Nope





At least thirty minutes pass before I reach the point of annoyance and start throwing things off the shelves in search of that damned dagger. Fuck. Where is it? I know they have it after they swept that fucking penthouse. I sigh, placing my hands on my hips as I scan the room further. If I were a dagger that looked like something from middle earth, where would I be? By the time I walk past a small black container labeled with a shipping address, I have almost given up. A tingle runs up my spine as I run my hand over the box. Only one thing can do that. I grab the box and rip the lid off. Bingo. 

I form in front of a long row of cells, holding my blade between my fingers. Chuck screams, holding his chest as other inmates around the room seem distraught and start cursing. 

“Looky what I got, Chucky.” I smile widely 

“Atë. Can’t you use a door like a normal…” he stops short, “never mind. Get me out here, please.” 

I look around the room. Some of the inmates are here for something cruel and mischievous. I can feel it. Others are definitely innocent and reek of fear. 

“What, you don’t like your new arrangements?” I snicker, turning back toward him. 

“Haha, very funny.” 

I carefully place the blade in my back pocket before leaning forward and grabbing the bars. I let my breath out slowly, my eyes lighting up again as the metal beneath my hands slowly disintegrates. The other inmates yell for the police, which means our time here is definitely up. Chuck rubs his wrists, stepping over the pile of metal dust, and follows me out. 

“Remind me never to follow a plan of yours again, please and thanks,” he mumbles. 

“Oh, be quiet. You loved it,” I joke, winking. 

We almost make it to the back exit when a voice catches my attention. 

“You are one of them,” he says. 

“Huh?” I stop short, turning to look at who had spoken. 

The man sorta walks toward me. He looks and smells homeless. “The devil came back. I tried to warn them, but they didn’t listen.” 

“Dude, are you insane?” I ask.

Chuck places his hand on my arm. “Atë. Police, we have to go.” 

I shake my head. Chuck is right. We need to leave, not stand here listening to a crazy homeless man in the back of a police station. 

“Backstabber. Only care for yourself. Abandoned us. Betrayer. They don’t believe me, but others will. Others are coming. They’ll believe me.” 

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I know I need to leave, but something about his words keeps me stuck here, like a nightmare I have had in Tartarus. I move closer, gripping the bars. “Say it again. Who will believe you?” 

He smiles. It doesn’t improve his appearance, given he has about seven missing teeth. “The world ends soon. For you.” 

The front door bursts open, revealing several cops with their weapons drawn. They all yell freeze, and Chuck jumps behind me. I grit my teeth, annoyed that I stayed longer than I wanted to. I don’t want to fight my way out of here, but if I have to, so be it. I turn toward them, stomping my foot into the concrete hard enough to shake the foundation, sending a crack a few meters long their way. As they focus on the growing gap, I grab Chuck and fly out the nearest exit. 

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