Forgotten Gods: An Invitation From No One

I could almost feel the tension in the crowd as the first notes of the song began. I shivered with anticipation. I opened my mouth, heard the crowd inhale with me, and began. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop. I was addicted to the sensation.

The sea had been calm recently, which was odd because hurricane season had begun. Perhaps it was a sign of the peace I had found recently. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed it. I was going out for more swims, to check in with Rommel and the border guards, if not actually going into Atlantis herself. Something had felt off, and I hadn’t been able to bring myself to go home properly. Regardless, I’d found myself going for longer and deeper swims than I had previously. 

That day was one such day. The Pacific was calm, visibility was infinite, and I couldn’t help but relish in the freedom the day brought. There was a sensation in my heart as if I was missing something important, but I couldn’t place it. Rommel looked over at me as we coursed through the currents, and I watched my friend’s face light up. We hadn’t swum like this in an age, and I missed it. “My lad—” he began, but my side-eye cut him off. “Amph, you should probably head back. You know how Mathieu loses his mind when you have been gone for too long.”

We had stopped swimming, and I sighed. “You’re right, my friend, but this has been such a great day.” 

Rommel nodded as we made our way back to the surface. “I know, and we will have forever to swim the waves. Have no fear of that, my queen.” We laughed, our heads breaking the surface as I lay out flat on the shimmering water.

“Same time next week?” I asked, looking over at Rommel. He nodded and smiled before diving deep and heading back to Atlantis. I closed my eyes, changed back to my human form, and teleported to my office at Nymphaeum. The sea-mist had barely dissipated around me when an invitation appeared on my desk. I picked it up carefully. The gold embossing was an elegant touch on the midnight blue background. But there was no sender information. While that had me intrigued, as did the idea of a party, it also threw up a couple of red flags. 

I walked to my closet, pulling out a dress of light blue, airy feeling chiffon. I didn’t bother with any other accouterments. Honestly, I wanted to be sure I could move if I needed to leave quickly. I sent a quick text to Mathieu to let him know I was heading to a party, then disappeared into the sea mist that encircled me whenever I teleported.  

The scent of the ocean still wafting around me, I popped into the warehouse and looked around. “Who sent this invitation? I was barely back to the office when it arrived.” My comment was a general one. If anyone answered, so be it. 

Selene, Artemis, Athena, Eris, Eros, Clio, and even Zeus were already in attendance. Whatever the event was, it must have been big to pull the king out of his office. A few moments after I entered, Adrestia and Nike arrived. I also saw Thanatos, who had been hiding and trying to escape. Dikê showed up, looking as fierce as she had the last time I saw her, which was forever ago. Even Erebus, Atë, and Hekate made appearances, although the Primordial had conspicuously not arrived with the other two.

Most of the family were dressed to impress. We never missed an opportunity to show off. My heart skipped a beat when Poseidon walked in. He always looked amazing. But my heart soared when Dion arrived, and I resisted the urge to race into his arms. Instead, I took a drink from the only non-family member I could see in the room. He was good-looking in an unassuming way, but I didn’t pay him much mind. The drink he was calling ambrosia had a sweet taste to it, and I found I desired another glass or two.

Dion and I made our way to each other, eventually. He had an extra glass of ambrosia, which he passed me, and I smiled gratefully. There was plenty of conversation throughout the room, so we didn’t feel the need to speak to fill the void. Zeus gave a speech about parties and not getting together enough. He received cheers and applause, then the conversation turned to who had organized the party. Dion, while adamant he hadn’t, wouldn’t say no to taking credit. I had to chuckle. Although he could go elegant when necessary, the evening wasn’t the normal shindig he’d have organized. 

We didn’t have much time to contemplate who brought us all together. Suddenly the lights lowered, and the sound of loud chanting came through hidden speakers. Voices overlapped as magic surged all around us. The black silk that decorated the walls wavered around the warehouse before falling. Glowing mirrors lined the interior. Runes were etched on each frame, along with the name of a god. They pulsed with power, all in sync with each other, but their focus was directed toward one individual god. My eyes focused on one. I could feel the call of the sea in it, but not the calm seas I had emerged from earlier. The current was too strong for me to resist. I knew, for the briefest moment before I was dragged in, this was not a mirror with which to trifle. I tried reaching out for Dion, but my body wouldn’t respond. Before I realized what was happening, I hit the floor and my mind careened into the mirror.


“Trix, wake up. You go on in ten minutes!” a deep voice boomed through the PA system. 

I was startled awake. The dream fading into the background. I shook my head as I looked into the mirror. Sleep matted my blonde hair. I would need to fix it quickly. I grabbed my large wire brush and ran it through my hair. Once I had the nice waves I preferred, I placed some decorative pins in to keep it out of my face. My blue eyes sparkled as I touched up my mascara. The blurred, smoky look of my eye-shadow would be perfect for the set. I got up, found my red silk gown, a favourite of mine, and put it on. I tied the sash around my waist, pushing my breasts up, and smiled. “Bombshell, Trix. Perfect.” A quick application of red lipstick, a kiss on the mirror, and I was out the door.

As I walked the hallways backstage, I looked out a window and saw that night had fallen over the New York skyline. I found myself backstage with just enough time to don a pair of strappy red heels before I heard Revan call my name. “And now, for the one you’ve all been waiting for, give it up for…Trix!” I burst onto the stage to a loud round of applause, my smile widening. Some stars need drugs to get high. I needed the shine. I loved the spotlight. It made me feel amazing. That I was a talented singer only seemed to help. I was on the way to the top, something I had worked toward for years. Revan had told me earlier in the day that there would be agents from multiple record companies in the audience. That had just fueled the fire within me.

I could almost feel the tension in the crowd as the first notes of the song began. I shivered with anticipation. I opened my mouth, heard the crowd inhale with me, and began. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop. I was addicted to the sensation. My song choices for the night included some of my favourite covers that showcased my range and a few originals. Although I did not know where the titles had come from. Siren Song, Maelstrom, and Wine Dark Sea had come to me in a dream I’d had the previous night. I’d shaken it off when I was writing them and just plunged on. Anyway, it was going to be my night. 

A face, well two faces, appeared before me as I was halfway through Wine Dark Sea, a song about the love of two stormy, powerful beings who were opposite yet complemented one another. One face had auburn hair and brown eyes, with a well-trimmed beard. The other had brown hair, blue eyes, and a clean-shaved face. They seemed to call out to me, but their mouths let out no sounds. I tried to focus on the song, to shake the vision away, but the room spun around me. The last thing I knew, my head was cracking against the stage floor, and the crowd began screaming.

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