Caerus (Jason Elmassian)

Staff Writer Jason was born among the glitz and glamour of the high life in LA. After several years of teenage rebellion and cockiness, he grew up (just a little bit) and found his passion for writing. He then moved across the world on a whim and had his eyes opened by the true contrast of poverty and wealth in China and Russia when he lived and worked there. It led him to grow as a writer, and develop characters that come from every background imaginable. He is excited to announce his book is near completion, and hopes that the Pantheon project can help him fine tune it as much as possible. Words to live by: "All these moments will eventually be lost like tears in rain" Personal Quote: "Life is the longest thing you will ever do, make sure yours counts"

The Call

My little back alley casino is thick with the smell of cigar smoke, bourbon, and shattered hopes. To me, there is no better scent in the world. I am Caerus, God of Opportunity, Luck, and Favor.

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