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Twenty authors, twenty gods, twenty stories that will chill, thrill and kill you....The Gods of the Pantheon present their first anthology of halloween stories, the time for Samhain draws near....

Into The Deep: My Tribe

The things I did for my family. That made me remember the words burned on Tuttook’s hind leg. Words I’d seen before on an ancient scripture. A truth I’d come to learn since my return to the Pantheon. A truth we’d need to remember to finish our quest successfully.

Into The Deep: Suspicious Minds

I stepped away from the group and gathered a few large leaves along with a coconut shell filled with moon water. When I returned, Morpheus moved to allow me access to Persephone. I washed the dried blood from her arms and legs, sending her positive energy and stroking her skin with the damp leaves.

Trismegistus VI

Demons such as these go to great lengths for the sake of knowledge, but not for mere academic purposes. They seek learning that serves their purposes.

This Kiss

“But if he wants me to remove it, then he has to come and ask me. He needs to answer why his drinking is more important than his family.”

Trismegistus, Part Five

Becca gave a short bark of laughter. “This morning, my biggest concern was my divorce. Then my workplace gets invaded by…creatures…and we have to hide from them in the dark.”

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