Crash Into Me

“I do not know the terms of any proposal. A gift without strings to show your good intent.”

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Thwack and Thaw

She is still very, very cold. Rubbing her skin, I hold her tightly to my chest, feeling her heartbeat against my own.

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The Song of Delphine

But I also didn’t want a big sea God to put his trident in me, for heaven’s sake! Surely I would split in two, right up the middle, beginning with my…no.

Rising from the Ashes, Part I

“I am. There is an election soon here in Mississippi that I have been encouraged to run for. As I understand it, it is practically sitting in the palm of my hand.”

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Oneiroi, Chapter I

Preparing his wings for one more dodge and dash from Zeus’ fast, angry blades, they sound like quick loud whips as they swiftly push against the force of the full clouds.

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A Ripple Becomes a Wave

It is amazing the way history twists the memory of those who retreat, even when it is in the best interest of humanity. People are so easily swayed by those in power.

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Nox Opening Night

On the opening night of Nox, my new ultra-exclusive pop-up night club, all the stars went out. Gripping translucent invites in their hands, the chosen few could think of nothing else but attending the opening party. After all, those invitations had been dusted by stars and forged by my fates—for a mortal, one touch felt like destiny fulfilled.

Exclusive Invitation

Discover how the most exclusive place in the night for mortals and gods to mingle, explore night’s deepest passions, and plunge into musical escapism came to be. Your invitation inside.


Stone cold. That’s how you have to be in my business. It isn’t easy to break it to your new hire that the world isn’t really ripe for the picking, but I take the whole ‘rip off the bandaid’ approach. Quick and painful, but that’s just how the world is. That is how it has always treated me.

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