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Today was like any other day. I brought my Lord Zeus’s golden ornate chariot along with Notos his horse, to the gate for him. He boarded behind me and directed me to the city. As we entered the mortal realm, the chariot transformed into a Black Cadillac Escalade ESV.

“Nike, stop over there.” My Lord pointed to a newly renovated office building. I move the SUV over to the curb.

“Yes, my Lord.” I got out and opened the door for him. As he exited, I asked, “My Lord what is this?” I said as I looked up at the building

“It’s my new project.” He said in his deep voice, as he stood there with his hands on his hips looking very proud of himself. I smiled and closed the door and began to follow him in.

“What kind of project, Sir?” I asked.

“You’ll soon find out my little one.” He answered me. I continued to follow him toward the door.  Zeus turned to face me “No dear one,” he stopped me “You don’t need to follow me inside.”

“But my Lord I must …

He cut me off, “It will be alright Nike. Take the car,” he pointed to it, “to the garage and you may have the rest of the day off as the mortals say.”

“But… “

“No buts. Go now little one I will be fine.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“As you wish Father” I bowed my head

“There’s a good little Goddess. Go on now.” He turned and entered the building.

I do as my Lord asked. I pulled the car into the parking space marked, “SUPREME LORD OF ALL.” Clearly, this was dad’s space. I got out of the car laughing to myself. I decided to walk around the city just as my Father had suggested. I don’t normally walk, I usually fly above watching them but, today I decided to just walk. I looked at all the large windows with displays of frozen people dressed in the latest fashions. I looked across the street and a saw a store with my name on it. My eyes got so big. OOOooO, I bet this is why father wanted me to look around he bought me a building, I thought to myself. I was so excited. I headed towards the store but all the mortals had stopped at the light so I waited with them. When the light changed, they all began to cross the street. I went to take a step but I couldn’t move.

I tried to pick up my foot but it wouldn’t budge. I kept trying, but try as I may I couldn’t move. Then the unthinkable happened I started to change. “What’s happening?” I said to myself. First my shoes changed to gold then my clothes changed into Greek Goddess traditional tunic and finally my Golden wings appeared.

All the mortals that were near me started to stare at me.

“Whoa look at that.” I heard

“WTFreak?” Someone else said.

I looked around and they were pointing at me. Some were clutching their bags, some ran across the street, some were laughing.

“Hey Angel are you lost? Victoria secret is that way.” He said pointing in that direction.

I tried to open my wings to fly away but they wouldn’t open.

“Hey lady, Halloween’s not for a few months.” Said another mortal. I looked at her puzzled.

 A child had walked up to me and asked if I was an Angel. I bent down to answered her “No, I’m not.”

“Oh Snap! She’s got her act down pat.” Said the same mortal male with the short haircut and baggy jeans

“Yo man! Check this out what are you some kind of mutant?” Another mortal male with brown hair and a leather jacket asked me.

“Mutant? What’s a mutant?” I asked

“You know like Dr. X.? The X-Men?” Exclaimed a different mortal male who showed me a comic book with pictures of these X-Men.

“No, I’m not that.”I replied

“Check it….he pointed to my shoes “she’s wearing the new Nikes. Man, this must be a publicity stunt for them.” They all took out their rectangle devices (found out later they were cellphones) and were taking pictures of my footwear. I tried to shield my eyes. The male mortal that was wearing the baggy jeans came up and wrapped his arms around me and took a photo (called a selfie).

“No, I’m not a publicity stunt. My name is Nike, but…”

“See I told you!” The baggy jeaned mortal responded

At that very moment my wings opened pushing the crowd back from me. I began to rise up from the ground, as I rose the Staff of Hermes appeared in my hand.

“I am the Goddess Nike do not be afraid, for the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus have returned to you. We bid you Glad tidings. We will be among you now, better than we were.  The Temples are now open.” 

Suddenly, from my tunic came a burst of business cards and Stickers and flyers Reading:  Welcome to the NEW OLYMPUS! You can find us here at and applications are being accepted, at our newly renovated offices. Apply online. At you will also be able to speak directly to your favorite God or Goddess and follow their blogs and stories. Can’t wait to hear from you. See the web site for further details.

The mortals below me were captivated by my gold wings and were grabbing at the cards and such that fell to them. Hermes staff disappeared and I had control of my wings again. I flew the heck out of there as fast as I could. I flew up to the highest building. My heart was racing that has never happened to me before. I was frightened that something or someone was controlling me. I decided to fly back up to the Pantheon someone’s bound to know what’s going on.

Stay tune NIKE THE WINGED GODDESS will return soon


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