Erato’s Misadventures – Breathless Flame

He grabbed me by the waist and picked me up and placed my legs around his waist. Holding my back, it arched as he kissed the center of my neck and without thought, my wings unfurled.

Dear diary…It happened again, except this time… 

Nike dearest, you know it’s only part of your nature…

Nike, it’s normal…Nike, you should just give into it…but what is it, and why is there a strange feeling? Why am I so angry? 

The voices in my head have been ringing all morning. I hadn’t slept for fear it would happen again. I didn’t go to work at Lady Hera’s insistence. I just didn’t want to see HIM! Oh my, just the thought of him made my heart race. His soft voice, his gentle touch. Shaking my head, I chided myself, No, stop, Nike. I’ve run around the earth at least twice already. I ran to Victoria Falls in Africa just to have the rushing water drown out the sound of my own thoughts. But the only thing…the only person on my mind was Fernando. I couldn’t be around the others. I thought if they knew my thoughts that they would…no, they wouldn’t…they support me.

Ow, what is this? My breast seemed to be hurting. I reached up and cupped them in my hand…looking at them, are they bigger? What the heck? Is this even possible? I decided to fly to Aunt Hestia to see if I was sick or something. She gave me some tea with some directions and said to drink it tonight, and I left. On my way up to my floor, I ran into Aunt Demeter, and she said she had just the thing to help me. Some bath ball full of herbs and a calming spell. Aphrodite suggested a bath in milk, so I ordered up 65 gallons of milk, and I had Francisco heat it up to be warm, and we added Aunt Demeter’s bath bomb, which smelt like sweet vanilla and sweet cookies baking.

 I undressed and climbed into the soothing bathwater. Francisco had prepared the tea that Aunt Hestia had given me. As I soaked in the milk and sipped the tea, I felt better. I felt like a freshly baked sugar cookie dipped in a warm glass of milk. My wings helped pad the pool bath I was in. A knock interrupted my enjoyment in the warm milk bath.

“My Lady Nike, it’s been an hour. Would you like me to lay out your evening clothes?” Francisco asked.  He was a gift from Lady Hera. As I have never lived alone before, she wanted to be sure someone was always here to help me.

“Yes, Francisco, please.”

“Your towel is there on the stool next to you.”

“Ah, thank you.” I stood up and stepped into the shower to rinse the milk off and to shake my wings. I have a special vent that I stand on and it dries my wings. I wrapped the towel around myself and headed to my bedroom. On my bed lay my sleeping tunic and on my nightstand, there was another cup of tea. I dried myself and dressed. My balcony door was open and there was a cool breeze. I curled up on my bed, said “play”, and very calm music began to fill the air in my room. I think I only drank two more sips of tea before I fell asleep, drifting deeper and faster than ever before. The sweet smell of lavender lulled me. I didn’t sleep long, though. I had decided that I wanted to see Fernando and tell him about my dream.

I headed to the gym. He was there at the front desk again. He greeted me and I him. He apologized for not being able to show me the other section of the gym. I decided to work out. He had taken off his shirt and I wanted to touch his pecs so…I reached up and with the back of my hand, I grazed it. It was quite firm, and my eyes fluttered at the feel of his skin. I brought my hand back to the other and rubbed it. He smiled at me. “Dear Gods not the smile.” Our eyes met. I know I must have been blushing. He stayed with me as I worked out. I showed him a stretch that allowed me to rub up against his muscular back. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

He smirked. “It’s alright.” 

After about 45 minutes, I needed to get to work. But he wasn’t around so I could say goodbye. I went to go get my things but I got turned around…and I heard water running. I went into the room and there he was. He was showering and I wanted to watch. I moved over to the side of the wall, hiding. My finger found its way to my mouth as my eyes continued to look at his rippling back, down to his perfect butt. I wanted to touch it…he turned and I gasped quietly. He lifted his head as I moved quickly to hide.

“Who’s there?”

I didn’t move or breath. He continued showering. I slowly turned to see if he was still there. Yes, he was. My breast swelled again, and then there was that feeling…but the water stopped. 

“Did you like what you saw, My Lady Nike?”

I gasped louder. I quickly turned away from the wall, trying to hide. I closed my eyes and held my breath. I felt a presence in front of me, water dripping, because I could hear the water drops and smell the Irish Spring soap. I opened my eyes and there he was, standing in front of me. He pushed back his wet hair with his left hand, and his right hand was on the wall next to my left ear. He had wrapped a towel around his waist. My heart was racing, and the ache in my breast returned. He leaned to my right and gently placed a kiss on my shoulder. I just stood there watching him. And he slowly kissed my collarbone and then up my neck…I tilted my head to the left as he kissed…then he opened his mouth, taking in my skin and slowly sucking on my flesh. I trembled a bit and my eyes rolled up. He stepped closer, and I could feel his heartbeat and something that…but I was distracted from that because his hand reached for my breast. Two very quick pants exited from my mouth, because my breast hurt from the soreness of its growth.

My left arm went up as a natural reflex. He wrapped his left arm around my waist as he pressed in closer. He grabbed me by the waist and picked me up and placed my legs around his waist. Holding my back, it arched as he kissed the center of my neck and without thought, my wings unfurled. He gripped my butt as I came in closer to his chest, wrapping my arms around him. And the feel of his hands on my butt…my wings wrapped around him, and we were in the air, floating. I could feel a tingling tickle going all through me…a fire burned in the throbbing area…the pressure of heat…the fire is hotter now. We rise in the clouds, and then suddenly, a piercing scream and a breathless moment…then I let go…I let go of it all…I let go of Fernando…and I floated there weightless…breathless. And when my breathing returned, I started to fall and fall fast.. Wait, where was Fernando? He was falling faster than me. I tried to reach him. I pushed hard to get to him, but then there was a flash of bright light.

I woke up, and I was floating on the ceiling.This has never happened before…

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