Erato’s Misadventures – Hera’s Frustration

Never one to back down from a power play, he shot a lightning bolt directly at my face, waiting until the very last breath to divert it so that it slides like butter into the wall next to my cheek.

My foot bounced in time as I clicked the button on the gold encrusted peacock pen that Ares gave me.

Click. Bounce. Click, click. Bounce, bounce, click.

I stared out the penthouse window at the clouds, the fingers on my unoccupied hand impatiently flicking the clouds into different animal shapes and then violently tearing the animals apart.

Click, click, click. Bounce, flick, flick, bounce, click, flick, click. 

“FOR THE LOVE OF ME, HERA! STOP FLICKING THAT GODS FORSAKEN PEN OR I WILL ZAP IT TO ASHES – I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THAT INFERNAL THING!” Zeus bellowed across the room at me and slammed his fists on his desk so hard I felt the room shake.

I huffed an irritated sigh as loud as I possibly could and clicked the pen two more times for good measure while I glared at him. Never one to back down from a power play, he shot a lightning bolt directly at my face, waiting until the very last breath to divert it so that it slides like butter into the wall next to my cheek. 

“Next time it will be the pen, woman,” he growled, glowering for another long minute before going back to the large stack of paperwork on his desk. I sat there, brow furrowed, and watched him. It hurts my heart that he is stuck doing paperwork. Zeus is King of the Heavens and all Gods, not the God of Paperwork. I yearn for the time when we would wander the Earth and do whatever struck us in the moment. I’m not happy about everyone being back together.

Let’s be frank, no one remembers how to be a God anymore. I looked over at my husband and frowned. He has been working so hard to bring us all together, trying to make everyone happy, and struggling to keep up with the finances. He does this all without any appreciation from the others. It’s a rare night that I actually see him in the bed with me. I miss him. His strength. His anger. His passion.

Zeus ran a hand roughly through his beard, and threw something round and heavy from his desk to the wall opposite. The item slammed into an already heavily dented wall and rolled to the floor, its task complete. 

I had a lot on my mind, but now was not the time to discuss it with him. I needed his full attention and he couldn’t give it to me at the moment. I walked over to stand behind him, pushed his hair from the side of his head, and kissed him softly. “I’ll see you at dinner, my love.”

Zeus grunted. I looked at him fondly for a moment before I walked out. I needed someone who was intelligent enough to not just follow my train of thought, but keep their mouth shut until I requested their input.

Snapping my fingers decisively I headed up to my office. I paid Aphaid very well to do what I wanted and they were about to put in some overtime.

Hera (CJ Landry)

Hera (CJ Landry)

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Hera (CJ Landry)

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  1. Now honey. You know once things start running a little smoother around here, Baby Brother will be whisking you away to some secluded beach.

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