Erato’s Misadventures – Nike’s Dream

My eyes were closed, when I felt a presence near me I opened my eyes and he was standing in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. Dripping wet. My heart was racing now. I bit my lip.

Dear Diary, you’ll never guess what happened yesterday…

I had brought some flowers to Nyx’s club, and who should I bump into Erato. I was running in, carrying some flowers from Chloris’ Bloomin’ Goods shop.

“Oops, slow down there, Nike,” Erato said as he caught a bundle of flowers that slipped from my arms.

“Thanks,” I said, taking the flowers. My hand grazed his for a second.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in some time.”

He chuckled. “I wasn’t sure anyone around here noticed.”

“Are you kidding? I noticed.” I laughed at him. I walked past him and into the club, looking for Nyx. Looking back, Erato seemed off. Normally, he tried to kiss my hand or something, but he only smiled at me this time. I shrugged it off as nothing. Finding Nyx, she was pleased with the flowers. She wanted me to stay, but I told her I had to work, and Chloris had asked me to bring these by as the club was near Dark Sparks. 

“Thank you, little one.” She leaned over the table to kiss my forehead. 

“Have fun tonight.” I waved as I left and headed to work.

The day was like any other. I went on patrol. I went to work at Dark Sparks. My shift was the late rush, so it was easy. I got home and I showered so I didn’t smell like coffee. I snuggled in bed, wrote a little bit in my diary, and fell asleep. 

I woke up and got ready for work. I remembered I had a free trial at a gym down the street, and I thought I’d check it out, cause a few champions trained there. 

I dressed in my favorite Nike gear and headed down the street. I arrived and Fernando was at the desk. “My Lady Nike, you came.”

“Yes. How could I turn down an invite from you?” I brushed my hair behind my ear and looked around the room.

“Hey, it’s fine. There are a lot of celebrities that work out here. Come with me and I’ll show you around.”

Everyone was looking at me. At least, I had sense enough to pull my wings in. Fernando Juarez, as I knew him from his coffee orders at Dark Sparks, had dark black, wavy short hair, deepest dark brown eyes, a dimple on his chin and a five o’clock shadow beard. About 5’10” and his butt..

“And this is our locker room,” he said, causing me to look up at him. “You can put your things here.” 

I put my bag in a locker and followed him to the workout area. He took his shirt off (it was really hot in there) as he showed me how to use the machine. I didn’t use my full strength, as I knew I’d break the machine. He got called away. After a while, I was done and heading to the locker room, but I got turned around and ended up at the men’s locker room. I saw Fernando…like I saw him saw him. I leaned on the wall as I watched him shower. He turned the water off. 

“Did you like what you saw, my lady?”

I pushed away from the wall, turning around to hide that I was watching, my heart racing. My eyes were closed, when I felt a presence near me. I opened my eyes and he was standing in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. Dripping wet. My heart was racing now. I bit my lip.

“‘Don’t worry, I won’t bite, mijita.”

He got so close I could smell his hair. I reached up to touch his chest and I could feel his heart racing, too. 

“Wait, what…?”

“Shhhhh,” he whispered.

He leaned his head to my right side. I could feel his breath on my shoulder and his lips pressed a small kiss there. Then my neckline, then that spot…

“Uh…” the strange sound escaped my mouth. His kiss was there, just below my ear, but still ever so softly. He pressed closer to me. I could feel… 

“Waha?!” I sat up in my bed. 

“Wait, where am I?” Looking around me, I realized I was home and it was only a dream. But my body was saying something else. My breast ached and there was a strange feeling I’ve never felt before. I rose to go to the only person I knew that could help me – Lady Hera.

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