Explosive Offense

“We haven’t been able to get a view inside the facilities as of yet; we’ve been focused on containment. Is there anyone who would have an immediate motive to attack a hard target like this?”

The office hung in silence for many moments. Zeus stood, in all regality and power, eye to eye with an equal. Perseus was a legend. A hero, and a King. More importantly, a son of Zeus.

“Hello, Father,” Perseus said finally. “It has been too long.” 

Zeus moved like a flash across the room and embraced his son with his massive frame. Perseus, to his credit, held fast and warmly returned the gesture. A lesser man, a lesser god, would have collapsed. 

“What brings you here, my boy? Is Andromeda with you? Is everything all right at home?” Zeus asked, concern heavy on his lips.

Perseus smiled and held his arms up in an effort to calm his father. “The family is fine. I am here on business, and you’re going to want to sit down.” 

Hebe, still standing next to the hole in the waiting room Zeus had just created, hopped into action. “I’ll make your 10 a.m. wait until after lunch. The floor will be empty. Good to see you, brother,” she said as she bowed, then exited.

Zeus held his expression. Not anxious, nor angry, only a hint of curiosity that registered in his sparkling blue eyes. He bid Perseus to sit at the conference table.

“The bullion storage facilities are being invaded,” Perseus stated matter of factly. “My reserve forces have been overrun. Two full legions, gone. Security has collapsed, and our engagement zone continues to get pushed back by a kilometer or so every day.” He paused, unblinking and determined.

Zeus sat firm, unmoving. “Trojans? Russians? For the love of Olympus, is it the gods damned Vikings?” he said, growing only slightly agitated at the mention of his northern rivals.

“My intelligence assets have confirmed the invaders as Nightgoyles.”

Zeus said nothing. Not a hint of movement or a twitch of a muscle. Perseus continued, “Why they are attacking those facilities is unknown. It is not out of character for those creatures to want wealth and financial gains, but never on this level They usually attack for trinkets and petty materials. That is why we believe this to be a targeted, planned event.”

“Nightgoyles? Dammit. They made an appearance here not too long ago. During my discussion with Moxie about…” Zeus paused, seeing that he had lost Perseus in his explanation, “…other business meetings. Anyhow, a whole damned flock flew over the city a few weeks back. Still looking for an answer on who, or what, may have let them out. Hades would never be so stupid; he knows those things are like vermin up here. We have various other hostile elements who could have opened a door on their rookery.”

“We haven’t been able to get a view inside the facilities as of yet; we’ve been focused on containment. Is there anyone who would have an immediate motive to attack a hard target like this?” Perseus asked. 

More silence from Zeus. A tangible air of tension, a slight crackling of sparks, trickled from the eyes of the King of Olympus. He spoke finally. “It does not matter whom right now. That will be discovered upon your return. You will have the full resources of Olympus behind you. Hebe!” Zeus called, “I need transport to Mycenae set up ASAP. Use the helipad on the roof, please.”

Hebe appeared from behind the hole in the wall. “Yes, Father. Shall I contact Ares or Athena?”

“No,” Zeus replied sharply, catching both Hebe and Persues off guard. “Get the wards, have them gathered on the helipad in an hour.”

“All of them?” Hebe asked.

“Yes, with all speed.”

“Nike is not available presently. I believe she’s off campus with Nyx and Eros. Should I place a call?”

“Unnecessary. The others will do.” 

Hebe spun away and disappeared behind the wall. Perseus stood and made for the door, but Zeus held up a hand, causing him to pause.

“Who else do we have in the field? Anyone who could scramble on a moment’s notice?”

Perseus considered this for a long moment. “The only agent in the region would be Ajax.”

Zeus’ eyes opened wide at the name. “Ah, my great grandson. A perfect defender. Go with speed to contact Ajax and await my arrival on the helipad. Hebe, cancel all meetings today and tomorrow. Reschedule the face to face with the Prime Minister of Denmark. Tell him I’ll cut a check for Greenland if he waits a week. Jackass loves our wineries anyway,” Zeus called to his assistant.

“You’re coming personally? I appreciate the resources, Father. You needn’t waste time and energy on a minor incursion yourself.”

Zeus smiled. “For one thing, dealing with real estate in Greenland is tedious, and the dumb shit the idiot American President vomits out bores me. Second, when’s the last time we fought side by side? Gibraltar? Rome? The good old days, my boy. Makes me feel young again.” Zeus closed his laptop, and clapped the lights off in the room before heading towards the door. “Third,” he said with all seriousness and purpose, “No one fucks with my money.”

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