Dear Diary,

Ugh! I HATE HER SO MUCH!!! Why did she have to come back here!!! She needs to make up her mind: Brother Ares or Brother Hephaestus? Damn, this is just pissing me off.


Diary, sorry, I tossed you across the room, it wasn’t your fault that she’s a B.

Oh no, that’s not what I really mean, but why?

Dad called in again today. I need to tell him the truth.

What my aunt said the other day hurt me deeply. Why did I let her in again? I know she doesn’t mean to be hurtful.

“Zeus is not your father.”

Father, Mother, Family…

Why am I so angry? I’m snapping at everyone! I don’t know why. 

Looking over at my weapons by the window.

I actually picked up my sword today; I haven’t touched it in a while. It felt good to hold it. I thought about when Father (Pallas) gave it to me and how hard I had to work to be favored enough for him to ask the ironworker to make it for me. The hilt curved around my hand. I could fight smoothly with it. The memory of Achel, my sparring partner, and how many times I sliced him and his hits on me…he had this laugh that made me so angry. He would make fun of me and say that I was only his sparring partner because I was the smallest of the four of us, and that he was always going to beat me. Well, till I beat him. “Who’s laughing now,” I said as I stood over his throat, blade in his face. I extended my hand to him once he yielded to my strength and skill. That day, my first father saw I was a warrior. And he had the sword forged for me. 

I sat on my balcony wall and looked down on Olympus.

Oh, how you have changed, Olympus. Oh, how you have changed. Achel, my friend, I miss you. Well, the sun is setting, and I need to get to patrol before the others come for me. 

Sorry I was so angry earlier. I just hate it when someone hurts my family, foster or blood.

My, how much I love them with all my heart!

I keep wondering about family lately. Like, what does that even mean to a goddess…so I looked it up on my phone.

“Siri, definition of family.”

The word family means so many things to so many different people. According to Siri: (n) a group consisting of parents and children living in a household. (N) all the ascendance of a common ancestor…(adj) a group of related things design to be suitable for children and adults.

Well, that sure helps me. Okay, I’m just going to leave that right here.

[This Diary entry is a flashback to the weeks before we moved down the mountain]

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