As Pierre brought the plane down for a landing, I started to feel badly for ratting out my older brother like that. What is Heph going to say when Aphrodite just shows up at his apartment? I thought to myself.

“Thank you, Nike, for this information. I won’t tell him you told me, alright?”

All I could do was nod. I was mad at myself, dang it. I really enjoyed that plane ride and was sad to see it end so quickly. After we landed at the airport, I could see the desperation in Aphrodite’s eyes. I wish I’d just kept my mouth shut. Why did I say I knew where he was? Damn it, NI! how could you be so stupid? I chastised myself internally. I sensed a presence in my mind. I quickly glanced over and saw Mistress Moxie glaring at me. The thought in my head was “Stop it this instance, little one.” I lowered my head, then I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder. Looking up, it was Mistress Moxie; she took up my hand. Leaning my head toward her, she whispered, “Don’t worry. It will be alright.”

After saying goodbye to everyone, I took off. It felt great to let my wings out.  I soared over the airport. Looking back at the jet, I kind of still wished the ride didn’t have to end. I mean, I have wings so I can fly any time I want. But the thrill of being encased in a room that can fly and you can watch things go by you, that was really cool. 

But then reality hit me. What am I going to do about the move? I’m still struggling with Dad’s big idea. He wants me to move into Ares’ building, but only after Ares suggested it. Damn it, I could just kill him for that. I was kind of hoping that I could just stay up on the top of the mountain with my brothers and sister. Ugh.

I pushed myself faster up the mountain, arriving just outside the main hall. Hovering down for a landing, I could hear Dad’s voice. “Wait, is Dad back?” I thought to myself. It would seem that he was Skyping in. I am in trouble was my next thought.  I had lied about why I had Dad’s keys before he left on his trip, and that I had no knowledge that Prometheus was free. I don’t lie. I’m normally very honest, so it was eating at me that I had lied to Dad. And everyone knew about it…well, except Dad. I walked in the room.

“Hi Daddy, How’s the trip?” The guilt was nipping at my throat to just tell him the truth, but…

“Hello Nike, my dear. How goes the move with Ares?”

I had to think fast. I didn’t want to say how I really felt I just couldn’t get the words out. “It’s fine, Dad just waiting on a few things.” Another lie. Facepalm. Good thing he couldn’t see me.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that”.

“Okay, bye, Daddy,” I said as I rushed from the room. Once I reached my chambers, I saw there was a small brown paper wrapped package leaning in my doorway. I picked it up, and noticed there was a note on it.

“My sweet Nike, I noticed that you are struggling with something and everyone’s been too busy. So, I thought that you needed someone that will always listen to you.  I know this will help you formulate your thoughts so you can say what you need to say. If you still are having trouble, call me, I am always around.


I unwrapped the package, and it was a beautiful leather-bound book with a pen. I unwound the leather lacing and inside were these blank pages. Blank pages. My eyes widened as I flipped through the pages till I saw there was a tiny inscription. “Simeiost to” (that’s Greek for write it down). I smiled at that. It was like she was in my head whispering.

I walked into my chambers and tossed it on my bed as I kicked off my sandals and plopped down.. I picked up the pen and opened the book. I had heard that modern day teens have what’s known as a diary. I guess I could try that. So here goes:

Dear Diary, today was exhilarating and scary as well…

Nike (Nikki Crump-Hansted)
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