Olympus Administration Internal Memorandum

I knew there would be a curve. I expected the transition to be rough in spots. I was, am, and will continue to be a target. The burden of title, I suppose. I hope, such that a god-king can ever actually have faith, that my children come to terms with themselves. Come to terms with their issues with me. To begin, in earnest, what it is I have asked them to do.

Perhaps it is my fault? Yes, I have faults. Or is it that I admit they exist that surprises you?

I know what I am. The benefits of eternity leave days, months, and years for reflection. The stories told about me, they are all true. After a fashion.

There is no longer any point to denying anything about my life. Take care, however, that you may have read tales told by others that you may think you know me.

You don’t.

You know what you have been told, and what you have been told isn’t the whole truth. Does it matter? Not to me. Not anymore.

What matters now is what we do. The actions of my children, my brethren, and how they bring about the achievement of the goals I’ve set forth.

I have created the Olympus Administration, and through it, I wish to see the mortal world changed, for the better. Previous attempts over the last 2,000 years have failed. Institutions created in the name of absent saviors. Statues and paintings portraying the revisionist histories by victors from long dead empires. What have they done for the mortal world? What care was given to this flock? Wolves.

I wish to be the change I once was. After the defeat of the Titans. Under the guiding hand of Olympus the world prospered. It flourished.

Industry, Olympus.

Agriculture, Olympus.

Democracy, Olympus.

Somewhere, in times long passed, we were usurped. Olympus was stolen, credit given to an Individual over the Group, and we faded. I took my eye away falsely thinking my Kingdom was built on solid foundation.

I believe it strengthens an empire by admitting where the failures lay. Zeus has broad shoulders.

The facts remain that I am perfectly capable of bearing the burden. Taking the blame so that my children will recognize what responsibilities they have to Earth. Mother Gaia is not as strong as she once was, it is up to us to correct the damage other Administrations have allowed.

My children need to grow. They need to rebell. I will be the focus of that rebellion, the rebellion I was told would occur. The same rebellion my father attempted to circumvent by kidnapping my siblings.

I am not my father.

My children are not me.

I have faith.


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