I’ve had a long delay before I could start teaching classes. Something about accreditation? They want me to prove I’m qualified! Me! I mean, really. I’m the inspiration of erotic poetry incarnate.

So I had to appear before the college board and prove I’m able to teach creative writing. I can’t decide if I’m horrified at the fact nobody knows who I am, or pleased at the opportunity to inspire more people. I guess I shouldn’t be horrified. It’s been a few thousand years.

Anyway, it went pretty well. They asked me to read a few pieces and show them my lesson planning. There was definitely a problem with the air conditioning; several people were complaining about how warm it was in that meeting room by the end. The chairs must have been uncomfortable as well, because a few of the attendees didn’t seem able to sit still.

But they seemed happy! The college director was very pleased. I was a bit worried as she keeps stopping by the little office they gave me, but I think she’s just very focused on an efficient administration. Every time she gives me a form, she leans over my shoulder and helps me fill it in. I’m very grateful; four thousand years as an inspiring spirit doesn’t really give me the bureaucratic skills I seem to need as an educator.

With any luck, I’ll be starting soon. I really can’t wait to see who’s in my class. Inspiring others is the best feeling.

A few more pieces to get together. I want to be prepared. Perhaps I’m being over-cautious, but for four millennia, my job has been mostly to hang around people and they just get inspired. I’m starting to think teaching poetry might involve a bit more. I guess I’ll find out!

A Writer’s Tool

Sit, calmly, and at rest.

Open your book

You may find it advantageous
to moisten the tip
of a finger
before you

Place your fingertip
at the extreme
of the page
move it slowly inwards

feel the sensation
of the pages
sliding over each other

now, examine the words
the shape of them

becoming distinct

Watch them grow
before your eyes

open your mouth,
and allow the words
to fill it slowly
to bursting

feel the texture
of the words

the sounds
that fill your throat

allow them to slide
from your tongue

drip onto the paper.

take your index finger.
caress the margin
slowly turn the page

in lesson two
we will fill
the book

with words
a story

to remember

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