Day 2 in the Kirkoo Chronicles

How is my journal friend? I’m sorry I don’t visit you every day. Maybe this will improve; does it really need to? Are there rules for journaling? Who cares?! This is between me and you. Not to mention, I make my own rules. So, we’ll chat as time permits! 

Anyway, I was thinking you need a name; you deserve to be called something more than ‘journal’. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like, I mean REALLY like, playing with energy, and words are energy! So, I came up with “Kirkoo Chronicles”. It’s a Greek word meaning, “a hoop around” which is what my name actually means…circle. Yet, I don’t think mortals know this, which suggests, if one of them discovers you, they’ll be more intrigued by the title rather than what’s inside. They’re more inclined to read computer screens of all sizes, rather than a bound book. Plus, I have a tendency to want to “talk” in circles, as you know, and I want to protect our circle of safety. 

To me, you’re a trusted friend and confidante. A sanctuary, something that’s difficult to find in this era. Unless… 

Um…I was going to say, unless you’re a church, but then I don’t think churches are too safe these days. No, talking with you is much safer and far more productive! 

Would you believe, one of my clients actually noticed my eyes?! No one has ever mentioned them before today. But this girl, she picked up on them right away. Well, she did, but she didn’t know why it was happening. She just saw them changing and panicked. Oh, I don’t think I ever told you. My eyes are like a mood ring. Honestly, I don’t know what a mood ring is, that’s just what Corrine said. That’s my client…or was my client. 

No, she didn’t fire me. I slipped… 

Yes, I must confess, I couldn’t help myself! She is super responsive and aware of her surroundings, plus, she’s really good with seeing through the deception. Let’s face it, she noticed my eyes! And then, she threw it all away with the way she was questioning every one of her hunches! I could hardly contain myself! What is it with these mortals doubting their inner wisdom? Holy crap, it was too painful to observe! So, I turned her into a fox. Why a fox? Because they’re cunning and able to see beyond the illusion of what’s in front of them. 

What am I going to do with a fox? I have no idea. Right now, she’s my pet. What does anyone really do with a fox but turn them into a coat? Oh no…that’s not my plan. I’m hoping we find a place or situation that helps to remind her of the gift she possesses. Maybe it’s not a gift, maybe it’s an ability, is that the same thing? Since this is my safe space, I say it is. Then again… 

I don’t know. I don’t know what came over me! We were just sitting there talking about her gripes when I offered an idea and potential shift in perspective and she came at me, emotionally spewing like a geyser of Sicily! What could I do? She was unable to control herself, so I interceded. Do they have twelve-step programs for this sort of addiction of mine? 

I don’t know. I don’t know why I keep repeating myself. I think I just feel bad. I really want to “break this habit”, then again, is it really me? Am I the bad guy? 

I recently did a radio show on being a generator. Well, actually, I talked about the difference between creating and generating. Creating is a bit egocentric. To be a creator, a mortal is the one in control. In my opinion, the only thing they can control is their mind…and I’m not seeing a lot of evidence of that. Then again, do we want them creating the world? While there are many things they are fabricating, the world is not benefiting to the degree they want to believe. 

To create implies one is orchestrating every aspect of the situation. These guys are doing a lot of that. What’s interesting is they swap the word “making” with “creating”. When they suspect making is trying to force something, they often substitute the word “create” in order to sound more in tune with Universal energies. HA! It’s a fabrication of beliefs! The emotional body of these mortals is POWERFUL! It’s spellbinding. They believe everything they emote is real and they are practiced at fooling themselves into trusting their minds rather than their hearts. According to them, the heart is weak and foolish. The way I see it, they have no idea how well their heads overshadow the wisdom of the heart. And yet, it’s such a fine line. 

My recent show highlighted the value in surrendering to what is, in being okay with NOT knowing, with being fully aligned with nature, and operating from a sense of feeling compelled rather than needing to direct the energy. If only my fox, Corrine, understood this. She has SO much to teach. 

As a matter of fact, I recently ran across something a Christian pastor once said: “The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us.” ― A. W. Tozer 

This describes my experience with every one of the people that have contacted me for support. Hey look, the money is great. Whether a girl or a goddess, there are bills to be paid. AND, I am at a loss… 

How does a generator work? It simply converts energy. Said another way, a generator “waits” on an outside signal before producing any sort of useful outcome. A machine does not create, it generates activity stimulated by a specific director. In the case of humans, the director is the life force that flows throughout all nature, including their own. 

That’s the one thing I don’t think they get. Mortals are connected to everything, every organic species, without argument. Yet, they have this undeniable need to be separate, and what’s worse, have no idea that those emotions are actually reactions fueled by the specific director via a transmitter: the heart. 

BUT they spend so much time interpreting the feelings that come up, they become attached to their thoughts. This is definitely a need to know culture. They have to have all the answers, and what’s worse, the answers must be the same for all! What happened to the fluidity of existence? It seems this need to create from interpretation is toxic. It gives them a false sense of control. 

Do you know how often these people get pissed, when what they seek to create goes differently than what they expected? More often than I care to describe. So, how do I help them? Do I even help them? 

Maybe I’m a “specific director”? Maybe I’m here to motivate them to generate rather than create?! What do you think about that? It sounds kind of cool to me! Who knew a Sorceress could be an influencer? I’m used to mortals fearing me because I used my powers to control my world. I think mortals today would say that’s ok. I think they would say this. Yet, I wonder…

Why was I controlling them? 

I needed things. I needed help. Geez, this is a weird way to think. I’ve never been one to contemplate to such extent. Clearly, I’m a reactor! Is this the reason mortals bother me so much? Am I triggered by them? Their fears? Their need to control? So, what do I do? I eliminate the trigger. I am better than them and I am in control. 

Did I just say that? Am I really better than them? Yes!!!…No…no, I’m not! I just had an advantage. I was forced to be alone on an island and was pretty pissed about it, too! My husband cheated on me, dammit! I had no idea I could simply change him into a pig and all would be well! So, I did away with him instead, which is why I was banished. 

You know, in those days, it seemed like the world was overflowing with people. What an odd perspective to have; to live in two different eras and experience such vast differences! There are so many more people today. How can these mortals separate themselves long enough to develop their skills, or even get to know themselves? 

I did NOT just say that! Separate themselves? I just finished pointing out how they see themselves as separate. Hahaha! I crack myself up! And I believe we can save this point for the next time.

In the meantime, how do they disconnect? They actually need to be their very own island. HA! Brilliant!! 

I wonder, was that the benefit of turning Corrine into a fox? She’s officially alone with her thoughts. Better yet, she’s now in the position to follow her instincts. I don’t have to tell her what to do. This is her opportunity to sense and respond. 

Whoa! Do you know what else just hit me? She’s safe here. There are no conceivable threats, so she gets to practice without any potential harm. Once she’s done that, I will be able to restore her to human form! 

Yes! Sacred Circle Coaching is a legitimately helpful business. I know that’s scary and I really do mean well. Then again, I like being in control….ahem….some habits are hard to break. Like my moods; when I’m aggravated, I can feel my blood boiling! Hmmm. Is that what she meant by mood ring? 

Love, Circe 

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