Trying to find a Titan is harder than it seems; that’s for damn sure. After hitting up the few offices that I knew about, I eventually found her in Paris. Shit, how many locations does one need? 

Sighing, I walked to the large building that held the little moon Titan inside. I guess ‘little’ would be an insult, given her age and all, but who am I to pass on the opportunity to insult someone?

For our meeting, I wore a low-cut white pantsuit with matching shoes, and I trotted up the stairs to the entrance of the building. It was busy inside, with a bunch of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe business was booming for Miss Titan. I chewed my gum, popping bubbles, as I entered the elevator, pressing the floor I needed. I guess I could have turned into mist and went that way, but if the Titan decided to get handsy, I needed all my strength.

The elevator dinged at the top floor as the doors slid open. I walked in like I owned the place, my heels clicking on her expensive floor. A woman stood from the receptionist desk, opening her mouth to speak at my sudden intrusion. I didn’t hear what she said as I raised my hand, knocking on the door.

The door opened almost instantly. A tall, platinum-blonde Titan met my gaze.

“Ate?” She spoke with surprise as she raised her hand, stopping her receptionist behind me. “It’s okay, cherie.”

I didn’t give her a second glance as I pushed my way in. The office was large with a huge bay window off to the side. A couch and chair sat opposite each other, the same color as her hair. Off to the left, there was a desk with a computer and paperwork upon it.  She had a small bar along one of the walls, and she wasn’t alone. An equally-tall woman sat in a chair off to the back, and from the energy she possessed, it told me that she was another Titan. Eos.

Eos was the Titan of the dawn, and although equally pretty, her hair held more of a rustic red to it  compared to her sister’s. This could work for me if I played my cards right. Although I had hoped for one Titan, I could try to persuade two. Maybe. I turned back to Selene and plopped down on her fancy couch, throwing my arms behind me as I popped another bubble.

“Hello, cupcake,” I purred as I gave her a once over. “You’ve aged well.”

“I have better moves than you, dear,” she responded, nodding to her receptionist before closing the door.

“Good one, S. What’s it been? A century or so?”

Rolling her eyes at my comment, she proceeded. “Or so.”  She headed to the bar, speaking over her shoulder, “Pick your poison.”

Smirking, I popped another bubble, “Oh, honey, you don’t have my poison.”

She scoffed in a mock laugh. “Oh, I’m sure.”

I watched as she pulled out three glasses and opened a decanter of Scottish whiskey, pouring two.

She turned back, heading to her sister, handing her a glass. “Sorry, Ate, you remember my sister, Eos?”

My smirk dropped for a second as I responded, “I remember everything. And a little birdie told me, you guys do, too.”

She nodded briefly before tapping her foot. “Drink or not?”

I shook my head in response. “I’ll pass. I don’t plan to stay long.”

She shrugged and returned the third glass. She walked back towards the couch and me.

“What’s on your mind, and be specific.”

Standing from the couch, I walked over towards her desk, slowly dragging a single finger across it, while glancing at the paperwork. I saw nothing of importance. I turned back to her, clasping my hands in front of me.

“I have a proposition for you. As you both know, the Titans are free. Just as I know your dear old brother is back in his cell.”

She sighed at my words. “And? We were just on our way to see…” she stopped rolling her eyes as she made air quotes, “King Zeus.”

Hearing his name made my blood boil, but I composed myself so that they didn’t even notice the sudden change. Taking a deep breath, I slowly smirked at her comment.

“And do what exactly? Ask him for a favor? You know as well as I that he will give you nothing. What if I have something better in mind?”

Selene didn’t miss a beat. 

“He has been reasonable before,” she paused, throwing back her drink, and headed to the bar for a refill. She stopped, checking to see if her sister needed one, and returned to her seat. “You have our attention. Go on.”

Folding my arms, I leaned against her desk “As you know, since your memories are intact, I was exiled. Banished. Erased. Now I could care less what happens to you, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t interested.”

She scoffed. “Someone besides Atlas?”

My smile slowly widened as I stepped forward.

“Yes someone older than even Atlas. Titans ruled long before the Gods and now look at you. Bending to their will. Answering their call. Time is up, S. The Titans want you back.”

“What’s the offer?” she asked as Eos stood close to her.

“Join Kronos. Help ruin Olympus with me, and then you don’t have to worry about your precious brother ever being imprisoned again.”

She tilted her head for a moment before responding, “I remember, quite clearly, how that went down last time. What’s different this time?”

Eos watched me for a second before grabbing her sister’s glass. After refilling both glasses, she returned to sit by her sister. I turned away from them heading, towards the window, placing my hands on the windowsill before turning back.  

“Look at the world now. The Gods are weak. Complacent. They crave love, work jobs; they’re practically mortal. They haven’t fought in a war in centuries.” I paused, my voice turning cold. “And besides, the last time the Titans didn’t have me.”

Selene stood and headed over to the window, the air around her changing as she got closer. The look on her face alone told me I’d hit a nerve somewhere. She seemed livid, almost as if her face took on a darker shade. She placed her hand above mine, pinning me near the window.

“And you think you can make that much of a difference, little God?” she asked through clenched teeth.

If she was trying to intimidate or scare me, it wouldn’t work, but I played along with it. I smiled, backing slowly, shaking my head in amusement, like a child.

“Nope. But what’s about to happen is going to make the Titan war look like a piece of cake.” I paused, tapping my chin. “What’s the saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Besides you forget. I. Remember. Everything.”

Selene’s voice raised as the nerve I was trying to reach starts to crack. “As do I, child.” She turned back to Eos, striding toward her, and snapped at me again. “I was outcast and isolated, too. Or are you that fucking conceited?”

I tilted my head toward her, stepping closer once more, my brows furrowing. “You see, that’s the difference between you and I. You’re doing nothing about it. You’re working for them. Helping them. It’s kind of pathetic. A Titan as their lap dog.”  

My remark sent Selene over the edge, and the room began to darken as she started towards me. She stopped by her sister, grabbing her hand. “I haven’t done any help, that’s for damn sure! I simply thought a change in pace may be a good idea.” 

I stood in place, folding my arms, as I stared at her. “You thought wrong, and you’re a fool to think they won’t turn on you, too. Think about it. Or would you rather ask for visitation rights for the rest of eternity?”

She snatched her hand from Eos, who was currently the only light source in the room, and stared back at me. The air in the room thickened from the two Titans I just pissed off, and I know there isn’t much more I can say. Shrugging, I dropped my arms as I placed my hands on my hips.

“The offer still stands, S. If you want it. I’m sure Kronos will find you sooner or later.”

I grinned coldly, once more giving a wave to both Titans as I morphed my body into fine black mist and exited through the window.

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