I can just hear Zeus now: “You’re supposed to be working!” 

In some ways, I am. 

I hope you know I’m not slacking, Zeus! I have the power to make things happen; I just needed a little break in order to settle in and get a feel for this 21st century world. Being around mortals is pretty normal for me, but working alongside them? I don’t think so! What I need is a business; well, a plan to start. There is this DJ gig, which is kind of fun, although it doesn’t pay the bills. 

That said, bills are the absolute worst part of this era. Well, money is in general. It’s not like I lack the ability to conjure up a little of my own currency; it is only energy. At the same time, I’m wondering what happened to the tried and true barter system. That seemed to work just fine for everything. This money thing is frustrating, and I don’t think my “turtles” and drachmas are good for much at this point. I can’t even trade the goats. 

You know, I am good with animals and happened to notice a couple of goat and pig farms up the road. I wonder if they could use any help. If I have to make money, I’d much rather work with livestock than deal with a lot of humans every day. Truly, that’s all I’ve heard these last few weeks, mortals complaining everywhere, and if I had to listen to that on a daily basis, things would get weird. 

Aaaaahhhh!!! Shake it off, missy! You know you’ll get this figured out. 

If I hadn’t redeemed myself, Zeus would not have made it possible for me to get here. Many “thanks” to the King and all the teamwork! 

So now what? I have everything I could possibly need, including the power to materialize money. However, I’m thinking Zeus wants me to materialize it the mortal way. On that note, if a regular job isn’t my “cup of tea”, then dammit, let’s make shit happen! But what? I guess it’ll come to me. In the meantime, I need to get out there and tend to my new little goats. 

Panacea?! Where is that little girl? What about Stavros? Hey there! Look at you guys! Good morning, my little cuties! Hold on; where’s Aegidios? Aegidios, are you hiding from me? Would you be interested in your very own bucket of grain? You see, I’m not that bad; in fact, I brought one for each of you! I really want you to feel welcome, and to enjoy your new home. 

Overall, I am feeling pretty good about this new chapter in our lives. I sure hope you are. Well, maybe not the sudden change, but then, everything is temporary, no matter how long it takes. With that in mind, I need to run! I’ve got some things to work on over at the house. I’ll be back soon. Enjoy your breakfast, and please overlook the mess. I have a lot to do around here, and my intention is to find some willing mortals, sooner than later, to help me get things cleaned up. In the meantime, I hope you’re as comfortable as possible. 

See? I’m not that evil. I’m simply a Starseed with high standards. That’s something I heard at that Halloween party, and it’s true. I am the daughter of Helios. Get it? The God of the Sun is my father, the Sun is a star, not a big burning rock like the philosopher Anaxagoras of Clazomenae liked to say, and I am from the Sun. Anyway, I have a mission. 

The only thing I ask is that you don’t let yourselves be too overwhelmed by these recent events. Goats have a long history with a number of the Gods and Goddesses, and believe it or not, you three are just as important to my work as the other goats were in history. In each one of your cases, it was necessary to sacrifice your human form so that you might find and prove yourself more useful to the world and your people. However, in order to do that, you must first prove yourself to me. Only I can release you from the curse, and when this happens, your common names will be restored…well, except for Panacea. I am sorry, sister Goddess. 

Oh, didn’t you know? That wasn’t a silly nightmare you had a few weeks ago; that was a real “meeting” we had with Asclepius. Do you remember? He agreed you were behaving badly and could use some time to regroup, if you will. Subsequently, with his help and that of my deceased husband, I was able to cross the barrier and manipulate your very thoughts in order to inspire the incantation that you willingly used to transport me right into your body. As we say, “shift happens”. I appreciate you being so agreeable. 

I do have to confess, it was an odd experience slipping into your skin just so I can be here; yet, how fitting. You’ve always been one of my favorite Goddesses. Both of us living a mysterious life among mortals, searching for ways to help “them”. But you…you had it better than me. You were accepted. No, that’s not the right way to say it. You were honored, even worshipped for your gifts. I, on the other hand, was banished for a crime I never really meant to commit. If only I had been aware of my powers, I would have turned my husband into a swine like the rest of them. But that wasn’t the case, so I killed him for his infidelity and was exiled to Aeaea so that I could remember and redeem myself. This, I did. So, to find myself joined at the hip with you, as it were, was kind of fun, even if only a provisional experience. You must admit, it was a pretty clever way of piercing the veil that cloaked my island. 

Since my arrival, I’ve been able to observe how intense mortal living can be. Truthfully, I understand how you “fell”. You are part-mortal, and although you did what I did, disregard your reason for being, your humanness weakened you. Mortals are not wired like the Gods. No one here knows who or what to believe. They either question everything and follow none, including themselves or, jump on the bandwagon, believing everything they hear while not stopping to think for themselves. I know you know this already, and want to assure you, all of this is about to change. I suspect this may be the reason why Zeus has summoned each of us to this time. As for you, my dear Panacea, you’ll have your chance soon enough. Not to sound like a broken record, although, everything in life is temporary. Consider this the perfect opportunity for you to manifest whatever it is you want. Is it life as a goat or a demi-Goddess? You have the power. Are you willing to own and use it wisely? 

Anyway, I really must be on my way. I have no idea where I might find a few mortals that could help me remodel this place; and then again, I can’t even pay them with money right now! UGH! Money…which reminds me, I need to check out at least one of those farms up the road. If I can conjure up a job with one of them, I might just locate everything I need: money AND mortals! 

You know, I bet I can entice a few of my hires with a trade deal. 

It’s no secret they like their green around here. All I’d have to do is get the garden going, and boom, everybody wins! Just like old times. 

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not comfortable with this thing called a ‘car’ just yet. Maybe, I’ll call these farms first to see if they’re even looking for help. I’d rather do that than stress myself out with driving. Ok, so what did I do with that phone? Interesting, I left it in the closet!? Yikes! I think I need to fine tune my attention skills; at least until I get some help! 

Hey! What do you know? I missed a call. I must say, this little gadget is pretty intriguing…can “she” decode this human magic? 

Touching this spot, I get a line of numbers. Hmmm, this one over here says “voicemail”. What happens when I put my finger there? The same line of numbers. What does voicemail even mean? Maybe I’ll go back and try touching the first line of numbers. Ok, that’s a weird sound… “Um, hello? Oops, I didn’t mean to bother you. Bye!” 

What about the numbers on the voicemail? No. No strange sound; that’s good, but I do hear a voice. “Hello? Hello?” I don’t think they can hear me; they just keep talking, saying they heard my radio show and want to know if I will coach them. Coach them? What is coaching? Do I get money for coaching? If I do, then, heck yeah! I’ll work as a coach! 

I guess I should call them back. That’s funny, that same number is calling again. 


“Hello, is this Circe?” 

“It is. Are you the person that left a message?” 

“I am. My name is David, and I really dig your radio show.” 

“Thank you!” 

“Anyway, you’ve mentioned being ‘true to yourself’ on every show that I’ve heard, and while I understand this, it wasn’t until your show about the ‘average Joe’ that it finally clicked. I’ve lost my sense of adventure and only feel loyal to the people around me because I’m afraid of being alone. Can you help me?” 

“Of course! Can you come to my home office this afternoon?” 

“Wow! That soon? Yes! How long do you think this will take, and how much do you charge?” 

“I think you’ll be feeling much better after one meeting. As for the fee…$100.” 

“$100? Ok, I can swing that. What time, and what’s the address?” 

“How about 2:30p.m., and I’m the last house on Cave Road. You can’t miss it. The gate is a big open circle.” 

“Awesome and thank you! I’ll see you later today!” 

“I look forward to it. Oh! Be sure to tell your friends about me. I just moved in a few weeks ago and anxious to re-establish my business.” 

“I’d be happy to. Thank you again!” 

“My pleasure. I really appreciate you calling.” 

“Uh, huh. Bye!” 

“I await your arrival.” 

As a master of manipulation, that was easy!

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