Summoned, Part IV

I picked it up, blew away the dust, and wiped at the front of it. Dang it, I forgot I was wearing white. Well, there goes that jacket. No worries. I looked at the disc again, realizing it was a shield. I rubbed more of the dirt off, and I could faintly see a name: Acropolis.

I left Dad’s office, feeling oddly chipper, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders or something. Passing Hebe, she smiled and said, “Good luck, little one.”

Did everyone know this was going to happen but me?

I got on the elevator and headed down to the 16th floor. The doors opened, and I was shocked to see there were so many people already buzzing about, taking care of their normal routines and answering phone calls. 

As I stepped out, a woman came over to greet me. “Good afternoon, Ms. Nike. I may call you that, right?” she asked, then continued without waiting for an answer. “As you can see, this is Coffee Central. I’m Sheba, your executive assistant. Lord Zeus told me what you needed, and I believe your sister, Mistress Moxie, has given you a list for me. Ah, here, let me get that.”

OMG, did she even breathe?

Sheba was a petite woman, about 5’2”, 115 lbs, with her brown hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. She wore a pencil skirt and 4” heels that made her taller. A blue blouse complimented the skirt with a gold chain around her neck. I noticed an earpiece in one ear. She continued to talk fast, which I could appreciate.

“If you will follow me, I’ll show you to your office.”

We hurried along through the maze of cubicles until we arrived at the executive office. Sheba took a call as she opened the door. Holy Moly’s Uncle…

The window view from here was spectacular. Windows were always the first thing I noticed. These wrapped all the way around the office. There was a large, glass-topped desk near the corner of the room. Empty bookcases lined one wall, and there were smaller shelves at the window baseline. There were about eight or nine crates that looked older than the young women standing at the door as I walked in.

“Sorry for the mess,” Sheba apologized. “We’ve been trying to make sure things were done before you got here. Lord Zeus was very adamant that your office needed to be light and airy.”

I smiled. Dad knew me so well.

“Over here, they have installed a special bathroom just for…well…” She leaned in to whisper, “Your wings.”

I giggled.

Sheba snapped her fingers, and in walked three other people. “Jonus will be your driver; Carroll is your secretary, he can type the fastest, and Malcolm will be your runner, or as he calls himself, your personal guide through being an executive.”

I giggled again.

“We will leave you for a moment. Would you like some lunch? Wait, do goddesses eat lunch? Would you like some water or something stronger? You have a well-stocked bar here.”

I sat the box down on the desk and turned to see them all standing there, waiting for me to say something of importance. “Thank you. I think I need a moment.” 

They all turned and left the office. I sat in my new chair, wondering what the heck I was going to do next. I spun around a few times before there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Three workmen entered the office. “Beg your pardon, ma’am. We were told to unpack these crates and remove them. May we proceed?”

I motioned for them to continue. “Sure, go ahead.”

They came in with crowbars. I guess I could have opened them myself, but they were here now. I looked over at the computer on my desk. It was the newest one from a fruit company called Apple. I laughed to myself. I knew it wasn’t a fruit company, but I liked calling it that. It was funny.

There was a note on the screen:


I loaded everything for you. You just need to create a password, and you’ll be all set. Your laptop is compatible, so you can link them together if you want.


Wow, how she knows what I need at every moment is scary. Okay, what should my password be?

I looked at the workmen. One of them was taking an item out of a crate, and he dropped it. The large object crashed into the others that were already on the floor. I rushed over to see what I could do and to check for damage. I noticed the large round disc. It looked very familiar.

I picked it up, blew away the dust, and wiped at the front of it. Dang it, I forgot I was wearing white. Well, there goes that jacket. No worries. I looked at the disc again, realizing it was a shield. I rubbed more of the dirt off, and I could faintly see a name: Acropolis. 

I staggered back at the memory. Acropolis…the memory of the young boy flooded my mind. I looked at the shield again, and there were about fifty names listed. Nefeli (cloud goddess); Lasonas (Jason), Zoetest (life)…name after name, I was hit with memories. They were a part of me giving a victory to them in my past. 

I put my hand to my mouth. Shaking, I slid down the crate and cried at the memories I thought were long forgotten.

“M’lady, are you all right?”

I waved him off.

“This was inside,” he said, handing me a note.


Now that you have a REAL job, I thought you might want these to hang in your new office. Congratulations on the new job. I know the memories these things will stir up. If you want or need to talk about any of it, let me know.

Love you, little one.


I sat there, laughing and crying. I think I scared the workmen off because they were gone. My tears were not unhappy ones. I took my phone out of my pocket and called back upstairs.

Hebe answered. “Hello, Zeus’ office.”

“Hebe, it’s me. I need to speak to Dad, please,” I said, wiping at my face.

“Alright, Nike, let me connect him for you.”

“Yes, Nike?” Zeus answered.

 “You did this on purpose,” I accused. 

“Yes. I want you to be who you are. Fulfill this. Help them, Nike,” he replied.

“But Dad, I can’t.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Remember the good, Nike. Remember the good you have done and still can do. I have faith in you. We all do.” I started to cry again at my father’s words. “We are here, you will be fine. You are the good part of us. Help them remember that part.”

“But what about Mom?”

“She is proud of you, believe me. She will return and celebrate with you when she does, I promise you.”

“Nike, you can do this,” Moxie’s voice broke in.

“You go, girl!” Zeus said in his soulful voice.

I started cracking up, rolling on the floor with laughter as Sheba walked in. “Oh, my!” she said and scurried right back out.

I was laughing so loudly the entire office could hear me now.

I heard Zeus chuckle. “Now, get to work and make me rich.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, still laughing and crying. But all in a good way. I hung up the phone and walked over to the window. Taking a deep breath, I looked out to the city below. “I hope you’re ready for me.”

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