Setting Us Both Free

“I don’t want to be bound to him any longer. It’s not as if I am throwing away my past or my history. Its time has passed, and what was once there,” I shrugged, “it’s not the same. Besides, it’s not just a barrier to us. I have thought about it since those visions. It’s a barrier to all of us. You, me, Hades, Hekate. We are all trapped at this crossroad.”

Into The Deep: My Tribe

The things I did for my family. That made me remember the words burned on Tuttook’s hind leg. Words I’d seen before on an ancient scripture. A truth I’d come to learn since my return to the Pantheon. A truth we’d need to remember to finish our quest successfully.

Into The Deep: Suspicious Minds

I stepped away from the group and gathered a few large leaves along with a coconut shell filled with moon water. When I returned, Morpheus moved to allow me access to Persephone. I washed the dried blood from her arms and legs, sending her positive energy and stroking her skin with the damp leaves.

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