When I woke, I was back in my flat in the GC building. Tired and a bit groggy, I tried sitting up on my elbows, but a burning pain shot from my chest to my shoulder. Looking down, I saw the bandages wrapped tightly around my shoulder. Motherfucker! It had been awhile since anyone had been able to injure me like this. Fucking Dinlas. What the hell was he thinking? Like I would ever hurt Nyx.

One thing was for certain, Atë had messed with me one time too many. Her obsession with me was annoying at best. Her constant interference with my dreams was messing with my head. Did I actually hear her while Nyx was talking to me? Going after her wasn’t the answer, at least not right now. I couldn’t risk being seen with her again otherwise I would surely look guilty of helping her release the titans. The phone beeped on the bed side table.

Speaking of the she-devil, it was an IM. “Good morning, Darkness. No hard feelings, I had fun yesterday. Let’s do it again when I’m not so busy.”

I rolled my eyes at her message. I almost responded, but the sound of my phone ringing stopped me.


I recognized the voice on the other end right away. Shit for brains. “You have some nerve calling me after you shot me, then dumped me off here.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t do more than that. Besides, you’re fine. Quit being a baby.”

“What do you want, Dinkas?” I asked ignoring Dinlas’ pathetic insult by making one of my own.

“If you want to prove you had nothing to do with helping Atë, you can start by proving whose side you’re on.”

I rolled my eyes. “Sides? Really, Dinlas? You do know who helped put them away in the first place, right?” 

“Hyperion is loose too, you know.”

I snarled at the mention of his name. 

Let me give you some background. Hyperion was my nemesis. Before we fought against one another during Titanomachy, our relationship was more of a rivalry. Normally it was just a bunch of masculine macho fights:  light vs dark, good vs evil, who’s better―a regular pissing match, but of epic proportions. Hyperion was jealous of me; he constantly accused me of sleeping with his wife, Theia. Of course it wasn’t true. I would have never cheated on Nyx; but nevertheless, Hyperion was there to blame me for his failing marriage. Yes, I know how familiar this sounds. Well, when all the chaos of Titanomachy was going on, Hyperion came after me. At first, I laughed off the ridiculousness of it all, but when Hyperion started threatening Nyx and the family, it triggered me, and I went off. I practically killed him. But Zeus wanted the Titans left alive, so I had to settle for locking him up in Tartarus instead. I would have killed anyone, immortal or not, if they ever came between me and my family. I couldn’t help but snort at the irony of it all, I was being accused of helping Atë and the Titans.

Where’s your family now, they’re certainly not protecting you. 

I shook my head, swearing I could still hear Atë’s voice. 

“Seems to me Hyperion is your problem now.”

“How so?” 

“You’re ‘Papa Night’ now; he was coming after Nyx and the kids last time I checked.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?” 

A memory flashed in front of me of the last time I saw all my family together: it was at Nyx’s winter solstice party in the North Pole. They all seemed so happy to have me there. Am I wrong? 


Shooting pain seared down from my shoulder, reminding me of how quickly things can change. Atë was right, where was my family now? Not a single one of them was jumping to my defense. “I don’t know, Dinlas,” I spoke sarcastically. “I thought we could get past everything ―you and Nyx― you, invited me to the celebration, telling me that I’m still part of the family, but I’ve got to tell you, Din, being shot in the shoulder doesn’t exactly feel like I’m part of the family.” 

“Family doesn’t release Titans on one another,” Dinlas shot back.

“For the last fucking time, I had nothing to do with it,” I snapped.

They still don’t believe you. They’re only using you for your power. Face it, you’re not one of them.

I stood from the bed, feeling a surge of energy; hearing Atë’s voice fueled my anger. My shadows were growing restless. They had been reined in for far too long, and sparring with Atë the other day was just a warm up. 

“Prove it.” Dinlas was provoking me and he knew it.

“I don’t need to prove a fucking thing.”

“Then I guess you have no problem going before Zeus,” he spoke matter of factly.

“Zeus can kiss my ass,” I spat. “Why aren’t you and Nyx hunting him down?”

“We are busy finding other Titans. You know, for someone who’s all about family, you sure know how to show where your allegiances lie.”

I gripped my phone. “For fuck’s sake I’ll go find Hyperion and bring him back kicking and screaming just to shut you the fuck up. Maybe then you’ll get out of my face.” I hung up the phone and threw it across the room. Frustrated, I let out a loud roar before ripping the bandages from my wound. I didn’t give a shit if I bled all over the place. I stomped over to my closet to find another pair of my fighting leathers. 

How’s that shoulder, cupcake?

Oh, shut up!

I tore through my flat, gathering whatever I thought I might need to face Hyperion. The last time he was distracted. This time, fighting him won’t be so easy. The Titan had been locked up for millenia and had plenty of time to think of his revenge. At least I had the upper hand. Hyperion wouldn’t know that Nyx was no longer a weak spot for me. If it weren’t for Dinlas threatening to take me before Zeus, or the fact I was risking my own banishment to Tartarus if I didn’t help, I would have left Hyperion alone. 

Dinlas may have been quick with his guns, but even I had my doubts about his capabilities of taking on the Titan who threatened my family all those millenia ago. Dinlas was young compared to them, and being cocky can only get you so far. With Nyx at his side, how could I possibly be certain he wouldn’t be distracted? I already saw proof of that yesterday. No, I would do as the wife-stealing god requested, and bring back Mr. God of Heavenly Light.


I was in the middle of hunting down Hyperion when Atë spoke to me.

What do you think you’re doing?

Her voice stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked around the dark and empty alley. My shadows immediately flew back to me from scouting out ahead. Giving my head a shake, I knew for certain she wasn’t a figment of my imagination anymore. I spoke to her.

Get out of my head, Atë. 

You’re not trying to find Hyperion, are you?

What? No.

Don’t lie to me, Erebus.

Any kind of plan trying to sneak up on him would be a wash if she had been spying on me.

I ― I’m not. 

It irritated me to no end that I was having difficulty lying to her. This new connection between the two of us was throwing me for a loop. I cautiously continued walking towards the city centre, keeping my eye out for her.

You’ve caused me enough problems. Leave me alone, I’m busy.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. If only you didn’t lie to me, I might be willing to help.

I don’t need your help.

Another lie.

Gods, you’re infuriating.

If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

I will do no such thing, now piss off before I hunt you down and throw you through another wall.

You know, Hyperion has been talking smack about how he kicked your ass the last time you saw one another. All of the Titans know it, too.

Yeah, and that’s why he was locked up forever. 

You’re not going to let him get away with it, are you?

I know what you’re trying to do, Atë. 

Whatever are you referring to?

If I tell you, will you leave me alone? 

Never, but if you must know, you’re headed in the wrong direction. Hyperion isn’t hiding in the crowds. You’d be better off looking for him in the east. I hear there’s a great view of the sunrise from Mount Olympus.

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