Ares (Teresa Watson)

OG | Staff Writer Ares is written by mystery writer Teresa Watson, author of thirteen books. She loves all things that involve sports and war movies. | Original God (OG) - Charter member of In The Pantheon |

The Spoils of War

“Well, there is also information there regarding bank accounts, and we’re talking serious money. I’ve already had the money transferred into the OA accounts for you. Spoils of war, you know.”


What Price Mortal Love?

Nudging the door open with my foot, I listened for noises, but heard nothing. I quietly moved through the foyer and into the living room. My heart dropped into my stomach. It couldn’t be…


Suspicions Confirmed

“Stupid bitch,” he muttered. “She always had an inflated sense of self. Calling here and barking orders at me all the time. Charlie wasn’t that thrilled with her, either.”

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