A Little Chaos

How nice of you to come visit with me, no one ever really does…you’ll have to forgive me, my sweet, if I seem a bit off, I’m not quite myself, you see…though to be fair, I get the feeling I was never quite right…I got lost along the way, a long, LONG time ago and darn the luck if I’m not still looking for where I got to. Any spare change you may have would really be super! Just need to get myself going and I’m sure I’ll find me again, that old scamp. What? Oh yes, I’m sure you’d like to know more before you make an investment in my self-discovery… My name? Eris, yes, that’s it…Eris. I’m a planet now, don’t you know? Yeah, I don’t see any revenue from that sadly.

Forgotten Gods: Invited Again

“As my partner has said, Mx. is my preferred honorific. It’s important to know who you’re addressing and also who is being addressed. I say this with the full weight in my heart that I am now addressing the great United States of America and the world at large as it’s first gender non-binary Senator!” A round of cheers and not a small amount of booing erupts.

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