Forgotten Gods: Je T’aime Mon Amour

I locked my gaze with his, and the hunger and need in his eyes so matched my own that it shoved me over the edge. I slid my hand from beneath his and placed it against his chest. Then, never breaking eye contact, I pushed him back onto the bed.

Content Warning: Sexual Situations

I closed my eyes as Jacob pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead, savoring the tenderness of the gesture. Goosebumps rose in the wake of his touch as he teasingly trailed his fingers around my breast and over my belly. He slid his hand between garment and flesh, my breath catching as liquid heat pooled low in my core. I opened my eyes to hold his gaze, my lips parting on a low gasp as I squirmed, rocking my hips into his touch. He took my lips, claiming the soft sounds of pleasure as his due. 

Jacob’s left hand tightened around my wrist as he slipped his fingers from beneath my panties and broke the kiss with a nip to my lower lip. My breath hitched, and my back arched, the empty throb at my center forcing my hips toward him. He pulled me up with him, and our gazes locked, both of us panting. I licked my lower lip, hungry for another taste of him, and his eyes tracked the movement of my tongue.

I lifted as Jacob pulled the black lace over my hips, his free hand tracing the curve of my butt as I kicked my panties away. I reached out and hooked my fingers in the waistband of his boxers. I pushed them down, revealing his erection. He stood before me, ready and proud. I bit my lower lip but could not stop my soft whimper of need. He moaned and inhaled sharply, his cock throbbing as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and stroked. He wrapped his hand over mine, teaching me what to do, showing me how to pleasure him.

I locked my gaze with his, and the hunger and need in his eyes so matched my own that it shoved me over the edge. I slid my hand from beneath his and placed it against his chest. Then, never breaking eye contact, I pushed him back onto the bed. I straddled him, trembling as I filled the throbbing ache at my core. He was a tight fit, and I went slow, Jacob’s moan making my belly clench. He gritted his teeth and hissed out in a strained whisper, “Dear, God, you…you..feel so good.”    

I took control of what I needed…what I wanted…what I desired. Rocking against him, I watched his eyes roll back and listened to him gasp for air. The more I moved, the deeper he felt inside of me. The tight squeeze sent a tickling vibration up to my nipples. I grabbed one and squeezed it to further the sensations. He reached for my hips, rocking me back and forth. My body burned, need engulfing me. My head fell forward, and he reached up to touch my face. I leaned into his hand, wanting his hands all over me. He cupped my breast, causing my belly to clench and my breath to catch. 

Jacob worshipped my body, caressing every part of me he could reach. As the passion and need built between us, he guided my hips, helping me move faster. Sweat beaded on my skin and slid down my back. My breathing was heavier now, coming in small sobs of aching pleasure. His eyes widened, and he gripped my arms to stop me. I thought I had done something wrong until I saw the way he looked at me. He wanted more. He sat up and wrapped his arms around me, rocking me. I pressed my breasts against his chest, his hands circling my shoulder blades as if he was looking for something that was once there. The sensation echoed a forgotten feeling, forcing my arms to extend like I was floating. 

The pressure was building, and the heat swelling. He flipped me onto my back and I welcomed his weight, wrapping my legs around him. He looked into my eyes as he twisted the ribbon toward him until he had hold of my wrist above my head. Then he thrust hard, forcing the air from my lungs. We stared into each other’s eyes as he pushed us both to the edge.  My back arched, lifting to meet his rhythm, and then my toes curled. Oh. My. God.

“I’m, I’m, I’m…” I stammered. Both of us savored the peak of pressure, the tightening of all things coming together, and then the full rush of release.

His arms gave way, and he lay upon me. My whole being shivered as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I released the breath I had been holding to bring life back to us both.

“Mijita, are you alright?” he asked as I nuzzled against him.

A tear slid down my face. “Yes,” I murmured softly. I had an odd feeling, like I was out of my body during our lovemaking. Like I was only watching.

He pulled himself to my side and held me. The feeling of relief had overwhelmed me. 

“Shhh… I’m here. I have you,” he said as he wiped the tear from my face.

His scent filled me as I buried my nose in his chest. How, or better yet, why, had that tear formed? I thought to myself. Was I scared? Was I upset? Checking my emotions, I realized I felt relief. I felt stronger. My breathing was heavy. “That was incredible,” I said as I looked up into his worried eyes. 

“Good to know.” He smiled down at me, squeezing me tightly to him. 

Jacob pulled the satin sheet up over us moments before we both fell asleep. One moment, it was early in the morning, and when we woke from our small slumber, it was well after two in the afternoon. We decided that room service was in order, so we requested the Lover’s Delight. 

We sat by the window with the view of the Eiffel Tower. I was starving, and so was he. He watched me, smiling and nodding at my delight in each bite of our food. He reached across to wipe something from my face. I blushed and turned from him to hide my embarrassment.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You hide your face from me.”

“I didn’t know I did.”

“You do. Is there something wrong?”

“No, never. It’s just that you are everything I have dreamed of, and when you look at me, I feel you see through me.”

“Aha, I see. You think I don’t find you attractive.”

“No, I know you do, you say so often. It’s just—”



“No, you are the most beautiful of all things. So I’m sitting here looking at you as you look at the view. You are all I ever want to see.” I blushed at his statement. “No, no more hiding.” He took my hand and kissed my pointer finger. “I love every,” he kissed the next finger, “little,” then the next, “bit of you.”

In my head, I thought I heard him say he loved me. I looked at him, puzzled. “You love me?”

“Yes, my angel.” He smiled. “You don’t believe me?” He stood and went to the window that overlooked the city of Paris, stepping up onto the rail. 

I rushed to pull him off. “What are you doing?”

“I love Victoria Gold Davenport!” he shouted so everyone in earshot could hear him.

“Stop, get down before you hurt yourself.”

“I love her! I love her!” he kept shouting as he laughed.

“Come inside before they see you.” I yanked on his arm, and he jumped down and wrapped his arms around me. “There, now everyone knows. How about you?”

“Okay, okay, I know,” I said as I pushed him, but he caught my hand and pulled me to him. Holding my wrist to my back as we stood face to face, he looked into my eyes. “I love you with everything within me.” 

Gazing into his eyes, I knew he was true. Before I knew it, the words slipped out. “I love you too…with all my heart.”

“Then it is settled. We are forever.”


He leaned down and kissed me. This kiss was different. My eyes closed and in my mind, there was darkness, then bursts of color like fireworks. Then it happened. The most cliche thing in every romance novel. My leg popped. It rose all by itself, like a rom-com movie. But I didn’t care. I had found the one my heart loved. I wrapped my now freed wrist around his neck. He was my new happy place.

Jacob and I were together for the entire day and night. We were in each other’s arms even when we went to the nightclub. The world seemed to vanish around us, except there was this feeling someone was watching us. We were in an exclusive club, one for celebrities and the wealthy who wanted to get out without worrying about the media. I excused myself to go to the restroom. Normally I’d have a group of girls or at least Daphney with me, but I was in Paris without the entourage. 

Entering the restroom, I went to the mirror to check my make-up. A woman entered, and I watched her from the corner of my eye in the mirror. Three other ladies left. I entered a stall, the other woman taking the one next to me. She slid a manilla envelope beneath the partition. There was a target on the front. I knew what that meant.

“How did they know I was here?” 

“They always know.”

“But how?”

“He always knows.”

Nodding, I opened the envelope. Inside there was a picture of my target and a note with the details I needed. I quickly committed the man’s face to memory. Leaving the stall, I handed her the envelope, and she lit her lighter and burned the documents.

“And my pickup?”

“Tomorrow at 10.”

“My gear?”

“They will have it. How are you going to get away from—”

I gave her a quick stare, cutting her off. I washed my hands and reached for a towel behind her. I tossed the towel, walked to the door, and said, “See you at ten.”

Rejoining Jacob, we continued our evening and enjoyed each other as we had earlier in the day. When he had fallen asleep, I slipped into the bathroom to think about what I had to do in the morning. How was I going to get away from him? What event or show could I say they invited me to? I could never sleep before a job.

I was sitting on the bed, watching the sunrise as Jacob stirred. I had ordered a small breakfast to be brought up. He woke to the smell of the coffee I held under his nose.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” I encouraged him to wake.

“What’s this? You are up before me?” he mumbled. 

“Yes, I wanted to see the sunrise. You know how much I love that.”

“Why didn’t you wake me? I would have joined you.”

“No, you were sleeping so peacefully.”

He sat up and drank the coffee I handed him. I went back to the table. “What would you like to do today?” I asked him.

“Well…” A smirk appeared on his face.

“You are incorrigible. Now besides that?”

“Oh, what time is it?”


“I have an appointment around 11:45 this morning.”

“You do? With who?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“More surprises?” I came back over with a fruit plate and some cheese.

“Well, if all goes well, this surprise will be the best surprise ever,” he said as he set his coffee on the nightstand. I put a strawberry in my mouth, and he bit the other end. Kissing me, he took the plate, setting it on the nightstand, and dragging me back into bed. After our reenactment of our unbridled passion from the night before, we lay there, arm in arm. I said, “Every morning, noon, and night, forever.” 

“Forever, my angel.”

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