Lieutenant no. II- El Diablo

“What do we have here? You brought us a gringa snack.” A different banger approached me and attempted to grope my breasts. I stepped back slightly, and he ended up grazing my side.
“Oh, I am no snack. I’m the whole damn meal.”
“Oh, are you gringa? I’ll take a plate of that.”

El Diablo must have heard about his buddy and my grand entrance because his place was well patrolled and locked up tight. I was anxious to wipe this scum off of the planet and get to the man in charge, but I enjoyed the hunt too much to just obliterate the place. Not without a little bloodshed. I was always taught not to play with my food, but no one ever said anything about playing with prey. 

At least I didn’t have to dial down my pleasure in taking their lives. Dianna had decided to stay and further interrogate our first guest, and I wasn’t complaining about having a little solo time. Don’t get me wrong, having Dianna around was nice. I enjoyed her company, but sometimes being able to flex my powers uninhibited was nice too. 

The thought of their dismemberment brought a wide grin to my face. Game time. I could easily sneak in and kill them all silently, but where was the fun in that? My lips curled in a grin as an idea came to mind. I tore the sleeves from my red shirt before unbuttoning it, and tying the bottom, exposing my midsection and cleavage. I took off my pants, thankful no guards were patrolling this area. It would have been awkward if they’d found me standing here in my underwear. I used the multi-tool that I kept on my belt to cut the legs off of my pants. Thankfully, this wasn’t one of my favorite outfits. Once I was sure they were short enough to barely maintain my modesty, I put them back on. I let my hair down, the golden locks falling in waves, framing my shoulders, neck, and face. If only I’d had some stripper red lipstick and bright eyeshadow. Then I would be every cholo’s dream. Good thing I wore black leather boots.

I walked up the path to the large building. I swayed my hips with every step that I took and hoped that my ass cheeks didn’t fall out of the short cutoffs. I wanted them to think they were buying the farm without actually showing them the cow. I would just have to look utter-ly fantastic.

I heard the first whistle before I saw him move. A greasy man holding an AK walked in front of me, blocking the path.

“Ah, mommy don you look sexy?” He made a kissing face around the toothpick bobbing in his mouth. And the cholo facade is complete as he pumped his crotch at me suggestively. The urge to roll my eyes and throat punch him was almost overwhelming.

“Oh yeah, big boy. You like what you see? Why don’t we go inside, and I can show you a really good time?” I pretended to be interested.

“Why go inside when I can do you right here? I can bend you over and take you. How do you like that?”

“Oh, a lady never fucks in public. If you want some, we need to go in.”

“I don’t see any lady here, but we can go in. Then I have to share with you.” He smacked my ass as he walked past me. I could kill him now and save the bad English.

“You comin? Not getting scared are you?” He broke my thoughts and brought me back to the situation at hand.

“Right behind you, sugar.” I forced a fake smile and followed behind him. We entered a large room that resembled an American frat house. Empty and half-empty alcohol bottles littered the tables and floor. Four other half-dressed men lounged on sofas and slouched in chairs. Their baggy pants and white muscle shirts completed their thug look. Their tattooed skin showcased their ranking on the cholo scale.

“What do we have here? You brought us a gringa snack.” A different banger approached me and attempted to grope my breasts. I stepped back slightly, and he ended up grazing my side.

“Oh, I am no snack. I’m the whole damn meal.”

“Oh, are you gringa? I’ll take a plate of that.”

“Doesn’t your boss get first dibs?”

“What El Diablo doesn’t know won’t hurt. You will be all mine.”

Another man walked in from the back room. “Oh, is that so?” he said casually as he leaned against the open doorway.

The man who tried to lay claim to me gaped, his eyes bulging so big I thought they were going to pop out. Looked like daddy heard his comment. “No, boss. I was just kidding. I would never—” His words were cut off when the man leaning in the doorway shot him. Apparently, he didn’t like sharing. I looked at the newcomer.

“El Diablo, I presume?”

The man took a bow, but his eyes never left mine. He watched me like a bird hunting prey. Too bad for him that I was the predator and not the prey. Let’s see if I can make you run a little, mouse. I swaggered over to him and wrapped my hand around his tie. Unlike his little underdressed minions, El Diablo was well dressed in a suit and tie. I had seen suits like this while shopping for my own. It was tailored and expensive. In fact, I had a couple of women’s suits just like it. Joy. I shopped at the same place as this moron.

El Diablo moved away from the wall, and I circled him, trailing my hand over him as I went. He thought that I was feeling him up, but I was actually scanning him for weapons. He packed light as the only gun I could see was the one he was holding.

“Are you going to use that gun or use a real tool?” I got close to him and whispered into his ear, nipping his cheek as I went. Once I was chest to chest with him, I slid my hand over his hip to his erection. I cupped him through the fine fabric of his pants, squeezing gently.

“Do you have somewhere more private, or should I expect an audience?”

He looked past me and motioned his head for the others to leave. Good, he was as dumb as he seemed. I guessed I looked more delicious than intimidating.

“Are you ready, El Diablo, for the ride of your life?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around his neck and ground up against him.

“Si.” He swallowed audibly. Apparently, he wasn’t used to women who were forceful. He had no idea what was coming. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Close your eyes, big boy.” He did, and as soon as his eyes were closed, I teleported us to my own little torture chamber.

He fell to his knees in shock as we appeared. I shook off his grip, easily catching myself before he pulled me down with him. He used one hand to brace himself and placed the other against his head.

“What did you do to me, bitch?” His English was broken, but easily understandable. 

“Oh, I haven’t done anything…yet.”

“Where the fuck am I?”

“You shall see,” I told him as I delivered a roundhouse kick to his face. He slumps unconscious to the floor. 

Dianna should be about done with our first guest. I put El Diablo in an interrogation room and strapped him into a chair. Didn’t want our little devil running loose. Once I had him firmly in his cage, I exited the room and locked the door.

I was going to go check on Dianna and see what progress she had made. For a cop, she was damn good at her job. Her father taught her well. I knew Alex was proud of her. Perhaps I would remind her of it when she needed it most. Once this was all over, and the adrenaline driving her eased. She would be faced with the what’s next? Her heart would be filled with grief, and she would need the reassuring comfort of her father’s love. He was no longer able to tell her how proud he was, but I would do so in his place. 

Dianna and I were kindred spirits, and I would help her through this.

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