A Quiet Reminder

She really is wonderful, and things have never been so good between us. It’s almost like the unpleasantness of being accused of killing someone dealt with that awkward moment between Kinnesberg and me a few weeks ago. We’re closer than I ever expected, and it feels good. Right. Like we were always destined to be like this.


Suspicions Confirmed

“Stupid bitch,” he muttered. “She always had an inflated sense of self. Calling here and barking orders at me all the time. Charlie wasn’t that thrilled with her, either.”


A Secret Assignment

Sitting down at my desk, I dropped the journal and the slips on top, and reached into a drawer on the right side for what the mortals called a burner phone. There was only one number on it.


Appearances are Deceiving

The woman jumped like she’d been hit by one of Zeus’ bolts. “Holy…don’t you know how to knock?” “Don’t you know how to stay out of the boss’ office?” I countered. “The bitch is dead,” the woman retorted. “Good riddance.”


The Truth Hurts

“You, on the other hand, have sat up here on your ass, lording over the rest of us just like you used to do, thinking you can do whatever you want without consequences.”


Trying to find the Trail

I’m immortal. You can’t kill me, just like I can’t kill you. The worst we can do to each other is seriously maim or injure. Recovery might take a little while, but we’d survive. I strongly suggest you get over your daddy issues and focus on the problem at hand.


What Does Charlie Know?

I debated about how much to tell him. “There’s been an…incident at the OA. I thought I had seen Charlie with Ophelia from HR at the restaurant where I was having dinner, but I wasn’t totally for sure.”

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