I watched as Clio’s eyes darted from me, to Eros, and the hold she had on him. Her face and ears lit up red as she tried to straighten herself.

“A-Atë!” she tried and failed to snap at me.

Her stutter may be on the long list of things I admired about her. Like I said, she could never lie. Eros’ wings fluttered, helping with his balance as he and Clio righted themselves. He took one look down as Clio regarded me. Suddenly, he faked a cough and tried to play it off, smoothing his toga before crossing his legs and placing his hands in front of himself. Attempting to hide the fact that being close to Clio, even for a little while, made him pitch a tent. I raised a brow as he made a gesture with his free hand across his throat, warning me not to say anything. Clio caught his movement and he quickly pretended to rub his hand through his hair, grinning feebly.

Eros coughed again, quickly trying to distract her. “What are you doing here, Attie? I thought you were talking to YaYa.” 

My smile faded at his question, that sudden odd feeling returning to my gut. I folded my arms in front of me and tilted my head.

“I have..I mean, I did…I was just seeing what my two favorite immortals were up to. Also, I may or may not have set Pan’s tail on fire on my way up here, but alas, variables, variables.”

Clio choked back a laugh, trying to remain serious. “You know you can’t do that, Atë.”

“What can I say? Just a little payback.”

Eros shot Clio a look, his brows furrowed as he playfully nudged her. “Why can’t she light Pan’s tail on fire? Payback seems like a perfect justification.”

I laughed at Eros’ quick wit and the fact that no matter what mischief I caused, he always had my back. They both did. Clio looked for a reason or cause, and Eros just protected what he cherished. It was touching, not that I would ever admit it. That feeling came back, once more making my stomach queasy. The images of what I had done flashed through my head, and I swallowed what felt like a lump in my throat. Urania’s voice echoed in my mind.

Urania’s voice echoed in my mind, “…please, please don’t lead her down whatever path you are going on.”

I came here to talk to them, to confide in them, but watching them laugh and giggle made me want to change my mind. If something happened and Zeus found out, I wouldn’t take them down with me.

Clio spoke up, breaking my train of thought as she looked from Eros to me. “You know I have to be the voice of reason.”

Eros cleared his throat, drawing my attention. “So, what happened, Attie? You seem off.”

Of course, Eros would catch my slip up. He always did. I had taught him well, maybe too well.

“Honestly, just seeing what you two were doing. You know Hera can be a little intense, to say the least.”

He snickered. “YaYa? Intense? Say it ain’t so!”

I rolled my eyes at his joke, but caught the change on Clio’s face. She looked me up and down for a minute and I knew I definitely had to leave now. I knew that look all too well. Concern.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Clio asked, her gaze softening.

“Yeah, just talk to us.”

I gave a slight smile at their words, suddenly ready to leave. Hearing Eros refer to Hera as YaYa was just another sign of how much he cared, and in that moment I had further confirmation that I was right to keep them out of it. I couldn’t get either of them involved. If Zeus found out and he was angry, sure he may rain lightning down and ground me in an immortal sense, but they didn’t deserve that. I could handle whatever punishment, but not them. I cared too much. I’d just keep it to myself like I usually did. I mean, I had done worse helping my father with things he would rather not get his hands dirty with. Although lately, Zeus had seemed tense with me, but I hadn’t told them that, either. Besides, I am the Goddess of Mischief, if he got mad he would get over it. What was I, but what he had made?

I shook my head at them, giving them my best scowl. “Yes, I am fine, for the thousandth time. And when did you become the muse of worry, Clio?” I asked before gesturing to Eros next, “and you, Eros, the God of concern now?”

Clio crossed her arms at my retort. “I always worry, you know that.”

Eros chimed in raising a hand in mock humor. “I don’t, but it’s you.”

Yup. Definitely need to leave before I spill my guts. Which, coincidentally enough, are still acting up. 

I sighed, clasping my hands together in front of me. “Well, don’t. Like I said, I was just bored. Anyways, I will let you guys get back to doing some,” I paused as I waved a single hand in front of them, “reading.”

I watched Clio’s eyes widen at my jest before I laughed, dissolving once more into black mist, and shooting from the room. Once back in the main room, I changed back, deciding to walk around instead. Several conversations filled the space as I moved over the grounds. Gods, Goddesses, and muses alike, all excited and bubbly for the celebration of Eurystheus. It’s all I heard over and over and over. His name and how happy they were with the birth. I quickened my pace, my chest feeling tight as I moved past them all. It didn’t help, only seeming to amplify their voices.  How excited they are, and then his name, again. It’s too much. I was so lost in my thoughts I almost ran into Chloris. She moved out of my way just in time, scolding me for nearly causing her to drop the large bouquet of flowers she was carrying. “Hey Atë, watch where you’re going.” She shook her head at me and continued walking down the long hall.

I stopped, leaning up against the nearest wall and tilting my head back. My breathing came in near pants as my heart began to pound.

What the fuck is happening to me?

More voices soon filled the area I was in, they chattered and giggled about the same damn party. I slapped my hands over my ears and shut my eyes tightly, before I realized what I was doing. It’s too much, it’s all too much. I needed to get out of here, away from the noise and laughter, away from the brightness and the decorations. I needed a place that I could hide until this fucking party was over. My eyes shot open as I thought of the one place Zeus, or anyone, wouldn’t find me. I pushed myself off the wall taking one last deep breath and shaking my shoulders. I dissipated, flying out of Olympus and heading to where I could find peace. I had hidden there several times before when my mischief had gotten me into trouble, plus it held the only other person I could trust.


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