Demeter (Ashlyn Grey)

Staff Writer Ashlyn Grey was born and raised in the hot desert of Arizona. She attended Arizona State University and earned a degree in English Literature, along with a Master in Arts in History from Northern Arizona University. She was bitten by the travel bug and somehow ended up teaching the English language overseas, which led her to experience different cultures and traditions. She used to write poetry decades ago, but now, mostly enjoys writing short stories after delving into the archives with a glass of wine in hand. She is recently married and has a very protective (and needy) cat named Merlin. She is very excited to join the Pantheon project with hopes of starting her own novel soon.

I Dream of Thee

The goddess stood frozen at the kitchen window while watching the scene unfold in front of her. Standing almost sixteen feet tall, the cyclops stomped all over her garden whilst swinging his spiked club through the ground.

A Desperate Plea for Solitude

“Thank you, Marsha,” Demeter choked, eyes watering with tears. She felt guilty that she didn’t go out in the field to check on the bushel herself, but she was glad that she had such a nosey neighbor who had gotten a green thumb from watching her garden all these years.

Slow and Steady

She closed the office door and strode to the elevator. She wasn’t quite sure where she was going as she pressed the button to the lobby, but she knew that she couldn’t sit in the office anymore. She needed to take action.

Trying to Gain Control, Part II

Demeter’s stomach dropped as she heard her favorite nephew’s name. It wasn’t a coincidence that she found herself here. And now, she was concerned for her Ares’ safety, too. She had left him a letter knowing he would come if she didn’t return on time. Was she leading him into a trap?

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