I have encountered most of you at least a time or two. Oh…the confusion I see in your eyes! How delicious! You have no idea how you know me or why on Earth I would know of you and that is exactly how I prefer it. I am what you fear in the shadows. You think it is the monsters that exist there that are the biggest threat, but I am here to educate you. It is yourself that you fear the most in the darkness and I was born into that darkness. It is I that will force you to face the truth of who you are. They call me Karma, but my name is Nemesis…

Camouflage, Part II

I have found that between myself and the other Gods and Goddesses dealing in revenge, retribution, justice and vengeance, we have taught the universe how to deal with some of those lesser infractions.

Camouflage, Part I

Although with all the upset being caused by Zeus and my brethren across the world, it has been a bit difficult to discern what truly required my attention and what was just the world and Olympus in upheaval.

Chemistry, Part II

I can almost hear his thoughts as he processes through his unease, pushing it aside in his arrogance, believing that no one would take the word of a stripper over his own if he was ever found out.

Chemistry, Part I

And then there it is, evil slinking through the door. I had been waiting for this and yet my body still reacted, goosebumps forming on my skin and my nostrils flaring with a scent that was not actually there.

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