The Mortal Gorgon

Shock had me pulling back and I swore at myself for breaking contact. The world had changed. More than I could have ever imagined. I couldn’t leave him here, now was not the time to be careless. I put my hand back on the stone and pushed just a little power into it, watching with sadness as it crumbled and fell to the sandy ground. I could feel the turmoil left by the Titans’ escape. I could feel Zeus’ pain. I needed to make the gods pay for what they had done to me. I wanted to find my family, I needed to. I had my second chance. Whether Zeus intended it, or not, I didn’t plan on wasting it. I am Medusa, the most powerful Gorgon, and I am back.

Finding Darkness

The best I could tell, it took time for the soul to move on, but once it did, it was gone. I could bring a body back from death. It just wasn’t always whole. It wasn’t possible for me to pull their soul back once it was gone.

The Waking Dead, Part I

I had been hiding in an old cemetery when she found me. The sound of heels clicking on the stone floor brought me out of the shadows. She trailed her fingers lovingly over a broken pillar of the once beautiful mausoleum as she moved throughout the room. My snakes hissed, and I ducked behind a crumbling piece of wall.

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