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Know Your God

Height: 6’2 (no, I am not a flying infant, despite mortals depiction of me).

Weight: 180 lbs (I worked diligently to rid myself of once “cherubic” appearance).

Hair Color:My golden locks darkened over the centuries, becoming closer in color to my brother, Dinlas. Often hangs in my face, in a slightly messy style, a result of me constantly running my hand through it.

Facial Hair: A side effect of my angelic appearance is the inability to grow facial hair, something I’ve secretly always wished for.

Eyes: Bright Blue, often compared to a clear sky.

Distinguishing Features:A pair of large wing tattoos on my back, which mimic and mock the ones I cut off two thousand years ago, when I cut ties with Olympus.


Parents: Ares and Aphrodite, haven’t seen either since I left.

Siblings: Full Blooded – Dinlas, Harmonia, Anteros, Himeros, Phobos and Deimos; multiple half-siblings, who can keep track?

Spouse: I was married once. Don’t bring it up. 

Children: Hedone


I’ve worked here and there for the last two thousand years since I disappeared from the Pantheon. Most recently, I worked as a head producer for a notable reality TV show about falling in love under the name EriK Amor. Which is where I was when Zeus first found me. As a part of my return to Olympus, I’ll be setting up a similar show, though under my actual god name. What Mortal can resist being set up by the God of Love and Desire? Though I will be working closely with my mother, my methods are a bit more chaotic than hers.


Floor 34 of the Olympus Administration Building, Olympus Complex, Greece, will house my television studio and offices for “Shot by Love’s Arrow” (HQ) (was originally titled, “Shot in the Ass, deal with it”, but was changed for obvious reasons). I maintain my home in Malibu at 21757 Castelwood Dr., Malibu, CA 90265.

Personal Information

General Overview: I enjoy planting the seeds of mischief and leaning back to watch them ripen into Chaos. After all, there is a reason that mortals once thought me a child of Chaos. I’m a little too fond of creating hectic and strange interactions between both mortals and gods. My pranks start good natured but tend to get *coughs* a little off course. My return to Olympus was prompted by a strange ache that began in my chest, becoming worse as the days passed by. Something tied to love, something from my family. Though pulled back by the feeling of a broken heart, I soon discovered the absolute mess that the Pantheon has made of their love lives. How could I leave when I’m clearly needed here? The more involved I become with my family, the more I’m going to have to face my past. The past I’ve been running from for the last two thousand years.

Nicknames: Master of the Button, Love Arrow, and the source of constant irritation for most gods.

Likes: Enjoys causing chaos for both mortals and gods who come to him for advice about love, and making people fall in love with inanimate objects.

Dislikes: Discussions of his past, or why he left Olympus. Do not mention her name if you wish to keep breathing.

Flaws / Weaknesses

I have a tendency to push others away, it’s hard to truly trust someone when you know their truest desires. My biggest weakness, which the other gods use to entice me, is my curiosity. It’s a powerful force inside me, often becoming a compulsion. Bitter, known to react with absolute savagery when her name is mentioned.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality: Eros is technically immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak: Eros can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Love God: As a God of Love, Eros can see the heart’s deepest desires in any mortal, and even immortals, which other gods have used to manipulate in the past. Which will NOT be happening again. He can also read the heart’s desires of other gods, though can often only hear their most current heart’s desire, and not their deepest. After all, since when do the gods actually know what they really want?

Limited Shapeshifting: Eros can appear as whatever form he wishes on the mortal plane, so long as it is “beloved” by mortals. He definitely has a little too much fun appearing as dead people. Those sightings of Tupac? You’re Welcome. Typically, I appear in my true form, though considerably less younger than most believe. I’ve done everything possible to distance myself from the foolish babe with a bow that mortals believe I am. F**ing Romans.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: I have kept up to date on all the recent developments in fashion since I’ve been gone, almost always a piece of my clothing will be red, my favorite color. I have been known to stroll around without a shirt. I mean, when you look this good, it’s a crime to keep it concealed. I do tend to be more hipster in fashion, I mean do you know how boring a tailored suit can be?

Alternative Dress Wear: When more formally attired, I dress to the height of fashion, I like expensive things. Runs in the family.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Love’s Bow and Arrows: Eros carries a magical bow and arrow, whose wounds makes any fall in love or passion. The bow and arrow can also be used to poison love, and even inspire hate. Both were spelled to be invisible to all, but those with divine blood. I am never without them, you never know when the opportunity to cause trouble will present itself.

Darts and Thigh Holster: Eros shortened some of his arrows into darts, in order to palm and throw them at a moment’s notice. Love’s Armour – Eros has the ability to conjure armor similar to his father’s while wearing his armor, is invincible to most weapons.

Din and Las: A pair of white cats that accompany him wherever he goes, gifted to him by the goddess Ate before he left home. They have the ability to change into white tigers at will, Eros has little control over when they actually do so. ds makes any fall in love or passion. The bow and arrow can also be used to poison love. 

Love’s Armour: Eros also has the ability to conjure armor similar to his father’s, indicating the invincibility of love. 

Historical Synopsis

Son of Aphrodite and Ares, often used by the various gods and goddesses to force mortals and immortals alike to fall in love, and unlike his brother Dinlas, he is recognized by both his parents. He is incredibly mischievous god of love and is almost always found at his mother’s side. He is responsible for most of the matches between the gods of Olympus, as all are vulnerable to his arrows, except for the Virgin Goddesses – Athena, Artemis, and Hestia. His mother often entreated him to send his arrows flying towards those who angered Aphrodite.

One such incident was when a jealous Aphrodite asked him to make Psyche, a princess of incomparable beauty, fall in love with the most despicable of men. Instead, Eros placed Psyche in a remote palace where he visited her secretly, and, by his warning, only in total darkness. One night Psyche lit a lamp and found the figure lying beside her was Eros. When a drop of oil from the lamp awakened him, he reproached and scorned her. Wandering the earth in search of him, he fell into Aphrodite’s hands, who forced her to perform several difficult tasks. When she succeeded at all of them, Eros enticed Zeus to grant the mortal, immortality, and marriage recognized by the gods to Eros.

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Introduction written by Jeanette Rose

I’m supposed to be one of the few gods who has a happy ending, right? Psyche and I end up living happily ever after? Wrong. As a result of my mother’s vanity, I felt compelled to step in when a mortal was being worshipped as being more beautiful than my mother, Aphrodite. Then I met her, fell in love with her, married her, and kept her safe in the darkness of our home. So long as she didn’t look upon my face, know that she had in fact been married to the god of love, my mother would be satisfied, believing her to be married to some hideous beast. It was the only way I could be with the woman I loved. Why couldn’t she listen to me? We could’ve been happy.

No one could satisfy her more than I could. I WAS the God of love and desire, but that simply wasn’t enough for her. The feeling of burning oil awoke me, and the sight of the woman I love – my wife – standing over me with a lamp. So I ran. But my mother interfered again. While my mother consoled me and kept me well-stocked with alcohol while nursing my broken heart, while secretly tormenting her with impossible tasks. Unbeknownst to me, she found pity by the rest of the Pantheon, eventually becoming immortal and winged as a result. If only the story ended at our second wedding. If only.

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